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Swan (2022/06/04)

I like the monoalphabetic cipher with a ciphertext used to determine symbol correspondence, seems about as complicated as I'd ever want to write out by hand. Anyone have a cipher they prefer for doing by hand?

an HTML webcomic site template suitable for static hosting
Gosh I love resources like this! It's so neat that people are sharing resources that make tech more accessible to folks with less technical experience. I have a layout I need to finish up and offer publicly to help people use HTML and CSS to lay out half-page zines... but I gotta make something with it myself first to prove it's useful.

some great halloweeny songs on a great personal website
The whole site is worth checking out, but I think it'd be easy to miss stuff like this that's a page within a topic shrine. And you shouldn't! I'm someone who spends time *every year* looking for Halloween music, and there is still a good helping here of stuff that's new to me.

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I’m back
I'm back from my vacation

The foundation that funds Lemmy, it also funds other interesting projects
This one I like too

those pavé eternity rings were created because they needed to sell smaller diamonds from the Soviet Union
This piece from 1982 is long and interesting and covers a lot of ground, but that's the bit that particularly tickles my fancy. Can you imagine?’s bulletin board software is open source and great
Software shapes the feel of a social space. Just think of everyone who's so into Gemini -- or on the other side, how Reddit feels a bit unclean... anyway, this software may have been inspired by chan boards, but in the incarnation of it I know, it has a wonderful vibe. I just found out it's not some old thing repurposed, but an open source project under (newly active) development.

If you like [Squishables]( and [tokidoki](, these strike me as being a midpoint. Do people actually put keys on stuffed animal keychains, though? Wouldn't they get filthy? Am I uniquely grimy?

Chinook jargon is kind of the coolest thing that ever happened in the PNW, at least linguistically speaking. My great-grandfather taught my grandfather a bit, and he taught my mom a bit, and she taught me a bit, and that's not much as far as such lineages go but it's something. I would like to know more than I do, and should probably find some kind of podcast or audio lessons, since everything I encounter with the first mentioned lack-of-a-system orthography system has been.... puzzling. Still, since it's in the pidgin-creole space, I can do my best as far as those Qs are concerned and that's still in the spirit, I'd think.

I am extremely hype about [Multiverse]( and this was my first try taking it out for a spin. Except for messing up one bit with overlap, I think it turned out pretty much how I'd hoped!

> Inviting our friends into a larger part of our lives means reclaiming more of our time from the isolation of work and daily survival. Our social lives and our survival become the same thing. Entertaining each other at dinner parties will always be fun, but what about sharing child care or joining community organizations together? When it comes to working for my employer, a strict boundary is essential. But when it comes to hanging out with my friends, why should I be so rigid? Why not allow my social life to overtake my errand running and my chores? Why must we try to “entertain” each other when our relationships would become much deeper and more interesting if we did things together other than nibble hors d’oeuvres and drink wine? The biggest lessons from communal living probably have to do with child care and elder care, I suspect, simply because post-industrial isolation-living has screwed over caretakers so bad. I found this via [Anne Helen Petersen](, who wrote: > Even people who come out on theoretical top of this personal choice pile — because of income, race, inherited wealth, credentials, location, home equity — are still miserable. Everyone’s doing their own dishes and we’re all lonely. So what would other ways of living look like? We often don’t have to look too far to find them: they’re in our immediate histories, even in our immediate proximity, in everything from babysitting co-ops to barnraisings. You don’t need a lot of resources to start them. You just need an abundance of imagination, enough to overcome our current understanding of what the rhythms of daily life should look like. I'm in an incredibly privileged position and I can feel how true this is. I want to start working with my little household to figure out how enmeshing ourselves with others could look post-pandemic...

Thoughts about our post-covid world
when an individual goes away into the desert for a while and comes back, he can re-integrate into society. he can learn how to interact again by immersion. but when everyone leaves, for over a year, and there is no society to come back to. nobody can predict what human existance will be like with no society. this has never happened before. it's a huge experiment. it sounds like a good idea - without society the people can't organise resistance to an authoritarian government. they can't have experiences on which they can base judgements and what is true or right. They can't have sub cultures that challenge the state senctioned mono-culture we mould them into in school. they can't have any culture at all. They can't have personal discussions where they learn from each other and become smart and confident and resilient, where they build trust and can stand united against threats. it sounds convenient and easy. but really anything could happen. it's a huge risk. it's a bit like vaccinating 100% or people with a novel type of vaccine - not just a new class but a novel vaccination mechanism. society is the only thing sustaining humanity as a species - society IS humanity... it's just gone. in one year it's all gone. nobody knows what will develop now in its place. It attend from too much power in the hands of too few people. they reacted to a crisis. they over-reacted. they may (or may not, probably not) resolve the crisis. it's like burning down the house to stop a bedbug infestation. We are living in the post covid world. It will be like this forever. Passports were introduced in a post-pandemic environment. They were a temporary emergency measure. They never went away. Lockdowns are here to stay in the same way. There will be prison-like restrictions on movement forever. They won't be as severe as today, they will be loosened a bit, but they are here to stay. Our children will live in a prison. The challenge is, how can we prepare them for that. There will be a lot of senseless violence, mental illness, extreme poverty, fear. And all of that will seem to justify authoritarian government. How can we teach them the skills to cope in this future ... especially when we have only bad guesses what it will look like. but the pre-covid world wasn't perfect either. maybe the post-apocolyptic world will be better! nobody has a clue. nobody is even stepping back and looking at the big picture this way - they are assuming the post-shock world will be exactly the same - the shock will have minor or zero impact. over the next few years everything will change. then over the next decades everything will change again. we are living through the apocalypse. one year with no society. two years with no society several years, children going through puberty and their formative years with no society. it will be unimaginably different, in unimaginable ways.

digital washi tape: sozai?
h/t [chris aldrich]( I gotta say before I start that this woman's genes / moisturizer / whatever are formidable because I was going to start like "I dunno if I just remember this because I'm older but" and then I realized that she's been killing it in tech design longer than I have been able to use a terminal. Respect. *** At first when you think about why we love washi tape, you imagine it's the cute/pretty designs paired with its tactile appeal. Just the right amount of stickiness! Easy to tear or cut! That's a way of looking at it that doesn't really capture how it's used, though. Look at how people use washi tape on Instagram. It can take a [simple, utilitarian planner and make it elegant.]( It can structurally combine different elements to [set off one's own creative work]( It can be [an ingredient in something more transformative]( What's the closest thing to that we have digitally? Well, in the digital art space there are too many options to count (hello old DeviantArt "Resources" section). Proper design tools probably have their own versions and I'm not going to touch on that. In the web space, I think the closest is something that has been a minor obsession of mine because I remember loving it intensely as a child and then it just... disappeared. From [pixelse]( > そざい or 素材 “Sozai” - material > Usually in reference to “web material.” It’s a general term that describes graphics that can be used to decorate websites. For example: banners, backgrounds, stock illustrations, fonts, icons, etc. I think "assets" is probably the best translation for this use. Let me show you what I mean. You see how above I put a boring horizontal line to split up the sections of what I'm writing? The website [hot choco]( has cute images like this one that can be used instead: ![ugly static version of a cute pixel border]( (this version isn't animated, but the original is) The era of `<table></table>` based HTML is over, but I'm sad we left sozai behind. Artists would share these assets to be used to give flavor to anyone's boring text content (with careful requirements around attribution and hotlinking!). The original websites for a lot of these artists are gone, so now you find them on [aggregating tumblrs]( They made it more approachable for people (the people were mostly women from what I can tell) to express themselves on the web without a huge barrier to entry. Have you just put up a single HTML document on Geocities with the three autobiographical details you could think of? Throw a [welcome banner image]( in that shit, match your colors and now it's Something. Want to warn (or advertise?) that a link is NSFW? [Say it with sparkling pink]( Anyway, I have a lot of feelings about this. Can we bring back sozai? Can we bring back the web that allowed it?

The best manufacturer of mineral water devices
Today, many workshops and knowledge-based companies produce mineral water systems, but it is a little difficult to find the best ones; And in this article we want to help you with that. To find the best manufacturer of mineral water devices, you should pay attention to the material of the body, internal parts such as motors, gearboxes and electronic components, because the best devices use excellent and original parts.

A method to generate new connections and ideas. I learnt about it here:

The salary increase for 2021 government employees will be 25 percent, according to a parliamentary resolution...

During this period, you can not find a house that does not have a stove. The use of this device is very widespread. You may have to use the stove several times during the day. You may also encounter a problem at any of these times. The problems and disadvantages of the stove are divided into two categories. The first category is those that can be easily solved at home and the second category is those that need to be examined by a specialist.

Residential complex design standards and parking supply criteria
One of the most important issues in the construction of various buildings is the provision of adequate parking for the building. In other words, according to the rules and regulations, a suitable parking lot must be provided for all buildings and complexes. It should be noted that there are some principles regarding the provision of parking for different complexes that must be considered.

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#jellyfish #underwater #aquarium 😊Hope you will enjoy 😊

Aquarium Coral Reef 10 Hours Version Screensaver Relax Video
#aquarium #fish #screensaver #video #underwater #coralreef #water

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