Sailfish OS (Jolla)

The premium mobile Linux OS creators Jolla: Sailfish X License Discount. …

SailfishOS Rokua (version has been released to all users with officially supported devices. During the Early Access testing period, Jolla fixed the fingerprint sensor on all XA2 devices, audio playback with browser and the plain-text passwords of NextCloud. Some GUI texts were added as we…


In this video Leszek Lesner tells you how to enable the Low Power Mode (LPM) / Glance screen on SailfishOS which offers you an always on display solution. …

Jolla for MediaTek devices?

Hello there! I have a Umidigi device (s3 pro) is there any port available?..

Sailfish X for Sony Xperia 10 now available

Jolla announced the availability of Sailfish X for Sony Xperia 10. They also introduce a campaign giving all existing Sailfish customers a nice offer on the Sailfish X licence for Xperia 10, and for other devices…

Sailfish OS (Jolla)

    A premium mobile Linux operating system from Jolla. Sailfish OS is a continuation of legendary MeeGo (of Nokia fame).

    Sailfish OS is an alternative for mainstream offerings for a stable and secure daily driver in smartphones. Many Sony Xperia devices +much more supported now!

    SailfishOS or SOS for short.

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