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Nice to see some helpful updates to onlyoffice :) and it is also cool to see that you can now connect kDrive…

The EU Wants Its Own DNS Resolver that Can Block 'Unlawful' Traffic * TorrentFreak

This sounds like a horrible idea. Personally I think people can configure their own dns servers and don’t need this new DNS resolver just to scan all their activity. …

GNOME 42 Desktop Environment Is Now Available for Public Testing - 9to5Linux

Cool to see a new version of Gnome in the works! Although the updates don’t seem too big…

The Xbox Series X is available at Best Buy right now

Maybe time to hit that buy button if you want a series x…

Going to start posting here again

Sorry for not posting at all I am back!..

Doesn’t seem to be a good time to be a facebook user (glad I use none of their apps)…

Twitter Tones Down New Buttons After Compliants About Eye Strain, Crypto Hacks And More Tech News


Xiaomi teases arrival of the Redmi 10, confirms key specs and colors:…

Pretty scary how AI is getting better at deception …

Facebook probably still store the old messages though…

Cool to see under display camera tech progress…

What is this?

A new place to discuss Tech News


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Who runs this lemmy community?

Me! Sandro Linux a youtuber who does tech news videos as well as other tech videos

Will any of these articles be used in your show?

If they are good yes :)

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