Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > I want to find the most sustainable operating system, because computers nowadays waste a lot of energy, because of data collection and data processing. Avoiding unnecessary processes and using resources in a mindful way could reduce the CO2 output on the whole world. > > > > This discussion grew very fast and I put all links to other platforms in the end of the blog article.

I am now working on some simple pole weapon prototypes. Spearheads and other pointy ends are mounted in an axial groove, fixed with two screws. It gives an advantage, if we need to be able to change configuration. Other than that, we may need a permanent fixture. My idea is to use non-protruding rods and to fill gaps with some kind od resin / glue. It needs to be elastic enough to wthstad vibrations and hits, while rigid enough to transfer force to the shaft. Any suggestions?

life tip: knowing how to stitch stuff will be useful for the rest of your life
you will always have that favorite piece of clothing or like a backpack that needs repair etc. It's not even hard and looks better than before in almost all cases imo, even if you're not skilled.

Cracked phone screen, if I put on a screen protector that's too small for the whole phone, what impact will it have on the phone?
cross-posted from: > I'm planning to put on a screen protector, but it'll only cover the top half of my phone. > > 1. Will It keep the crack from spreading? > > 2. Will I noticed the difference in touch functionality in terms of top half vs bottom half?

DRM is used to prevent farmers from repairing their tractors
cross-posted from: > The industry has expanded the usage of DRM to various hardware products, such as Keurig's coffeemakers,[9][10] Philips' light bulbs,[11][12] mobile device power chargers,[13][14][15] and John Deere's tractors.[16] For instance, tractor companies try to prevent farmers from making repairs under via DRM.[17] > Lemmy

cross-posted from: > This thing spins and is water proof. > > ![instructions]( > > It doesn't work very well for non socks, because the clothes get stuck on the wire. > > I have a plastic bucket. > > I want to make a hole in the bottom/side of the bucket so clothes won't get stuck on the wire. The wire cannot be detached from the spinny machine. So i have to cut a hole (in the bucket) big enough for a USB to fit through, then make the bucket water proof again. **I'm not sure how to make it waterproof again.**

Do like I say not as I do

laurent gerdil's carvings of opinel's carvable knives
They're all beautiful -- a few even usable, I'd guess!

By now, the process of creating custom lithium-ion battery packs is well-known enough to be within the reach of most makers. But it’s not a path without hazard, and mistakes with battery protection and management can be costly. Happily for those who are apprehensive on the battery front there’s a solution courtesy of a group of engineering students from the University of Pittsburgh. [Their project was to convert a pedal bicycle to electric assisted power](, and in doing so they didn’t make their own pack but instead used off-the-shelf 40V Ryobi power tool packs. The bike conversion is relatively conventional with the crank replaced by a crank and motor assembly, and a pair of the Ryobi packs in 3D-printed holders on the frame. The value in this is in its reminder that these packs have evolved to the point at which they make a viable alternative to a much more expensive bike-specific pack, and that their inclusion of all the balancing and protection circuitry make them also a much safer option than building your own pack. The benefits of this are immense as they bring a good-quality conversion within reach of many more bicycle owners, with all parts being only a simple online order away. Take a look at the video below the break for more details. Those Ryobi cells [certainly seem to have carved themselves a niche]( in our community! [![](](

best grandson makes machine to pair up telegram messaging with a grandmother-friendly physical interface
Meeting people where they are with technology is so important, and I love that this lets the grandchildren message from their phones as is presumably convenient for them.

I really love how creative people are when it comes to enclosing their RPis, but I'll probably end up just sticking it in cardboard!

Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

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