This is my first post ever in Lemmy. Glad i found a goth community here. …


a piece on elder goths

Honestly, I’ve always loved that you see people from different generations showing up to the club and doing their own things. Not Old Guy Coming To Hit On Women Half His Age–people coming to see their own friends, with their own stuff going on. Seems good for everybody. …

A friend has promised me (animal) bones, and I’m very excited. A number of them will have to go into storage for a while as I don’t have the display space one would wish for - - but ever since visiting the Capuchin Crypt in Rome I’ve been enchanted b…

One almost feels uncomfortable being so aware of the romantic purpose of all those who’d stayed in the room before you–I mean, not that that isn’t many hotels, but I just don’t see how you’d avoid thinking about it in these rooms. But oh the bathtubs… …

I don’t own this book, but I adore everything I’ve seen from it. …


    this is very broad umbrella goth community until we get enough content / subscribers to justify split, so

    • tradgoth fashion, proper original 80s goth music
    • goth adjacent music genres
    • goth adjacent fashion/culture
    • general macabre stuff

    on top of the normal instance rules:

    please make sure you add a NSFW marking for anything gorey (though Gorey is still fine :) )

    please make sure links to material dealing with e.g. self-harm have appropriate content warnings

    please be nice to each other. if you think something’s stupid/bad, just downvote it and move on. if you think something doesn’t belong in this community, messaage it to the community mods who will do any gatekeeping necessary. this means you should not be showing up in the comments to tell someone their post is not real goth.

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