Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

e-ink display of what a radio station is currently playing

What a cute project! Being able to see what’s now playing on an Amazon listening device that has a screen is one of the very few uses of said listening device’s screen in my household… her version seems particularly nice because it’s got embellishment with personality. …

Realizing that this would be a clutch heirloom to have cast of my mother and grandmother… think they’d go for it? …

trendy mending for the upper thighs of jeans

It’s a great post but phew does it have me depressed about mending as a judgy ethos[^1]. My clothes give out in the upper thighs and the armpits. I’m pretty sure my body shape is implicated in ways I don’t want to call attention to. But no, tiny pretty 22-year-old, please tell me how your cute elbow…

What Can You Do to Keep Birds from Pooping on Your Car

So, your car just got washed and it’s shining bright as the sun itself. You feel good, you’re receiving a lot of attention and maybe today is a great day to take the family out for some ice cream…

Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

    Share tips and tricks to keep people from throwing out that broken item. Repair before replace!

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