OCR of image: > Parents, Due to Florida House Bills 1467, 7, and 1557 that were passed on July 1, 2022, the classroom library will be closed temporarily until all the books can be vetted. Please send your child to school daily with an independent reading book. > >Local Libraries (Free to Residents) > >• Delray Beach Public Library - 100 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444 > >• Boynton Beach City Library - 100 E Ocean Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33435 > >To find a library local to you, please visit:

> I was greeted by 12 @PortlandPolice officers who were apparently guarding two dumpsters full of food that mutual aid orgs were trying to distribute and hungry folks were trying to eat > In 2018, officials in Kansas City poured bleach—literal poison—on perfectly edible food reserved for houseless and food insecure people. They justified this by saying it was for public health reasons and that food distributions done by so-called establishments require permits. > In Asheville, police officers surrounded a medical tent with shields drawn while cops inside emptied out water bottles, destroyed snacks and supplies, and wreaked havoc. They said that the water bottles were a danger to the officers—the officers with shields and bulletproof vests and guns. Similarly, officers in Louisville were seen smashing milk jugs and water cases set up by organizers for protesters who were affected by tear gas or simply needed water to drink in the summer heat. > Food is political. Shelter is political. Survival is political. Mutual aid is radical—and necessary. It’s crucial that we engage in mutual aid efforts, particularly in getting basic needs met. Because the government isn’t just not helping, they’re actively getting in the way.

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