an invented tradition of witchcraft

Their Dreamwidth states “My gender identity is coward”, so I’m gonna use they/them for the author here. …

a beautiful traditional tarot deck with some non-traditional additions

Most of the time “oracle decks” and such feel very lifeless to me. I love how this is made with clear adoration for the history of tarot, but with some experimentation too – I can’t believe I haven’t seen something like those Luna cards before! …

I came across this post on tumblr with links to lots of different witchcraft books. I saw a few authors I recognize but I’m not sure if there are any that are appropriative or not. I hope this helps!..

I know that the modals and such may scare you off, but if you can get past it, the card descriptions are really thoughtful…

  • cultural appropriation from exploited peoples will be moderated with gusto, but do not cry to the mod about a non-Italian getting into stregheria or a non-Scandinavian casting runes
  • linking to an Etsy once or so is fine, but no spam
  • please don’t promote the arbitrary use of endangered species (e.g., palo santo that’s Bulnesia sarmientoi) by modern practitioners
  • some people’s practice is religious, some people’s practice is secular, let’s all be respectful