Font of the Month Club
Join Font of the Month Club and get a new font in your inbox every single month! Each font is lovingly designed and produced by David Jonathan Ross.

He’s an independent type designer. His site shows properly fleshed out respectable-looking typefaces for respectable-typography costs, but the Font Of The Month Club is the real joy. Whether you’re looking for Victorian flavor, elegant text typefaces, design-forward display options, or the latest font feature noodling around (color fonts! color fonts!) there’s a fine assortment here to be worth looking through. The Mini license costs are really nice as a reasonable impulse buy for the font-oriented and not too shocking a figure for the non-font-oriented.

I’m not at all a proper Font User – my website’s main typeface is a true abomination I keep only because an SVG filter to replicate the effect sounds hard to get right – but I love imagining print projects that would merit Polliwog or Klooster Thin.

Type design, setting, fonts, etc.

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