Where can I find floor plans?

I’ve always been really interested in apartment design, especially the structure and layout inside the building that most people don’t see from a bird’s eye view. To this end, I really enjoy looking at floor plans, especially large ones that show entire floors of an apartment with all the units, cor…

I mean, that’s one way of handling a housing shortage, I guess? …

What are your opinions on apartments with enclosed courtyards?

Apartment buildings that are hollow in the middle, enclosing a centre courtyard are much more common in Europe than here in North America, and I really like them from a design perspective, though I’ve never lived in one. Do you or did you live in this type of building? Regardless, what do you think …

Why are two-bed two-bath apartments so much more common compared two-bed one-bath apartments?

In my city, there doesn’t seem to be any two-bed one-bath apartments, if you want two bedrooms, your only choice is to also have two bathrooms. The majority of two-bedroom floorplans I’ve found online also reflects this. Is there a reason why having one bathroom for two bedrooms is so unpopular? I c…

This makes me feel much better about my curmudgeonly opinion that contemporary trends forgoing even basic window trim are Bad and Should Feel Bad. Trim feels pretty minimal next to these bad boys. …

No architecture-specific rules, just don’t be a jerk, your normal stuff.

This will be updated if the community feels there is a particular need to ban certain types of spammy link content, etc.

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