Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

Another DIY video from the Gentle Living Shop. This time how to sew a roll-up pouch organiser. When you’re interested in sewing or just want to organize stuff…

laurent gerdil's carvings of opinel's carvable knives

They’re all beautiful – a few even usable, I’d guess!..

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You probably all hate these videos that start playing once you open a certain website. I use uBlock Origin for a long time so I was used to select the element zapper and boom the video was gone. It’s only recently that I wondered if I could remove this element of the website permanently with very vi…

Why did [Hales] end up hacking the BIOS on a 10 year old laptop left over from an Australian education program? When your BIOS starts telling you you’re not allowed to use a particular type of hardware, you don’t have much of a choice…

By now, the process of creating custom lithium-ion battery packs is well-known enough to be within the reach of most makers. But it’s not a path without hazard, and mistakes with battery protection and management can be costly. Happily for those who are apprehensive on the battery front there’s a so…

best grandson makes machine to pair up telegram messaging with a grandmother-friendly physical interface

Meeting people where they are with technology is so important, and I love that this lets the grandchildren message from their phones as is presumably convenient for them. …

I really love how creative people are when it comes to enclosing their RPis, but I’ll probably end up just sticking it in cardboard! …


I want to develop a pvc pipe structure and i want to model it. how can i do that?

I’ve been thinking about building a structures with pvc pipes but before buying the materials i want to plan it. …

This is fucking amazing!..

The Faraday cage (or shield), named after Michael Faraday, is a device that is used to protect from electromagnetic radiation. A Faraday cage may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or a mesh of such materials. This creates a shielding effect for any item inside the cage and p…


e-ink display of what a radio station is currently playing

What a cute project! Being able to see what’s now playing on an Amazon listening device that has a screen is one of the very few uses of said listening device’s screen in my household… her version seems particularly nice because it’s got embellishment with personality. …

Realizing that this would be a clutch heirloom to have cast of my mother and grandmother… think they’d go for it? …


trendy mending for the upper thighs of jeans

It’s a great post but phew does it have me depressed about mending as a judgy ethos[^1]. My clothes give out in the upper thighs and the armpits. I’m pretty sure my body shape is implicated in ways I don’t want to call attention to. But no, tiny pretty 22-year-old, please tell me how your cute elbow…

This will definitely keep the kids busy, interested and a fun bunch. Make your kids so much cooler! …

Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

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