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It’s also an accessibility thing. Many illiterate people use voice messages in apps like WhatsApp to communicate with their friends.

Yeah trolleybuses have been around a pretty long time (particularly in really hilly cities like Seattle and San Francisco). Lots of transit agencies are experimenting with battery-electric buses, but trolleybuses (or some sort of hybrid trolleybus with a ~10 mile battery range) could probably work well for a lot of projects.

Like you mention, one of the major issues is the bus getting detached in a turn, but using them on routes with few turns and plenty of range to get things lined up would go a long way on that.

Ya the sad horse show isn’t for everyone. The thing that keeps it decent at least is that there’s not really any redemption for Bojack at any point so it’s not like he’s ever the “good guy”

The show is pretty solid, the fan base is pretty toxic though (or was when it first got popular)

Dan Harmon is known not to be the biggest fan of the show’s fans himself. The biggest mark against the show is Justin Roiland not backing unionized writers (iirc), but having a dipshit cocreator doesnt disqualify a show imo

It’s not “leftist” necessarily, but all leftists should inform themselves about the Russian Revolution IMO, which is covered by season 10 (the final and currently ongoing season) of the Revolutions|Spotify podcast.

Mike Duncan isn’t explicitly leftist or anything, but he really does his homework and portrays things in a really neutral way. Whether or not you are a big stan of the USSR and what came after, the Russian Revolution was the most successful attempt at overthrowing capitalism (to an extent), and any future movement should learn from and analyze all aspects of what happened in those years.

Citations Needed|Spotify is my other favorite with their in-depth media criticism (if you like Chomsky’s stuff, you’ll probably like what they have to say).

I think a better way to phrase the question would be more like “What are some comedy shows/movies that have neutral or Left themes?” (I think you can edit post titles if you think my advice is any good ;) )

Anyway a couple recommendations I’d have are:

  • Malcolm in the Middle: A great show about boys coming of age, if you grew up male with a lot of male cousins/brothers you’ll definitely relate to a lot of the humor. If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, it might be a bit jarring to see Bryan Cranston is a comedic role at first, but the contrast between Hal and Walter White is why he’s considered a great actor these days.

  • Atlanta: Incredibly funny show by Donald Glover about a Soundcloud rapper coming up in fame and fortune on the back of a one-hit wonder. It has a lot of (decent) racial commentary and satire built in, but not everything is centered on that either.

  • Community: Has a lot of self-referential and meta-humor that builds up over the seasons. Not very political. Seasons 1-3 are considered great TV, but others are very hit and miss (you can read about the history of the show to find out why).

  • Bojack Horseman: Based on a lot of “dark humor” and themes about depression and mental/emotional health. Depends on your personal mental state, but I really enjoyed watching it while I was fairly depressed myself. May not be the healthiest viewing for everybody though.

  • Sound of Your Heart: NOT the “reboot” (both are on Netflix). Korean sketch comedy series. Since it’s from another culture I think they can get away with certain things that are really funny, but would be considered “slapsticky” or “cheap” in an American or British show where I’d have higher expectations. Distant enough from anglo-american culture that politics shouldn’t be an issue.

I mean there are definitely parts that could be considered “propaganda”, although I’m being pedantic about it since I know what OP really means by that.

Great special nonetheless lol

I feel you, but Audacity is still the top free audio editor. Perhaps a fork is in order?

Using plastic to package everything really needs to become a thing of the past

Heck Zenz is a better source than no sources really.

Generally agree with you except for this ;)

Well, they have a source for detention centers being overcrowded and having poor conditions in at least one case. “[Potentially] locking up a million muslims” is near-baseless speculation for a cheap clickbait headline for sure though. At least they managed to write an article without citing Zenz I guess? Not to give them too much credit or anything, just trying to get it all laid out.

Right of course haha, that would be ideal

If there are too many users, maybe start up some site drama so that there’s a schism? Then half the users will start up their own instance and things should settle down a bit ;)

I think that the fediverse is in its infancy at the moment (what a time to be here), but when/if things mature there will be a lot more structure and resources available. One example is that you might join a server with instances of multiple services running on it (Lemmy, Mastodon, chat etc…) which will help make some sense of things and prevent the confusion of juggling a bunch of accounts (ideally).

In the short term though, the best one-line explanation I’ve heard is to “think about it like email: you can sign up on an email server and chat with people, but you can also chat with people on other email servers.”

I think the target in the very short term should be disenfranchised power users (most likely starting with people who have a strong interest in technology) since they will be able to contribute feedback, development, and other resources to progress thing.

discussions almost never become productive

I find it incredibly toxic myself (on Twitter particularly). Especially with anything remotely “political” or otherwise controversial, people just try and hit each other with the snippiest bumper sticker to get a reaction. Of course Twitter Inc. loves to put whatever makes everyone mad right at the top where everyone can see it (“engagement!” just like you said). Very unfun, and I would almost say that I pity people trapped in that feedback loop (which I was for around half a year before I was spent on it).