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I’m taken aback by how much the vegan “fish” actually looks like fish!..

To make this vegan, just use vegetable broth and omit the cheese…

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3-Ingredient Macaroni and Cheese | The Food Lab

Mostly when recipes say they rely on pasta water, I haven’t had good luck with them. This one, though, is phenomenal. Don’t skip the salt, and use a cheese you like…

I don’t often come across Halloween recipes that are both satisfyingly kitschy and pleasing to a refined palate, so this looks extra good. Gluten free tart crust recipe included, but… that’s not mandatory, I imagine. …

So disclaimer: I haven’t used this recipe yet. However, I’ve been wondering how to get my buns to have the brown to it and I believe I’ve been missing the egg wash which this recipe explained. Looking to try this recipe out tomorrow morning!..

Okay, so it’s really cantaloupe, sugar, water, mint… But the flavor combo is intriguing. :) …


Food what’s good to cook
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