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Probably XDot, it have been around for a long time and still being in use for development and documentation.

It raises question on how as a society is supposed to address this problem systematically with discrimination and unjust firing. We can’t exactly have a jury for every single firing case though that would be nice, but we can’t exactly be ok with the current status quos where employers are just as exploitative as a slave owner now with this tool.

After watching this video on Worker Co-op. This led me to thinking about how corporation should no longer be privately owned or be publicly traded, but instead must be owned by the worker co-op at that scale, no exception. (We’ll still have publicly traded small businesses and privately owned one as well, just not for medium-large business scale, because that s*** affect too many people.) Worker co-op would more likely vote for amendable managers and bosses to manage the company rather than being solely driven by profit for the shareholders and would more than likely to have inertia for given local economy so it wouldn’t throw everyone in that local economy into poverty while looking for someone to do the work for less wage.

Just a lot of bitter memory of discrimination about that one person in particular. I corrected the post to have it more gender neutral.

That is probably the most idiotic thing to come up with from Microsoft, surpassing even Windows ME.

This is exactly what I predicted in the first place that prompt me to start my own company.

Imagine one day, you have a crappy office provided computer crashed and your productivity score goes down without any fault of your own and then you get sequentially fired for “low performance review.” This is just more ammo for Manager to fire somebody he/she disliked even if the guy under that manager is cool with you having that job.

I’ll guarantee you one thing, this tool will be systematically be used against people with disability, end of discussion.

Basically problem continues until people learn to use open source protocol/software like Matrix and Jitsi or Element…

Basically youtube with ublock origins which seems to work on blocking all of the ads so far.

Definitely, there is a real possibility of it replacing other commercial modeling software.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a challenge to find like-mind people sometime.

Stellaris and Factorio, I hate playing with other people, so I just opt to play long strategic game solo. For the most parts, I have play game much less than what I used to and I just hate modern games nowaday that I just rather read books as a hobby.

It would make sense if someone create a separate Lemmy server that mirror Reddit and people can federate with it optionally and filter the content where applicable.

Definitely interested in seeing what are the implication for performance impact when using this:

Link to paper

It reminds me a lot about Homomorphic Encryption.

To get an idea on how one may be implemented, there is an old candidate code from 6 years ago.

It can be a good idea on the safety basis, but in context of micro-controller it can also be a bad idea, because Rust can hide quite a lot of things behind the scene for source code to machine code, so C is ideal in that context, because it hide nothing from you despise the lack of safety constraints.

I don’t think there would be a major and immediate shift to Rust for 3 main reasons:

  1. Not everyone like the syntax of Rust
  2. Legacy Software Development, they still have to use vendor provided software and sometime it’s closed source compiler especially for Microcontrollers
  3. Familiarity, when picking the language and toolkit, you have to have entire team agree to it otherwise you risk fracturing the team and loss of productivity

It helps to give people more reasons since we still have to contend with people who doesn’t care about privacy or why posting on TikTok is a bad idea.

It should be plenty enough reasons not to buy Apple’s product when it’s difficult or impossible to get it fixed by them. Right to Repair ring any bell? No?

List of Cases

Apple refuse to fix my $5000 Macbook Pro

Apple Bar Genius Bar broke my $5000 iMac Pro

Apple refuse to Fix Our iMac Pro

Apple under fire for controversial business practices

Apple users have no one to blame, but themselves

Let’s compare specs and prices

Macbook Pro at $6499.99 + $379 Support for 3 yr (Note: You have to go into their Apple Shop for repair and support!)

Let’s try other providers for same spec

Alienware $5363 vs $6,883.00

Alienware Pro that beat Apple Macbook Pro:

  1. More CPU Cores, bigger cache and higher base-speed (10-Core, 20MB Cache, 3.7GHz to 5.3GHz w/Thermal Velocity Boost)

  2. Higher RAM Bandwidth at 2933 MHZ vs Apple’s 2666 mhz

  3. Better GPU with Nvidia 2080 RTX

  4. 4 Years Premium Support Plus, meaning they will go to your house and fix your laptop after remote diagnosis, you don’t have to go to them. Good luck getting Apple to do that.

  5. Parts are more than likely to be replaceable unlike Macbook Pro

  6. Software Compatibility, you can install Windows or Linux on the laptop (Or both!) so you would be able to access almost any software you need on it.

  7. Lower cost

The Cons:

  1. Less Storage on Laptop, 4 TB vs 8 TB (You can swap in 2x 4 TB NVMe when price drop in all eventuality, so… shrug )

  2. Lower display resolution at 2k, but you get this: 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) 360Hz 5ms 300-nits 100% sRGB color + Tobii Eyetracking + NVIDIA G-SYNC

Seriously, shop around, Apple is more of a scam. You get better support from Dell and HP than them.

Not ideal, because you’re basically trading like 20 to 40 years of energy for potentially 10,000+ years of radioactive waste that we have to store somewhere. Situationally, I guess it make sense if we opt to use nuclear energy as a band-aid for current global warming problem to buy us time to develop Nuclear Fusion energy as a real permanent solution. The biggest problem is that you have to think about the energy loss over energy transfer in a long distance when it come to green energy, so we need nuclear fusion pretty soon if we want to get off fossil fuel.

Because public official should be held to a higher standard. It’s like screaming fire in the threatre room and end up killing a few people as they panic for an exit, they should be held responsible for it.

If for an example, Trump declared that he is firing nuclear bombs at California and Hawaii on Twitter and on Smartphone Presidential Alert, you’ll have potentially the same scenario like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4tLngM0i6A Even if it’s a prank or in jest by public official, they are still responsible for the shit they do and say, laws or no laws.

Choreography basically and a lot of planning ahead of time. If you watch Russian Ark, you’ll notice that it is a movie done in a single take for the whole 87 minutes, they planned and practiced a lot ahead of time.

If for an example, you’re doing a presentation, it really boil down to practicing it over and over until you get it down perfectly and it looks fluid to the audience.

As for Live-streams, I would probably script the session ahead of time and practice a few times to make sure it looks good. (I have to leave it as it is, ambiguous, because you’re pretty ambiguous on what context you’re live-streaming on.)

Here hoping we get rid of corporate platforms in favor of Federated Platforms in the future.