The title, also here's a picture of my cat to drive engagement.

mark all as read in new joined community
Hello, a feature I'd love, both in jerboa and in the lemmy web interface, would be to mark all messages in a new discovered community as read. I set my account not to show read stuff. So to have a fresh start. If now I decide to subscribe a massive popular community, like technology, after the recent post, I will see old messages forever

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The change-log for 0.0.32-alpha is heartwarming and I can’t wait for 0.0.33-alpha
Up to version 0.0.31-alpha, the sole contributor for almost every release was []( In 0.0.32-alpha, 5 new contributors (@a1studmuffin, @Anna-log7, @oscarnylander, @russjr08, @twizmwazin) joined and contributed an additional 12 changes. I can't wait for version 0.0.33-alpha and up, to see all the future improvements to the app. :) \o/

I've been playing around with Jerboa's UI trying to make it more consistent and readable

text size is inconsistent between interface and comments?
It seems like comment text is always much bigger than the rest of the text in the app. If I change the text size from 16 to 12 in the settings, then most text gets very small, but the comment text is still around 14. This feels backwards and makes it sort of hard to read, I'd much rather see all the other text at 16 and comments at about 14. Is there a way to set that up?

[The post](

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Jerboa github repo assistance offer
Hey [@Dessalines](, I wanted to report an issue on github repo, and I noticed there are 64 open issues, and you are virtually the only one contributing. I would offer my help triaging the issues. My GH nick is the same as here. 😊

[inconvenience][rage generator] Cursor keys in text fields do not work as intended
I'm using a bluetooth keyboard with Android 11. In Jerboa's text fields, the left/right cursor keys work alright but up/down seem to work outside of the context of the text box. Meaning, those keys will switch the focus between form elements rather than moving the cursor inside the text box. With muscle memory already in place, this is of course a major inconvenience. I'm aware that the dev has a lot of work to do right now, so i didn't tag this as a higher-priority bug. edit: switching between UI elements on Android applicatons is usually done with the Tab key. Jerboa uses the Tab key in text fields more in the original way, inserting a Tab space. Those are used in markdown as a monospace text indicator, so that is useful. In other text fields, Tabs might get converted to spaces, anyway.

Add support for view photos and videos in app?
BoostForReddit uses [PhotoView]( and [ExoPlayer]( Would the dev be open to using these? (or a non-google alternative to ExoPlayer, I'd understand)

I use that feature in Boost for Reddit a lot, where a comment has a triangle-up quick-view button which shows the parent comment in a pop-up box (and that box has another such button asf., bottom-right next to hamburger menu in the image). An alternative, less quick but more permanent, would be a button which collapses all comments *above* the chosen comment so that the parent is visible.

Hey everyone, I just want to present my fork of the Jerboa app, to backport it for Android 5.0 through 7.x, for anyone that still has older (but not too old) phones. Codenames Lollipop, Marshmellow and Nougat supported. Let me know if this is helpful for you, or if there are any major crashes/strange bugs that aren't present on newer devices. No guarantees that I will update it but we will see. Thanks, Rentlar

Is there a way to save a post or comment for later viewing?
Post title basically sums it up, but it'd be nice to have a better option than leaving comments like [this]( if I see something I want to explore more later and I'm wondering if something like that exists already and I just haven't found it Unrelatedly, shout out to whoever added an AMOLED friendly black theme to the app, it looks great on my device edit: ask a stupid question and get helpful answers, the bookmark button right in front of my face was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

How do I bypass or override the verified links "feature in android 12 so that I can actually open lemmy urls in jeroba?
Android 12 fucking sucks. There's this new "feature" where you can no longer go into app defaults and manually define what urls can be opened by which apps. There are "verified links" now which means nothing other than your browser gets to open shit. When someone posts a link to a lemmy url, that means I can never open it in jeroba. It always opens in my web browser. This significantly reduces the overall usability of the app. Is there any way around this? I'm one of the lucky few to have an unlocked bootloader phone so maybe I can get an older rom but I wish there was another way.

Having difficulty subscribing in Jerboa
If I see a "sub" in my feed I can click on it, which takes me to the sub. From there tapping "subscribe" works just fine. But I can only search for new subs via the web (browse.feddit). Clicking a link there takes me to Jerboa, but not to the sub. Somehow I just can't navigate to a new sub via a weblink, or any other way for that matter, unless that sub just happens to appear in my feed. Anyone having similar issues?

Trying to view images just refreshes the main feed
When I try to view images linked (e.g., from the meme community), Jeroba just reloads the main feed. Anyone else experience this, and is there a solution?

I have been playing around with the Jerboa UI to make it a bit more usable for my style. Since I would call some of these UI adjustments significant to the original design and I have used a couple different libraries I don't think I should create a pull request for them but I might need to see. - Changed the theme to an `amoled dark` style. - Fixed the weird font scalings for comments. The comment (markdown) text fields were set to scale to x1.3. I am sure this was probably to fix something somewhere but it made the comments way to big for me and restoring it caused no ill effects from what I can tell on my phone. - Fixed the `flash bang` transitions. Optimized for the dark theme. - Activity transitions changed for proof of concept but work pretty well so far for my style. - Comment cards made significantly more compact. - Comment toolbar (voting options) are now hidden as they take too much space for my liking. Clicking the comment shows/hides the toolbar. - Collapsing comment chains now collapses smaller with a better indication of being collapsed. I am sure there are other items I adjusted as well and there is always more to do, although I figured I would put this out there and see what the feedback is like.

exporting/importing subbed communities list
I am guessing this is not a current function within Jerboa; however, is there an easier way of sharing your community list with a second account on a different instance than individually searching for communities? If I am within one instance, I may not see the same communities available to join as I do from another instance. I have had to go into the individual instances and search for !community@instance in order to add a bunch of communities to subscribe to. Was wondering if at a later point, perhaps Jerboa might have the ability to sync subs between accounts on different instances. Thanks for all the work you have put into this app. Really enjoying it so far.

how to display subscribed commumities
Heya, first of all thanks for this great Software, both lemmy an jerboa. I'm looking for a certain feature, that i loved in RedReader, which is a list of all the communities that i subscribed to. I like it way better than just having a "home feed". Thanks for pointing me to how to enable it!

Feature Request: comments sorting
I can't find any way to change the sorting of comments on a post, I can do this in the web up fairly easily though. I think this is pretty much the only think keeping me from using the app rn.

Sometimes when reentering the app it puts my account between signeditn and signed out. Meaning, that I can still upvote posts and see my comments/posts but loose acces to the subscribed tab.

sometimes links can’t be opened?
hi all! first off, sorry, I'm completely new with Jerboa (and also Lemmy). but sometimes it seems I can't directly open links in posts. the upper post has this issue (I can still copy the link, but there is no way to directly open it), the lower post in the screenshot has the link functioning. am I missing something? thanks for any suggestions! edit: it seems sometimes the thumbnail isn't loaded correctly. so just "clicking" into the empty dark space on the right opens the link. at least for me that has worked now in every case. (sorry for also posting a comment with the same content, mis-clicked and I let it stay, if someone only checks new comments or something)

Associate /c/ or !community links with Jerboa?
Is there a way to do this? Currently, clicking a link (from a comment, as an example) to a community using !community@instance or instance/c/community opens a browser window to that community as opposed to loading in the app. Thanks in advance, and sorry if it's been asked and answered somewhere before.

Scrolling up on pictures skips view upwards
observed this in this thread : scrolling up in this picture thread doesn't translate the screen position correctly with pictures in mind. It skips the screen upwards to where the screen would be if no pictures were present. It seems to base the position on empty chat box while the picture is still unloaded. if relevant my device pixel 6 pro

is it possible to create a community on jeroba?
I want to make a community but idk how, can someone explain

Bug: Inbox unread count does not update when you switch accounts
**Reproduction steps:** 1. Add a profile from some instance that has unread replies 2. Verify that the inbox icon shows the badge with the count of unread items. 3. Add a 2nd account to the app from a different instance. Be sure this account either has a different number of unread messages or has none at all **Expected Behavior:** The badge on the inbox tab should change to reflect the inbox unread number for each respective account **Actual Behavior:** The badge on the inbox tab shows the number for whatever account has unread messages. Changing to an account with zero unread messages will not clear out that badge when using that account.

Request: thread collapsing
It would be nice if you could collapse a comment to hide all children, third make for easier scanning of high level comments without needing to scroll through all the replies. Relay it my reddit app of choice, and its thread navigation and searching tools are awesome, is you want some inspiration.

Request: Update subscribed state/list after subscription
This might already be being worked on, but: I noticed that when I subscribe to a community the state of the Subscribe button doesn't change to Joined until I restart Jerboa. Similarly, the list of subscribe to communities in the burger menu doesn't update. If I should file an issue on GitHub instead, do feel free to moderate this away.

Sorting comments?
Is there a way to sort comments? They appear newest to oldest by default and I can't see an obvious way to change that.

[Feature Request] A way to favorite a sublemmy (subreddit?) without subscribing
I like some communities easily accessible but I don't necessarily want them on my main feed. An example is politics, I like to check in every now and again but I don't like seeing it all the time as it gets my mood down. And I'd prefer not to have to search for it when I want it. Reddit Sync (my preferred reddit app) has this feature and I think it would be a great addition.

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Font sizing for comments
I see we can adjust the font size in the settings, however this doesn't change the font size of comments which is huge. Am i missing something or is this feature not added yet? edit I thought I would play with the code base and found what i would consider the issue. Running a local build it is running the way i like so i will refine this into a pull request and submit it.

I’m reasonably certain that if a password has the character “,” in it, Jeroba won’t log in to that account
I'm not actually sure what the problematic character is - it might have been " " or another special character (obviously I'd rather not reveal my password 😉). I usually use full, grammatically correct sentences for passwords ("passphrases"). It works in desktop, but in Jeroba if your password has that phrase it won't log you in. Instead, you'll be listed as "Anonymous" and you won't be able to take any action other than switch to a different account or sign out. It took me to my home instance, but I couldn't actually do anything. After changing my password to a more "traditional" one, everything worked fine.

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Suggestion: add swipe browsing
The official Reddit app and a number of third party Reddit apps have a function where you tap on a post and can swipe left or right to continue through the feed. Loving Lemmy so far and I appreciate the space that's been created.

Been using and greatly enjoying Jerboa for a few months. One feature I'd love to see is a way to filter posts in the local and global feeds, for example filtering out results by instance, text in post title, community etc. I see the default Lemmy "block" function has some but not all of this functionality, I think filters would be an elegant way to enhance this.

While writing any post or reply, using the backspace key often deletes the previous word (merge two previous tokens) which makes writing anything longer than a sentence hell.

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