Sharing pieces of art that we like

I wouldn’t have thought the use of foreshortening could have such an affective impact. The fleshy indignity of earthly form – it’s pretty macabre, isn’t it? …

evening on the north shore

I’m not sure if this is as beautiful as I think it is right now, or if I’m just tired and my brain is whizzing about my skull and I’m weak for an Yves Klein blue… …

I went to the National Gallery in Prague and I’d love to go back after covid. This is the work that just blew me away, but this demonstrates perhaps even better what I mean about Jim Henson, and… it’s hard to even find his 2D art because he’s…

“80% of earths population has a non whitish skin color - except in fine arts where most people are white and non white persons are merely the display of their proclaimed exotic existance, inferior beings, slaves or savages. Fine arts are the most common expression and self-assurance of culture. If w…

Sharing pieces of art that we like

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