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A bunch of war criminals torturing to death the guy (and the organization) who published truthful, verifiable information about their war crimes. If he goes, many others will go!

Fight on! now to the High Court (prob equally corrupt as the rest of the rotten UK institutions enabling that for an appeal…

What is your favourite portable emulation console?
Something that plays up to the PS1 and N64? How about the RG351M or RG351MP? ...and why? What environment to run on it? RetroArch? RetroArch wrapped into something?

for more on the topic, one could only highly recommend the excellent book of late Philippe Aigrain (a great researcher and activist in the field):

Sharing: culture and the economy in the Internet age

by: Aigrain, Philippe

Publication date: 2012

Usage: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0Creative Commons Licensebyncnd

Topics: Free Culture, Intellectual Property, Computer file sharing, Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.), Intellectual property, Information society

Publisher: Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press

1/ Any monopoly hinders free flow of information/knowledge/culture.

2/ current copyright regime is used massively to the profit of the intermediaries who exploit the authors (70y after death? srsly? how is that even a thing?!)

3/ current copyright regime is used to control and censor flows of information, like the automated censorshop (“robocop-yright”) of Youtube and others. powerful actors can use copyright from their portfolio to censor anything critical, parodic, or just new works remixing or reusing “their” works

4/ the regime of exceptions to copyright, that is supposed to represent the balance of that pact struck between authors, their intermediaries, the public and the legislator has been skewed, and consistently reduced over they years and through the use of technology. think of the right to lend a book or a physical record in the era of DRM. you cannot lend a game or a DRMed file anymore. etc.

5/ current networks exploiting works “legally” are the ones who rip the artists the most: spotify gives fractions of fractions of cents to the artists for every listen, while giving away billions to the intermediaries, and pocketing huge profits…

6/ all the propaganda about “piracy kills authors” is bullshit. same stuff was heard about (including but not limited to): electric piano, music on the radio, cassette tape recorders, VHS tapes, p2p networks, etc… peer reviewed studies all show on the contrary that people who share the most are actually active participants in culture who buy more cultural goods than the average, who act as prescriptors and recommend concerts, works, etc… to others…

The whole point of copyright law today is thus:

  • to allow intermediaries to exploit artists
  • to give them control over what is gonna be listened/viewed in order to maximize their returns on investments and minimize their risk-taking (thus empoverishing culture altogether
  • to guilt-trip passionate people, the public into NOT participating into culture (sharing is caring!) but instead becoming docile “consumers” of it
  • to help powerful actors censor free speech to comfort their power.

The only thing that would seem acceptable and was actually the norm in early 20th century is: a copyright that is solely belonging to the author (not transferable) / for a period of 5 years (eventually renewable once upon explic demand, for a minor fee, by the author… in which line of work are you paid for what you did 10 years ago anyways?) / with a generous regime of exceptions including private use not-for-profit, libraries, lending, remixes, etc.

Are we sure this is not a super-clever disguised advertisement campaign by NextCloud?

Sorry for the simplistic grid of analysis here:

DDG is a US company, and under the Patriot and FISA (and other) Acts, it makes it fair game for the US institutions to request access to any of its data regarding any of its user, without any sort of judicial process.

So in short if your concern is privacy (not even if you have any political activity that wouldnt be 100% aligned with the foreign policy of the US!) and are a NON-US person, then it’s better to avoid connecting to the servers of any US company. Is it easy to do? hell no! we’re probably talking about 90% of the web as of now… (think: AWS, Cloudflare, Google, etc.)

(+ i think DDG is hosted on AWS, and Amazon is a premium partner of US intelligence anyways…)

like with the use of encrypted means of communications, if the question starts by “but why do people do xyz…” with an undertone of “i very well understand one should not do xyz!”, we’re on a typical case of techno-elitism.

what is valid for the 0.1% of educated/“smart”/privileged users who understand the F* is going on may not be valid for the remaining 99.9% who just do something because someone from the aforementioned group -usually with a vested interest- told them they should do it…

“smart” systems functioning only through shared deep knowledge of their innards, used by people who do not understand them lead to massive schemes of exploitation, to a bunch of “smart” bros getting richer at the expense of everybody else…

i strongly believe it’s the responsibility of the “smart” tech bros -who are historically responsible for making them exist and turn mainstream- to explain to people who don’t understand these things that they should stay away from them, that there is more for them to lose than to win.

As a general comment: if you want awareness about something, always use the “deployed” version of its acronym, especially in titles. Specialists often forget that the whole world doesn’t know as much as them (including acronyms that are obvious to them)…

yes it seriously rocks. going straight to the point, eliminating most of the cruft of “modern” web. i am always surprised by how well rendered, how usable are pages in links…

and websites that don’t render well in links? well it usually means they rely on shit technology i dont want to use anyways…

Am usually uninterested in 3D printing… but this one being released, with all its CAD and programming resources, in CC By, is really exciting to me!

Anyone has an estimate of how much producing them would cost by the piece, by the 100, etc?

not sure this project shares the objectives i described:


We respect your privacy. That is the whole point of this project. The only minor data we collect about visitors is what our infrastructure providers collect. These include:

Azure DevOps
Application Insights


curl | jq ‘.prefixes[].ip_prefix’ | paste -sd “,” - | sed ‘s/"//g’

seems indeed interesting… the rest of the page mentions some obscure/proprietary technology…

so a few questions remain:

how would one use these list of IP addresses using free/libre software?

also can we trust Amazon themselves to declare all their IPs?

How do you do the same for Google? Cloudflare?

A friend of mine has a project that is accross an art project and a political statement, in the form of an experiment: To exemplify the power of the surveillance capitalists on the very fabric of what we still call "the Internet", they want to configure a computer to block all connections going to all known services belonging to Google, Amazon and Cloudflare (and later potentially extend this to other companies). (yes, my friend is very much aware that in practice most of the commercial web would become totally unusable. that's partly the point of the demonstration to exemplify this...) For google, they rely on an old (long) list of domains known to belong to the multiple entities composing the behemoth... an /etc/hosts points all of them to brutal but efficient, until new domains, subdomains etc.. appear. How would you do it for amazon and its gigantic AWS platform? how would you do it for cloudflare? collect lists of their IPs (and update them over time)? edit firewall lists based on them that would sink all packets? Anyone knows of any project going in that direction?

So basically palm oil:

  • comes from countries with poor or inexistent labour laws or environmental protection
  • is bound to a monoculture that empoverishes soil and biodiversity by destroying natural habitats
  • depends on heavy industrial process which probably rules out “small producers” fair/bio/eco productions?
  • has to be shipped overseas thus uses amounts of fossil fuel to get to us

yet it is still the “cheapest” of vegetal oils… and with speculation on raw materials it may well stay that way… in France, due to “recent events” being “exceptional” circumstances, authorities in charge of consumer protection allowed industrials to bypass the mandate for precision in labeling. basically authorization to be vague or to plainly not mention or mis-mention ingredients in food. basically saying “vegetal oil” probably becomes enough…

What do you people suggest?

  • stop caring and enjoy the delicious food?
  • boycotting palm oil to try to have a personal/local impact on the demand?
  • demanding reformist policies over-taxing such goods with high environmental impact?
  • producing one’s own vegetal oil? (where would you start?)

@downdaemon found 11 Lemmy Bucks neatly stashed
(therefore @joebidet shouldnt be listed a owning 11 Lemmy Bucks anymore!)

A British judge has ordered the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, where he faces a 175-year sentence. The final decision on Assange’s extradition will now be made by U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel. Amnesty International’s Simon Crowther spoke outside the courthouse prior to today’s ruling. Simon Crowther: “Julian Assange is being prosecuted for espionage for publishing sensitive material that was classified. And if he is extradited to the U.S. for this, all journalists around the world are going to have to look over their shoulder, because within their own jurisdiction, if they publish something that the U.S. considers to be classified, they will face the risk of being extradited.”

Why do anarchists drink herbal teal?
Because proper tea is theft!

Are you tired of explaining over and over again why crypto-ponzi-currency is bad, hypercapitalist ecocidal scam?
Let this guy explain it for you: All is there, based on sound economic theory and anchored in facts....

Vitalium - Standalone version of Vital (incredible free/libre spectral warping wavetable synthesizer)
![]( Vital has a subscription-based model, giving access to proprietary presets and settings, etc. Vitalium seems to be the free/libre code, expurged from the part connecting to server (anyways, users of free/libre versions are excluded from connecting to it....) A VERY impressive piece of software synth, apparently rather recent project. super-promising! Anyone knows about it being packaged or so?

UK Supreme Court refuses permission to appeal in Assange extradition. The case now moves to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to authorize the extradition. WikiLeaks editor and publisher Julian Assange is facing a 175 year sentence for publishing truthful information in the public interest. Julian Assange is being sought by the current US administration for publishing US government documents which exposed war crimes and human rights abuses. The politically motivated charges represent an unprecedented attack on press freedom and the public’s right to know – seeking to criminalise basic journalistic activity. If convicted Julian Assange faces a sentence of 175 years, likely to be spent in extreme isolation. The UN working group on arbitrary detention issued a statement saying that “*the right of Mr. Assange to personal liberty should be restored”*. Massimo Moratti of Amnesty International has publicly stated on their website that, *“Were Julian Assange to be extradited or subjected to any other transfer to the USA, Britain would be in breach of its obligations under international law.*” Human Rights Watch published an article saying, “*The only thing standing between an Assange prosecution and a major threat to global media freedom is Britain. It is urgent that it defend the principles at risk.”* The NUJ has stated that the *“US charges against Assange pose a huge threat, one that could criminalise the critical work of investigative journalists & their ability to protect their sources”.*

The Right to Read - A Dystopian Short Story by Richard Stallman (1996)
From The Road To Tycho, a collection of articles about the antecedents of the Lunarian Revolution, published in Luna City in 2096. For Dan Halbert, the road to Tycho began in college—when Lissa Lenz asked to borrow his computer. Hers had broken down, and unless she could borrow another, she would fail her midterm project. There was no one she dared ask, except Dan. This put Dan in a dilemma. He had to help her—but if he lent her his computer, she might read his books. Aside from the fact that you could go to prison for many years for letting someone else read your books, the very idea shocked him at first. Like everyone, he had been taught since elementary school that sharing books was nasty and wrong—something that only pirates would do. .../...

When vice-presidents of Mozilla were asked, along the years since it was signed, what was the exact content of the contract signed with Google, all of them answered "I don't know. I havent read it." Who in the world read the contract Mozilla and Google signed together? Who has a single clue of what has been in there? And subsequently how can we trust Mozilla in such conditions? How didn't it doom itself to never be in a position to compete meaningfully with Chrome, buying itself time and/or a comfortable mattress of $$$? Who can tell the Google+Mozilla contract DOESNT contain the following: - Firefox shall never include adblock technology as a default - Firefox shall always "feel lucky" with Google - Firefox shall always "phone home" to Google with "safe browsing" etc. How can we know the *billion $$$* of Google didnt serve to make sure that Firefox would never be the browser that th people actually need to protect themselves against.... Google?

Ola Bini's trial today in Ecuador is a farce. Based on a screenshot (showing he actually DIDNT do what he is accused of) and a number of books and computer hardware, "fraudulent access" to computers that was never even described. He was arrested the same day as his friend Julian Assange. When arrested he was developping OTRv4, encryption technology to use on top of decentralized/federated messaging. read more on Article19: His persecution concerns everyone attached to end-to-end encryption, free/libre software and decentralized/federated software... #FreeOlaBini

Cleaners to get rid of SPAM online?
I would love to hire cleaners to get rid of spam such as this lemmy community! Shame, spammers!

Movie Screening & Discussion with Directors "War on Journalism: The Case of Julian Assange"= 30 DEC - 19h00-22h00 Movie screening and extended discussion with the directors and editors, part of the WikiLeaks team. Join in

RC3 - RC3World - It's ON!! (full programme)
Check the programme on! Lots of great stuff! (Streams accessible from outside the "RC3 world" itself)

Will you people participate in RC3, the Remote Chaos Experience (online event including a whacky jitsi-based "pixelworld" replacing the famous annual Chaos Communication Congress)? If so, how do you think it will interact with the Fediverse? Links to various assemblies and activities on Lemmy and Mastodon? Various events on Lemmy and Mobilizon? Comments on Mastodon, etc.? Is there anything that you know specially focused on the Fediverse happening then?

A guide to make maps part of the RC3World
As some of you who participated last year to RC3 (the Remote Chaos Experience, replacing the CCC Congress in times of pandemics), the "RC3 World" is based on the WorkAdventure software, a sort of 16bit JRPG enabling interactions through web links and jitsi chats. Everyone is free to declare their "Assembly" and therefore contribute their map that will be part of a crazy network of maps (RC3World) where ppl will be able to interact. The guide from last year has been updated, and contains useful information if you want to contribute a map to the RC3World. This year: some scripting, a change in the badge API, and more detailed documentation, howto and "best practices" tips.

RC3 2021 - Nowhere - No where?
“Hey, what to do? No Chaos Communication Congress event? Nothing? Nowhere?” “Hold on. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. An online event at the end of the year. Now and here in 2021. The unbelievable remote Chaos Experience played from anywhere. It’s all up to you. Be a part of it. Just check in!”

Get your [free] ticket for RC3, the Remote Chaos Experience!
Like last year (because *reasons*), the yearly CCC congress will be replaced by an online experiment of some sort: online conferences and workshops AND a virtual low-tech pixelated world (looking like a 16bit JPRG from the 90s) where ppl can meet and interact via links, chat and jitsi. You probably have nothing better to do between Dec. 26th and Dec 30th anyways... :)