The clumsiness of the redesign aside, I’ve noticed that the experience on mobile is getting progressively worse as time goes on.

Now it’s almost impossible to browse reddit on mobile via browser, as you’re almost always get hit with the “see this community in app” or “log in to view this community”.

I use Slide or Narwhal as my reddit clients on mobile, and while this might be subjective, I’ve noticed how the experience has gotten progressively worse over time: gifs/videos take longer to load or don’t load at all, notifications either don’t arrive or arrive with great delays and a lot of other quality of life worsenings.

Part of this is probably due to the nature of third party apps and reddit’s api etc etc, but I get the unshakeable feeling that reddit is trying to close down it’s ecosystem, a la “death by a thousand cuts”.

Has anyone else noticed something similar or is it just me?

I also have noticed that. They are making their web browser for mobile experience worse and worse in hopes that you will succumb and install their app. That way they can better track you and serve up adds/sell the data they collect on you.


Its definitely a possibility that they’ll shut down or heavily restrict 3rd party mobile clients in order to funnel people toward their official ad-ridden app, just like twitter did.

That’s a shame, as many others I already use a third party client (slide in my case), because the website is heavier than a whale.
There are still interesting subreddits that are not political or full of bad people, usually DIY is one of them, selfhosted follows in tow (even though it’s becoming progressively worse).

I hope they’ll at least leave the rss feed working, it might be the last step before being forced to use their new app/website.


I find the UI redesign is completely unusable. If they ever get rid of the old UI, I don’t think I’ll be going there anymore.


Obligatory Old Reddit Redirect plugin link. Yeah, reddit has been going down the shitter for a while now and it gets closer to the drain with each rotatioin. I got the “see this community in app” message for the first time just last week. What baffles me is that if you enable desktop mode, it loads up just fine. What the hell are they doing over there?

Out of curiosity (I don’t know how many people know this): have you tried rewriting the domain from to with https redirect?


I have not, mainly because I don’t know what https redirect is outside of configuring web servers. Can you give me a quick rundown?

Well, it turns out I wrote redirect, instead of everywhere.
I meant the popular browser plugin, but I fell victim to my usual distraction.

That plugin has a not-so-advertised section in its settings where allows users to specify custom url rewrites.
When you are on a webpage you want to redirect elsewhere, click on the plugin icon.
Click on “See more” to extend the dropdown menu.
You should see a button that says “Add a rule for this site”.
Instead of stopping to that, press the “Show advanced” button to expand another subsection.
There, you can use regex to define a matching pattern, and the correspondent redirect url.

This only rewrites the domain though, not the url parameters.


Neat, thanks! I’ll try it out later.

Not only that, I’m starting to see less and less pages accessible with the old interface.
I don’t remember which one, but recently I opened a subreddit and it said it didn’t exist, only to discover that if I enter through the new interface, it indeed exists.


Yes. I deleted the app last year and only occasionally visit on mobile in private mode with a content blocker. I’ve found setting my vpn to an eu country helps avoid some of the app marketing interference. For example if I go to r/privacy from japan it blocks it ‘this community is available in the app’, while if I go from germany if lets me in. It still stinks as a ux though.

Reddit is as unusable as you said. I just gave up on Reddit entirely and opt to use alternative community like Fediverse, Matrix chat, and so forth.


For this reason, I have been looking for a good reddit alternative since 2017, if not earlier. Despite not being aligned with any political camp, I was first on the alt-right instance (voat), and now, on this “antifa website”.

I believe that the future for likes of me is on p2p software - but they are not mature enough at this time.


Reddit doesn’t allow the mobile use to load more comments in a post without an account. Reddit is just porn and gore.


This is exactly why I deactivated my Reddit account. Was pleased to discover there was a federated Reddit replacement yesterday, and I made an account on here immediately.


I just got here because of the lemmy icon, but being fediverse is pretty good.


I’m glad you like it :D

It joined the ranks of the annoying UX platforms. For me the first of these was Twitter. I use to think it’s because I’m getting old and out of touch.

My question is why are platforms doing this anti-design thing. I figure they aren’t designing for “user as a human” anymore but for “user as a product” reasons.


one way to look at it is that ad buyers are the customer and users work for the platform as contractors, getting paid in kind with the use of the platform. the employers are catering to their customers who demand richer data from the app and contractors are being forced to endure lower workplace standards with an idea they can accept it or go find somewhere else to work. hopefully federation can be a challenge to this model.


What I see mostly when someone shares a reddit link to me is that the old reddit interface has better response than the new one which is slooooow and heavyyyy.





I don’t use the redesign, and on mobile I use narwhal


There is a danger that they will, like twitter, further restrict and possibly even make 3rd party clients defunct. Reddit is unusable on mobile without 3rd party clients IMO too, so that would be pretty terrible.


On my side even the mobile app is becoming unusable, I’m sometimes waiting like 5 to 10 seconds to see the post (with comments) appear.

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