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How do I export from Piped to RSS?

I’m using LibreTube and it’s very nice. From the instance I can export to RSS?

Thanks! And how do I import YT subscriptions to Piped or RSS reader?

Import subscriptions from YT

Hi guys! I’ve just imported my subscriptions from YouTube and have a big doubt. In the news tab I only have the news from the sub’s I’ve made in NewPipe. How can I see the news from my subscriptions?..

As a new and twisted way, I would say Delta Chat

Didn’t make it to work…I’m in Venera Social. How do I tag the community?

I used it a couple times and it was sluggish

Friendica for Android: apps?

Want to give a new chance to friendica, but always failed to reach a good app to use it… Which one you recommend?..

Can publish to lemmy from friensdica?

Don t remember the pixelfed I used. Think it was pixfed or something like that. Pleroma was hatthieves

Well…my journey in the fediverse was different…

Began in an instance of Pleroma from one day to another (although for me Pleroma is the most decentralized platform of fediverse). And even used a lot an instance of pixelfed that enter to maintainable state, and then closed…and now I’m on the main. Even the owners of the pleroma instance I was on, told me, “learn to go to the biggest instances that probably would last much longer”

JTube por Youtube trough Invidious

Well…there are active developers for Symbian and YouTube it’s a part. JTube was created to have the possibility of see YT trough and Invidious instance. Works even on S40 devices…

removed by mod

Recently a developer take out a QT version of telegram for Symbian that promise: Kutegram. It’s in alpha stage but works!..

A group to collect apps

Well, I’ve just opened a group for symbian apps. You can join if you want, I’m using an alternative messaging app like Delta Chat. Anyone?..

I’ve just made the last update of F Droid, and it isn’t working right. On 1080 and 720p it just stop constantly, even on 360 the video stops. Go to YT and can reproduce in high quality. Anyone?..


According privacy...

Which option can be the best to browse in Android (between these options) …

Made it

I was so anxious to test Gemini. Finally made it, through a server of a friend, this is “El espacio Haro” (in Spanish) …


Anyone have ever hear about this open source social media? Pjuu! According what I’ve read is from England …


Matrix and XMPP

You know if there’s any bridge between them?..


Well, I’m between buy a Nokia N8 or a N9, both in good condition. I already have an 808 as you know, so, what to do? #Nokia #N8 #N9 #Symbian #Meego…

Movim port

Hi guys, I’m trying to use the Telegram transport of Movim in XMPP app of Symbian. I need the number of port to finish the start. Anyone know what is the port of mov.im?..

Symbian and the fediverse

Hello there! Being a user of Symbian in this 2021 can it be all good. But, getting use to it, I began to search the possibilities of enter to the fediverse through my Nokia 808. The results? …

Lemmy and Symbian

I know, I know. What am I doing with an 808 PV in 2021? Detox? Nope. Trying to use it as my main phone. And meanwhile I’m pretty much capable to use pleroma or mastodon trough web clients, this isn’t the case with Lemmy. We have quite a few browsers in the market, most known are Opera, Opera Mini an…

Lemmy and 808

Well, in the stock browser doesn’t load because certificates. In Opera Mini loads, but doesn’t login. Truth be told you see it very chunky. And in Opera doesn’t load either… So…sad, truth be told…


Hi guys! Anyone can help me to find servers that have transports in it? Most precisely about Telegram? Is for old Nokia phones…

You can access to both of them through Brutaldon, using Opera Mini. Even you can upload pictures. Tried with 808…

A new picture taken with the 808…