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Working on a short sci-fi animation with robots. Finished Part II. …



it’s old, but I have it up on my fridge because every time I see it I smile. …


Is using paths to draw curves while inking in Krita cheating?

I have gotten hold of a cheap drawing tablet and having a lot of fun with it. I only have experience with gesture sketching with pencil on paper but wanted to try inking and colouring too. …

I had trouble mixing paints to match colours in my reference photos so I wrote myself a computer program to help. I can load a photo of my paints to tell it what I have available and photos of my mixes so it can tell me how far off I am and what to add next. …

The main page has an example of a concept artist using it for character design; I’ve also seen some really cool landscapes while playing around with it, so that’d be fun to paint as well…

I haven’t used it yet but I’m so sick of eyedropping photos in Procreate that I’m really excited to try it! …


Incredibly thorough paint pigment reference

Centers on watercolor but the pigments referred to are the same in oil, acrylic, etc. …

Visual artists' community

    Please be sure to source and credit any resources shared that you didn’t make yourself (on top of the usual copyright concerns).

    A community for people making digital and traditional visual art; illustration is welcome, graphic design probably case-by-case.

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