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Yeah they aren’t the most trustworthy company when it comes to privacy.

Mastodon hasn’t had mainstream success and is mainly people used by open source tech enthusiasts and people care about their privacy.

Hell its even known to use mastodon code illegally.

Truth Social’s code is open source. It uses elements of Mastodon and Soapbox.

Are you planning on playing new, graphics-heavy games on Windows? Using CAD software? Rendering movie-length videos in HD? Compiling browsers from source? If it isn’t one or more of these, the build is probably overkill.

I am playing to make some HD videos (not movie length though). Also, I might end up compiling some browsers from source (I am interesting in developing a web browser).

No I don’t think so. It reaching that internally is quite rare, but many people use their Switch in portable mode.

Okay but how do you feel I could improve it then?

Wow finally! Well I am not even on there anymore but I guess this new update is good for creators.

Yeah I am switching to Linux soon. First, I need to build my own PC though

Yeah you bought one made 2 months before they stopped making phones:

Yes I use deodorant

Delta Chat is really cool. I love how it takes the universal standard of email and allows you to use it for short form messages. Although, I haven’t really used Delta recently.

Although, LG stopped making phones so you will have to buy a used one.