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The only thing I’ve read that comes close was Reinventing Organisations which was amazing but maybe not quite on target for youyou

Fair play; I don’t own a Fairphone, and I’m hoping to keep my current Android alive long enough to be able to go straight to a Linux phone. But this is another demonstration of why it’s good to support outliers …

I’m a manjaro user and loving it. I understand why Arch could be beneficial, and maybe as and when I have a bit more time I might play with it on a development machine. But for now, manjaro scratches my itch of being super useable and stable, and also makes me feel like I’m moving a bit on from Ubuntu and derivatives

I’m agreeing 👍👍

Thanks for sharing this! Very helpful in a work project I’m just starting

Going the way of Insta and Facebook. Even less reason to head there!

"After a long selection process, Gaia-X board bypassed the products from the hyperscalers and selected a European-developed and hosted collaboration platform. The Gaia-X members will collaborate on the next generation, independent and federated infrastructure for Europe using Nextcloud, the most pop…

Still trying to get around this and struggling. The setup (ansible-playbook lemmy.yml --become) has a fatal error due to not being able to connect. Any further suggestions? I think I have the wrong x@x input, but I don’t know what I should be putting in there - at the moment using the server login and ip address?

Creating a walking network for GB - August Update

The Slow Ways project aims to generate a UK wide network of walking routes around and between thousands of towns, villages and cities. …

I have this problem too in trying to set up a new instance. Could you point me to something to help me understand how I can get a ssh connection working? The resources I’ve found so far (such as this ) don’t resolve it for me.

The experience in the Basque region of Spain, famous for the role played by large coops in the community, suggests that they can be successful in this space

More about open source stuff, but have a look at, there will probably be leftist instances for you

I lived in #Denmark for a few years and i think both the coop model and the mixed use was very common in Copenhagen

Cheap hosting for new Lemmy instance

Hi Lemmy, I am interested in running a Lemmy instance. I’ve previously used Digital Ocean and Linode for other stuff, wondering whether anyone has additional recommendations? …

Thanks, will give it a try tomorrow and let you know how it went!

Hi Lemmy, I’m struggling with installing the alpha of dot browser; I follow the instructions given on the download page, and the ~/dot/dot instruction doesn’t work for me.