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Moderation on the fediverse seems to be quite a fashionable topic those weeks 😄 See for example the latest thread in a serie of @roko 's

I think the point might be that your Mastodon instance does not federate (yet) with my Friendica instance. Don’t know about @Awoo though as you seem to have already interacted with Lemmy

It is something one can do in their browser. For example in Firefox I use this extension. In Fennec F-droid I can directly do it from the “search” preferences.

Funnily enough, the IA says that the trade was a blunder on my side 😅
Anyway, thanks again for the game, it was really challenging!

See this thread (from Lemmy, click the “recycle” kind of logo):


(solved)Why cant i comment in other instances?

I would like to comment this post
but asks me to log in. I am logged in in my instance and although I see people from ‘my’ instance commenting there too, when I try to log it says it does not find my account. Do I have to create an account in this instance first? What am I doing wrong?

You are projecting what you consider bad to the majority of users.

I did not use any definition of “bad” here. I said that people staying there is not a sign of their superiority wrt federated network. The preexisting large userbase suffices to explain why it keeps being large.

They are not staying there because of “network effect”, they are staying because their “few basic functionalities” are satisfied.

Except that the few basic functionalities (posting, commenting, reacting, following) are not what sets them apart from their federated counterparts.

And when they look for alternatives, federated social media will always be inferior to centralised solutions.

You are stating this like a fact, yet you have not explained what the big advantage of centralization is. You actually start from the hypothesis that centralisation is the core thing that everyone wants, even needs.

You have become the same thing you wanted to destroy.

Yes, and that went pretty fast. A few comments ago the majority of users were the developpers themselves, and suddenly they are a crowd whose fate is decided by a restricted elite.

Again, what is your better alternative?

Which “Lemmy app” are you talking about?
1st step : make sure that the devs of the app in question are aware of the problems that you want to be fixed.

I meant that the people who actually make use of federation are almost exclusively programmers. The rest of the users don’t benefit from federation.

Curious to see what numbers you are basing yourself on. I think most users use federation, as in communicate with users on other instances. As a fapsi.be user, don’t you mostly communicate with users from other instances?

It’s okay to let a few hands hold all the power, as long as their interests align with ours. Your philosophical disagreement with this concept has very little effect on reality.

What effect on reality does your agreement have though? If you want to trust benevolent dictators to stay benevolent and choose benevolent successors, let’s agree to disagree.

That’s not what i said,

It was suppose to be an example to the statement :

Why do you think all of the Fediverse has the same boring demographic of privalaged keyboard warrior programmers pretending like they are leading the revolution against big tech? And why is it that whenever another demographic arrives as refugees, they immediately demand defederation or die out immediately?

Lemmygrad don’t want to defederate from a population of “keyboard warrior programmers”, they want to defederate from “libs”, by which they actually mean anyone that is not both ML and anti-west.

As long as big tech can meet the needs of people, they will keep using their services.

Except that, because of network effet, people will keep using the service no matter how bad it becomes, as long as it keep a few basic functionalities? I use Facebook, not because I like the way it is, but because:

  • all my IRL friends are there
  • some job announcements appear only there

What is implied in your message is that is people keep using the service, it means it is a good one, as if there were no other constraints. How is this not an apology of capitalism?

The majority of the people don’t have any problem with this, why should they change their ways because some nerds decided that making a facebook account is a sin?

The majority of people don’t see a problem in capitalism either, does it mean one should stop advocating against it.

Facebook is a company that harvests users’ data and attention, under the hood of some social networking capabilities. Having a facebook account is not a sin, but it is exposing oneself to that, as well as pressuring one’s friends into doing the same, as I mentioned above. Federation aims at providing alternative for that.

(e.g., ads; users want as little as possible, big tech wants the maximum). If you want to solve the problems of users, you should first figure out irreconcilable contradictions like this

The fact that all successful big tech apps have ads is not because nobody had the idea of providing alternatives that are lighter in ads. It is because at some point they reached such a big size that network effect would be sufficient to keep users there anyway. Is your solution to that just hoping that someday one platform will be created that will be free of ads even when it reaches such sizes?

Federation aims at that, by allowing to build a big network without a single person being able to impose marketing choices over the whole network

i already counted the peach battle as 21 each x2, but i’ll add this to OP.

That’s the point, the peaches played 42 and 41 moves, respectively; while we played 21 moves each

off-topic : Not sure you’ve noticed since you pasted the link, but this was actually a quote-sharing of your post. On Mastodon or Lemmy, the kind of “recycle” logo links to your post.

What a cool name ! Is there some lore behind it?

It’s 21 moves btw

Here it is : lichess.org/6zAQMlJh
It was hyperlinked in two of my comments, should have made it more explicit, sorry !

Related thread started by @humanetech a few days ago


The AI Art Apocalypse. Is the future for many Artists looking bleak, with AI’s like DALL-E 2 on the rise?


Hacker News discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3…

#art #artwork #artist #AI #DALLE #poll

Are votes meant to be secret?
From the UI that pretty much copies Reddit's in the regard, it would seem that yes. However, the votes are actually not secret. Maybe they were when they were local, but now they are transmitted to the federated instances. From other platforms, like Friendica, one can actually see the votes as (dis)likes. I can see your votes. Because of Lemmy's UI, it is very easy to believe that the votes are secret, and many users probably assume they are. For example, I am quite sure the ones who use an alt from another instance to double-downvote do make that assumption. I think this fact should be disclosed in a clear way, at least in the instances' sidebar, if not in a banner. From there on, I see two possibilities: * embrace that the votes are not secret, and allow Lemmy user to optionally see them * make the votes actually secret As a Friendica user, who is used to like as a public appreciation mark, I am naturally in favor of the first option, but that is only my personal preference. If the second one is preferred, it means that the other admins should never receive the voters' identities. One should not trust the other admins to just not display them. In fact, I think "never trust the remote admin" should be an important rule in the fediverse, an instance should generally protect its own users rather than expecting others to do it in its stead. In that case, I think it would be appropriate that "Vote" should be an disctinct activity from "Like", and in particular one that cannot be federated with the authors name. Maybe it could be a private thing sent to the Group, who in turn sends a IsVoted activity? This is pure fantasy, I am not qualified to suggest an actual implementation, I just think it should be distinguished from other platforms' public likes.

Peertube channels?
Do you know good Peertube channels that focus on manga/anime? Don't hesitate to propose ones in any language ! I would be interested in ones in English, French or Italian, but that's only me 😀

Spoilers on Friendica and Lemmy
Hello , I noticed that both Friendica and Lemmy allow to tag spoilers, but neither is able to understand each other's spoilers. It would be nice to make those compatible.

at-mentioning two forums on Friendica
[@feditolemmy](https://lemmy.ml/c/feditolemmy) [@test](https://feddit.it/c/test) Trying to post to two communities at the same time from Friendica.

at-mentioning the forum on Friendica

Does it still happen with Friendica 2022.06?

Trouble posting and commenting to Lemmy
[@helpers](https://forum.friendi.ca/profile/helpers) [@nerdicasupport](https://nerdica.net/profile/nerdicasupport) Hello, I repost this here as it may also be something on this side. As I said there, thanks in avance for any help ! [♲](https://lemmy.ml/post/284257) @[Liwott@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/Liwott): > > > ### Trouble posting and commenting from Friendica ### > > > Hello, > > Over the last one or two weeks, I have had difficulties with commenting from nerdica.net to lemmy.ml (I checked that `nerdica.net` appears in the [federated instance list](https://lemmy.ml/instances)). > > More precisely, my posts and comments don't appear spontaneously, but only appear when I search them by hand in the Lemmy searchbar. In case it helps locating the problem, it appear that these manually fetched post don't have the automatic selflike. > > See for example [this test post](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1262-8d59-5dbd-da2717970656) > > Thanks in avance for any help 😀

cf [this recent problem with comments](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-6462-8bce-46d9-0e8008737833)

Feedback : quote-sharing from Friendica
[!lemmy\_support](https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy_support) I've been playing with quote-sharing and it seems that * it works in comments (cf [1](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166815) [2](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166808) [3](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166803) [4](https://lemmy.ml/post/241819/comment/166800) * it does not work in posts (cf [1](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1162-63c9-7e6f-59a705817916) [2](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1862-644b-451f-a59046334474) that do not appear on Lemmy) It can come in handy to cite a post or comment when participating in a discussion, so it would be nice if this all works eventually, although I understand that you probably have lots of more urgent things to do !

A link in the title?
Would be nice to understand if it's possible to attach a url to post. I tried as an attachment in my first [post to Lemmy from Friendica](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1162-5082-b221-7d7671174230) and simply by having a link in the text [last time](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-2162-619e-3da3-75b608501423). Let me try with a hyperlink in the title this time. [!feditolemmy](https://lemmy.ml/c/feditolemmy)

Here we are
So here is the community that I talked about in [that other post](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-9262-6029-68aa-550236192028) [!feditolemmy](https://lemmy.ml/c/feditolemmy)

A FediToLemmyLab community?
[!fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse) Would you find it useful to have a community dedicated to trying out things from other fedi platforms? Like various formatting, attachments, quotes to posts (and comments). And where people would comment about how it comes through in their own timelines.

Federation with Lemmy
[!helpers](https://forum.friendi.ca/profile/helpers) Maybe it makes sense to reshare this here? (in relation to the questions in the comments) [♲](https://nerdica.net/display/a85d7459-1162-5082-b221-7d7671174230) @[liwott@nerdica.net](https://nerdica.net/profile/liwott): > > > ### Post from Friendica ### > > > [!fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse) > > If I understand correctly, the new release allows me to publish this? [lemmy release v0.16.3 - federation bug fixes - lemmy](https://lemmy.ml/post/222735)

Post from Friendica
[!fediverse](https://lemmy.ml/c/fediverse) If I understand correctly, the new release allows me to publish this? [Lemmy Release v0.16.3 - Federation Bug Fixes - Lemmy](https://lemmy.ml/post/222735)