Tech News

Pretty scary how AI is getting better at deception …

I think the new logo does not look as good as the old one. It looks over simplified…

The Nord 2 looks cool and the event was very wild!..

I think the downvote feature won’t be a good thing but hey who cares mastodon is much better anyway…

Never tried Clapper but it looks really cool and very elegant…

Interesting seeing Xiaomi become bigger while Huawei suffers from US sanctions. I think the US should lift Huawei’s sanctions but hey …

What is this?

A new place to discuss Tech News


  1. No NSFW content
  2. No conspiracy theory articles
  3. No politics unless it involves tech
  4. Don’t be mean!
  5. Nothing illegal can be posted here because it’s illegal!

Who runs this lemmy community?

Me! Sandro Linux a youtuber who does tech news videos as well as other tech videos

Will any of these articles be used in your show?

If they are good yes :)

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