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Do like I say not as I do…

Build your own particulate matter sensor.

I received all parts to build my own fine particle sensor unit and become part of the global sensor network that creates Open Environmental Data…

Another DIY video from the Gentle Living Shop. This time how to sew a roll-up pouch organiser. When you’re interested in sewing or just want to organize stuff…

laurent gerdil's carvings of opinel's carvable knives

They’re all beautiful – a few even usable, I’d guess!..

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You probably all hate these videos that start playing once you open a certain website. I use uBlock Origin for a long time so I was used to select the element zapper and boom the video was gone. It’s only recently that I wondered if I could remove this element of the website permanently with very vi…

Why did [Hales] end up hacking the BIOS on a 10 year old laptop left over from an Australian education program? When your BIOS starts telling you you’re not allowed to use a particular type of hardware, you don’t have much of a choice…

By now, the process of creating custom lithium-ion battery packs is well-known enough to be within the reach of most makers. But it’s not a path without hazard, and mistakes with battery protection and management can be costly. Happily for those who are apprehensive on the battery front there’s a so…

best grandson makes machine to pair up telegram messaging with a grandmother-friendly physical interface

Meeting people where they are with technology is so important, and I love that this lets the grandchildren message from their phones as is presumably convenient for them. …

I really love how creative people are when it comes to enclosing their RPis, but I’ll probably end up just sticking it in cardboard! …


I want to develop a pvc pipe structure and i want to model it. how can i do that?

I’ve been thinking about building a structures with pvc pipes but before buying the materials i want to plan it. …

This is fucking amazing!..

The Faraday cage (or shield), named after Michael Faraday, is a device that is used to protect from electromagnetic radiation. A Faraday cage may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or a mesh of such materials. This creates a shielding effect for any item inside the cage and p…


This is very interesting! …

Do-It-Yourself, Repairs and Fixes

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