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No struggle = No life left to struggle

I was using Vigilante. Is this better in some way?

You don’t need to read about things you can see.

These pictures are an important part of human history, and deserve more exposure.

NSFW/NSFL: https://imgur.com/a/q8ZIS

Absolutely NSFL (shows the infamous tank tracks running people over): https://www.aboluowang.com/2008/0529/89034.html

More: https://www.gettyimages.ca/photos/tiananmen-square-1989?family=editorial&phrase=tiananmen%20square%201989&sort=mostpopular#license

More from Vietnamese media: https://www.dkn.tv/the-gioi/the-gioi-do-day/nhung-buc-anh-noi-tieng-di-vao-lich-su-dau-thuong-cua-nhan-loai.html

This is actually pretty cool. Gonna try it now

How do these things become problems, I will never understand it seems. Having to follow fashion trends even if it looks bad on you is a thought process I can barely comprehend.