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It makes total sense the NSA/CIA will not give up one ounce of security for anything and will not screw up their opsec for no reason

I’ll be a bit sad to see one of my favourite extensions go but it has served its time and purpose and honestly the EFF could be developing all sorts of cooler browser extensions to further the privacy cause. I am guessing when it comes to Tor the EFF will support with https everywhere until ESR gets https only mode but until then I guess it will still be there.

Yeah this framework laptop looks really cool and takes right to repair to the next level I think which is great. Hopefully people buy it but by the past of modular laptops and phones I am not sure it will catch on with the general public and will remain a geeky product used by tech enthusiasts not the general population who might be worried about breaking their laptop by assembling it and the bare bones kit will not catch on for sure with the general public because most people don’t have the time nor care to assembly a laptop from parts and many would run scaryed of just the thought of it but at least with this laptop it uses pretty standard laptop parts that you can get off the shelf I gather which means if framework does go bankrupt at least you might still be able to still repair the product for the most part or get a repair shop to do it for you

Don’t do it it makes you stand out and ruins your opsec just use noscript

OTF is no longer run by Radio Free Asia

Yes but it is because here is a safe space where you can share your ideas no matter what they are

Yeah this new feature looks ripe for abuse

deleted by creator

Never knew this before I didn’t know they were funded by Radio Free Asia

Ok yeah so I can now connect it to my mac but how can I actually flash Delight

Rotten Tomatoes is cool

Pretty scary how AI is getting better at deception …

How can I transfer files from my computer to a n8 phone?

How can I transfer files from my computer to my nokia n8? I have a mac and I want to get some music on my n8 as well as flashing delight on there at some point but I am unsure how and what connector I need…

They are a pretty cool domain seller

Yeah Signal is good and I use Session as well. Deleted Whatsapp earlier this year.

Ok cool Ubuntu is good for simpicity

Just shows how unreliable Google can be to review ads and stop scams. They let this stuff through all the time!