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I guess some people really want sealed original iphones.

Just like Twitter Blue I don’t think this will work.

Seems that we will have to wait for more details about the attack.

Bad news for Amazon corporate employees.

The LBRY Foundation Creator of The Week this week is a creator who focuses their content on web development and makes content to help inspire budding web developers.

I am sure many people will be excited by this new Civilization game

A made a review of the three mobile network here in the UK and gave some of my thoughts on the network's coverage, customer service, benefits and pricing.

Nice to hear another German state is trying open source software.

Nice feature from signal

Now every conversation about Siri will trigger it.

It appears Google might be finally making all their Hangouts users switch to Google Chat.

Yeah they aren’t the most trustworthy company when it comes to privacy.

Mastodon hasn’t had mainstream success and is mainly people used by open source tech enthusiasts and people care about their privacy.

Hell its even known to use mastodon code illegally.

Truth Social’s code is open source. It uses elements of Mastodon and Soapbox.

Are you planning on playing new, graphics-heavy games on Windows? Using CAD software? Rendering movie-length videos in HD? Compiling browsers from source? If it isn’t one or more of these, the build is probably overkill.

I am playing to make some HD videos (not movie length though). Also, I might end up compiling some browsers from source (I am interesting in developing a web browser).

No I don’t think so. It reaching that internally is quite rare, but many people use their Switch in portable mode.

Okay but how do you feel I could improve it then?

Wow finally! Well I am not even on there anymore but I guess this new update is good for creators.

Yeah I am switching to Linux soon. First, I need to build my own PC though

Yeah you bought one made 2 months before they stopped making phones:

Yes I use deodorant

Delta Chat is really cool. I love how it takes the universal standard of email and allows you to use it for short form messages. Although, I haven’t really used Delta recently.

Although, LG stopped making phones so you will have to buy a used one.

Matrix does have some metadata problems (not hating on Matrix though)

Cool although I haven’t been on Matrix in a while. I am probably going to start using it more soon though.

I don’t think that many people will

Yeah bromite is also a good browser option on mobile but it is based on Chromium

Yep it is crazy how much control they have over what apps are on iOS

Yep, Fennec on Android is great (I use it) and on desktop I use Librewolf.

I did forget to mention that Brave are now doing Brave search so that could be interesting to see where that goes.

Bing often removes websites from their index but this does seem very weird. I don’t know why Bing would remove a privacy blog from their search results but this also shows how so many search engines are dependent on Bing or Google for results. The only search engine which isn’t dependent on Bing or Google right now seems to be Mojeek and Metager (Searx is just a meta-search engine). Mojeek is probably the most promising but right now it’s results aren’t the best but the results have been getting better. But I do wish that DuckDuckGo indexed search results themselves so they don’t have to deal with Microsoft’s decisions (also being reliant on big tech to start with isn’t a good thing for a independent privacy-focused search engine.