Symbian and Meego
How can I transfer files from my computer to a n8 phone?

How can I transfer files from my computer to my nokia n8? I have a mac and I want to get some music on my n8 as well as flashing delight on there at some point but I am unsure how and what connector I need…

Is the Nokia X6 good for modding?

Is the Nokia X6 good for modding?..

Matrix and XMPP

You know if there’s any bridge between them?..


Well, I’m between buy a Nokia N8 or a N9, both in good condition. I already have an 808 as you know, so, what to do? #Nokia #N8 #N9 #Symbian #Meego…


Lemmy and 808

Well, in the stock browser doesn’t load because certificates. In Opera Mini loads, but doesn’t login. Truth be told you see it very chunky. And in Opera doesn’t load either… So…sad, truth be told…


You can access to both of them through Brutaldon, using Opera Mini. Even you can upload pictures. Tried with 808…


What is the best most modern phone running Symbian?

I want to try out Symbian but I am not sure what phone to buy to try it out. I want something cheap but works…

What You look

A new picture taken with the 808…

What You look

Photo with 808

A weird butterfly effect with my 808…


A new beggining

A place to be. A place to consult. A place to help …

Symbian and Meego

    A community to talk about those glorious days of Nokia, Symbian and Meego. A placer to help too. Spanish and english

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