Really Though, What Jeans Are in Style Now?

No one is quite sure which denim our legs will want once our arms have been jabbed.

All is in flux.

All is uncertainty.

I recognize that at the decrepitude of 27 years of age, I am past the height of cool.

The world will shift, and I will jog to meet it or be left behind.

But if there is any mercy in you, Gen Z – flared, bootcut, straight legged, pegged, wide legged, pleated mercy – please do not bring back low waist jeans.

They looked awful on those of us who weren’t thin even when we were young.

I will not return to that suffering. Please do not inflict it on each other.


I’ve heard that the fast fashion cycles for stuff like this has been accelerating in the past few years… is that true? I remember for jeans it seemed to be at least like 5 years for a style.


I’m not sure just because I’m not super familiar with Pants of the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties? As for the past few years – I wouldn’t think so? I remember when I was in middle school you Had To Have flares or bootcut jeans… then by 2010ish, everything had to be skinny… but it’s mostly stayed like that up to within the last 3-4 years?

I will say, though, pretty much all the jeans I’ve had in those eras have had to have such high stretch content that the fabric doesn’t last long, so that’s definitely a factor in how fast things can turn over. I got some Trendy Huge Wide Leg “dad pants” that are pretty much just cotton and it’s stunning to me how stiff/tough/heavy/inelastic jeans are in their natural form.

How do these things become problems, I will never understand it seems. Having to follow fashion trends even if it looks bad on you is a thought process I can barely comprehend.


I’d excerpt the relevant gifs from the devil wears prada but let’s just say you’ve seen them already and I don’t have to bother

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