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Clarity City is an open source sans-serif typeface. It is the default font for the VMware Clarity Design System. ![](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/28eb96c0-1f84-405c-a3ef-81cf8ede32ad.png)

Bundle Cat
[From Pixelfed Post](https://pixelfed.social/i/web/post/470462859339056111)

APOD Jupiter image morph/flyby
Never gets old. - Here comes Jupiter! NASA's robotic spacecraft Juno is continuing on its highly-elongated orbits around our Solar System's largest planet. The featured video is from perijove 11 in early 2018, the eleventh time Juno has passed near Jupiter since it arrived in mid-2016.

Sounds good. having a big player press the issue is a good thing.

A recommendation engine brought me back to this album an genre that I hadn’t heard in years since drum and bass at a time that the style was in the public eye partly due to this album. It doesn’t feel like a strict adherent to the dnb aformula that you might find on other releases but feels dated to a period of time anyway. The next album moved away from the quieter style here to be something a bit more brash and cheesy and while I think the latter has grown on me more than this, this is the classic release. Size released a revised much shorten verson in 2008 new forms2 which reworks the songs found here.

Apologies to the admins and everyone for wasting your time with the low quality hamfisted ill-concieved comment posted here. Not the usual standard. I’d love to blame lack of sleep. But no.

Yes politics is only a subset of what relates to a country. I also have little interest in discussing it.

Everything is political is a gross generalisation.

Political Content on Sopuli
Whats the deal? Personally I exited lemmy.ml to [get away from it.](https://lemmy.ml/post/208628)

This is the solution. If you are wanting to block a whole swathe of content youre on the wrong instance.

Sopuli.xyz gets indexed pretty well by the looks. If I add sopuli on to the end of the search the post or community comes up first.

Had a few issues setting up with guides which worked with older versions of the os. This thread covers a couple of solutions that worked to get microg running namely launching android settings from command line and enabling phonesky signature (last reply)

Launching android settings from terminal
In case it is useful for someone else. From terminal. apkd-launcher com.android.settings

Have you tried changing your theme in settings? There may be one that presents mobile content differently. Or it might be a case of creating a custom theme.

yet to see an open world game that does this effectively. I had

While I personally like narrative single player games (mass effect etc) I did think the witcher 3 did a good take on open world. Wandering around each village and the stories told in each location helped flesh out the world and peoples attitudes to one another and to witchers in general.

It does completely suck the forward momentum out of the game, nothing is urgent, but as long as you can progress the main story without having to grind open world missions I think its ok.

I would prefer Deus Ex to be narrative.

Having a list of related/like minded communities as a separate sidebar might be useful. I’ve listed related communities in my https://sopuli.xyz/c/classicalbums community about area, but it feels a little adhoc

Discovery is a problem. I think the fact there are 50 million 1-post communities in the ALL list (mostly on lemmy.ml) is not helpful. One thing I think beehaw does well is to limit the amount of communities and focus discussion.

In seriousness, whereever I post is a favourite.

They’re both legitimate privacy instances and part of the lemmyverse, is it a proper list if it doesn’t give all the alternatives? Up to the maintainer.

On the same rock band drummer note, a BBC Radio 6 interview with taylor hawkins is pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwjEc8S0PRo

Always good to see games on other platforms, though with death stranding. I find it hard to recommend Death Stranding as while i love it, I know others who’ve disliked it intensely -

I love his enthusiasm as well, gets me looking at things I might not have considered

Something relaxing / summery for those who need it.

Title track from the album, the first with Anselmo on vocals. While the huge jump made with the next album set the course I still enjoy this one.

For some reason this popped in my head - talk about a flash in the pan tech craze. Link to verge article just because.

Anyone else giving it a watch? I’ve linked to an article trashing it because it seems to be love / hate going on but coversely I’m digging it.

The division is the soulless but very pretty always-online single player/multiplayer shooter, which has you running round manhattan. But for my money the survival DLC is the best bit, sending you into a freezing blizzard in order to reach an area and helicopter out. It requires gathering resources, weaponry staying warm etc. I love games which pit you against the environment and this was right up my alley. Anyone else given it a thrash? Ubisoft will shut off the servers at some point making the game and purchased DLC unusable. Shocked pikachu face.

There are a number of great albums in the Ween discography but this one is the classic, wrapping Gene and Dean Weens eclectic style in a nautically themed album. A lot more polished, but no less fun than previous albums like God Ween Satan or Pure Guava. *To this day, Ween continues to be one of the bands that exists on their own level- comparisons can be made, but the usually all fall short. The band defies genre simply because they embrace all genres and willfully craft outside any prescribed boundaries. This concept didn’t begin for the band on The Mollusk, but it was where this concept was brought to maturity and magnificence.* - [punknews.org](https://www.punknews.org/review/15158/ween-the-mollusk)