Hey guys, genzedong refugee here reporting for duty! Specifically, the duty of posting my art. Have a good one!
Hey comrades!

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Sea of Bubles

Apparently such things typically have December as slaughtering-of-the-pig? But a boar is so much more [Germanically seasonal]( I love the decadent flat ultramarines in this -- actually it's cool how little the palette varies from the pigments they clearly used. Ultramarine, yellow ochre, burnt sienna...

Had you thought it was Mucha? It's all right, I had too. Comparing their work side by side, it seems to me that Privat-Livemont has the much more illustrative style -- careful contrasts and shapes -- and Mucha wins out in rendering volume, fleshiness. I like this work because while obviously inspired by Japonisme of the time, it's not trying to exoticize anything. I also like it because there are shellfish in her hair and that's rad.

The non-local color of the cool tones are really lovely.

The last one is really something. A few of these skeletons are throwing parties I would like to attend.

I wouldn't have thought the use of foreshortening could have such an affective impact. The fleshy indignity of earthly form -- it's pretty macabre, isn't it?

evening on the north shore
I'm not sure if this is as beautiful as I think it is right now, or if I'm just tired and my brain is whizzing about my skull and I'm weak for an Yves Klein blue...

I went to the National Gallery in Prague and I'd love to go back after covid. This is the work that just blew me away, but [this]( demonstrates perhaps even better what I mean about Jim Henson, *and*... it's hard to even find his 2D art because he's more famous for his puppets. Puppets!

I'm a sucker for odd juxtapositions and wow does this deliver.

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