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Anyone reading this recent Jump manga? Thoughts so far?..

I recently started thinking again about the Social knowledge fabrics discussion, and it seems to me that one of the biggest obstacles for fedi to become one is the following. The things we refer to as “threads” are actually "branches …

Do your commenting tests here.

While posting tests can obsviously be made on this community without further precision, commenting requires a post to comment on. This is what this post is for…

Publish your lost posts here

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Because there is no competition. I already explained, people use what they can use and you cannot expect that people code their own frameworks.

The question discussed in the video is not WHY firefox is dying, it is the consequence of that. Other engines exist, maybe Blink is better, the fact is anyway that it has a huge market share, so they have a lot of power on how the web evolves.

Hence, Google has that power. Because Google is the main entity behind Chromium. You can play with word, saying the 80% of contributors is not 100%, that it doesn’t give explicit instructions to its employees, that maybe the commit count should be slightly different as to include bounty hunter, libs,… It remains that, as you admit yourself in other thread, Google has the biggest voice in Chromium development.

Some Friendica comments not making it through to Lemmy

2 of my recent Friendica comments (1 and 2) are not visible from Lemmy. In the case of the one published by a sopuli user, it is visible neitheir on Sopuli nor on l…

when I meant 1949 and not 1959 to demonstrate NATO expansion

there’s a huge difference between “since the 60’s” (as is continuously) and “in the 50’s then since the 90’s”. Depicting what happened in the early 50’s as agressive western expansion against peaceful eastern block is at the very least unfair, both sides were preparing for the eventuality of war at that time.

To the east of US and UK, the colonial masters of Anglosphere, is everything else on the east side of theirs.

Spain is West of UK though, at this rate you are realy suggesting that Europe be viewed as Russian territory. It is realy strange to call “eastward expansion” something that happened west of most NATO infrastructure…

As an illustration of the latter statement, I wrote a comment to the post and one to the above comment, both on them visible from Friendica and Mastodon but none from Lemmy

User feedback about Friendica

I can follow Lemmy groups from my Friendica account. I am able to follow Lemmy communities and get updates from them. I am able to write comments but they do not appear on Lemmy.

Donetsk and Lugansk have been de facto independent for 8 years now

A fact that was not recognized by Russia until a few hours before sending in its troops.

Apparently they both consume way less energy than PoW and PoS cryptos, and invest in solar plants in India that produce more energy back, hance having a negative balance.

What is it that you would call a green currency?

the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Copyleft is that correct middle, in my opinion.

Depends what one’s goal is. Is fighting big tech is the most important thing to you, then yes. If you want to share with as many people as possible, no matter their ideology, then no.

Actually, I was only meaning use it internally to improve their own workflow.

They can still bundle it with other things, only release your code, secretly improving only what they did on top of your API and make money out of the bundle, so why stoppping there and using a free license rather than something with a NC clause?

On the other hand, one could argue that GPL would refrain a corp from including your software in their product, while at least the cite you get with the MIT license at least gets you some advertisement and potential contirbutors.

What if other free software developers use a license incompatible with the GPL for their own reason, is it OK to deprive them from the right to simply incorporate your code in the name of fighting big tech?

I don’t mean to say that it does not make sense to use the GPL, it is probably the most sensible choice if your aim is to fight big tech corporations. But not every piece of software is written as a commercial weapon.

Tbh this sense of “we are even further in the future” sounds a bit crackpot. I like “Fediverse” :) Also I don’t like the trend of changing name

The upvote system likely causes subreddits to only have one view. If your opinion doesn’t align with that view, it will be downvoted and hidden. Opinions that align with that view will float to the top.

This can also happen on lemmy, except that the numbers are not the same.

Wouldn’t “an evil company could use your product to make money” be an argument to never release anything for free?

Indeed, copyleft is not enough to guarantee that corporations won’t make money with your code. Without modifying the code, an evil company could increase its profit just by using your software. So maybe the software should not be free but contain some clause that restricts to non-commercial use only? Maybe throw in some antifascist clause so that fascists groups cannot use your program to increase their efficiency in recruiting more members? Since evil people don’t care about the law, maybe you should only distribute your software to people that you have personnally vetted? Add-in some cryptology so that they cannot distribute it to evil people themselves?

This never stops, it’s the usual question of freedom vs security. Permissive licences are the ones who lie at the freedom-most part of the spectrum.

But mostly, this discussion about copyleft has nothing to do with the post.

I got that, mine was a critic of copyleft in general. Maybe a bit out of place, but probably not more than your first snarky remark about copyleft on a post that doesn’t say anything about fighting corporations.

MIT license is a great way of making sure corporations will take this and run away with it

Copying is not theft :) That they “run away with it” by using it for their own projects doesn’t change anything to your use and development

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not open source thought

Right, maybe the question does make sense, but can we agree that it is very charged towards the opinion that holding the opinion that US are a great country is a mistake, hence pretty much delegitimizing any answer that would give legitimate reasons why americans could genuinly that their country is a great one, in favour of emotional answers like “because propaganda” and “because patriotism”?

Some streets are also so tight, a Tram or Monorail never fit trough such tight streets

but busses do?

Maybe if enough people here play on OGS we can create a Lemmy group over there? …