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Wow finally! Well I am not even on there anymore but I guess this new update is good for creators.

Yeah I am switching to Linux soon. First, I need to build my own PC though

Yes I use deodorant

I personally love the idea of android app support on desktop OSes

Delta Chat is really cool. I love how it takes the universal standard of email and allows you to use it for short form messages. Although, I haven’t really used Delta recently.

Although, LG stopped making phones so you will have to buy a used one.

Matrix does have some metadata problems (not hating on Matrix though)

Cool although I haven’t been on Matrix in a while. I am probably going to start using it more soon though.

Great to see Clippy in Halo 🤣…

I don’t think that many people will

Yeah bromite is also a good browser option on mobile but it is based on Chromium

Yep it is crazy how much control they have over what apps are on iOS

Yep, Fennec on Android is great (I use it) and on desktop I use Librewolf.

Cool to see that Apple maybe forced to allow third party browser engines on iOS…

I did forget to mention that Brave are now doing Brave search so that could be interesting to see where that goes.

Opinion: This seems a lot like when a iPhone 4 prototype was left at a bar by an Apple employee…

Opinion: I think Google will probably launch this new pixel watch at Google I/O next month…

Opinion: Cool to see Twitter become more open to independent developers making third party clients and things to enhance the Twitter experience…