I've been looking in general for a while for "*queered*" tarot decks and, despite having found different results over time, none of them has been properly satisfying. recently, i've been focusing on the thoth deck because a copy has been gifted to me and i fell in love with the art. we all know the many things said about crowley and **i'm not here to discuss them**. i don't like him and i stand by it. however, harris design of the cards speaks to me *soooo much*. in fact, i'm using a card in a language i don't know so not to be influenced by the (*personally i think*) pointless naming of the cards. but, well, i guess the original question is if **there is anyone who approached this deck from a queer and/or trans-feminist lens?** please let me know in case. sending mucho mucho amor.

a tarot kickstarter that seems to have spared no expense in print quality
There are a lot of lovely tarot deck kickstarters that I have managed to restrain myself from backing. They tend to seem to be conceived of by illustrators. This one seems to me to have been designed by someone who really wanted to push the envelope on cool foil detailing, and I have thereby been suckered in. It's already like 4x funded, by the way -- I'm not telling you about it because I need you to back it, but because I want to share Ooh Pretty Shiny.

Dedicated to showing how tarot reading is BS.

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