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Trademark, the onus is on the business owner to litigate to protect their trademark status of their property otherwise they can lose it.

Do you have any pawn store nearby? Auction? I’d start looking for local community around if I were you, if nothing else, maybe print some flyers and post them up in the neighborhood and to have people contact you on certain email. (Make a new email account, don’t use your main email, because you never know if it’s going to get spammed to hell.) Also don’t bring cash to the meet up with stranger, just check them out first and if they’re legit, you can use paypal to transfer money to them once the transaction is decided.

If that option is out, then your options are pretty limited, one of them being that you need to leave your country temporarily to obtain the PlayStation from another country and I don’t know how importation works in your country, so it might be an issue.

Good luck convincing people that it’s End to End Encrypted when it’s not open source.

Well it disrupted my other IDE tools and other stuff, and caused various issues to arise when running start up applications… sooo maybe that environment is specific to me, but… say what you will.

You realize that this post is about 5 months old, right?

Also I’m not sure if this is fixed yet on NixOS, but anyway, the issue is that if you were to try and run clang test.c it would error out and you have to set up custom nix script to set up an environment to load clang compiler provided libraries, headers, and other dependencies to build your application. That is a degradation on the quality of life for developers. On Arch Linux, I basically run pacman -S clang && clang test.c and that’d be it, no further configuration required.

At the very minimum, I don’t want to use GCC as the default, I use Clang/LLVM all the time.

Well, incitement for violence shouldn’t be tolerated on ANY platforms and the timing in that circumstances is actually necessary under the “Clear and present danger” doctrine. So by that standard, this is NOT a violation of Freedom of Speech, because this sort of speech is never a protected speech to begin with. I would at least expect ALL platform to outright ban/censor credible threat of terrorism/sedition on their respective platform. On January 6, Amazon have seen that the threat became very credible and that immediate action was required which satisfied the “Clear and present danger” doctrine right there and then.

Look, at this point, the censorship is not to a degree that we can’t discuss our agreement/disagreement over specific or certain laws, but rather the censorship are being applied on incitement for violence, that is a wholly different subject altogether and you keep getting mixed up with the two.

You CAN say something like “I think we should stop funding Social Security, because X, Y, Z.” on various platforms without censorship and talk about conservative aligned POV on particular issues/challenges, those aren’t being censored. Inciting for violence will get you censored.

I recommend you to read this case, they had their chance to explain their side on it and Amazon have already done their due diligence, they are free to take it up to trial, but they clearly know that they are in the wrong:

In recent months, Parler’s popularity has grown rapidly, and around the time of the 2020 presidential election, according to Parler, millions of users were abandoning Twitter and migrating to the Parler platform. See Compl., ¶ 17. During this same time period, AWS claims that it received reports that Parler was failing to moderate posts that encouraged and incited violence, in violation of the terms of the CSA and AWS’s Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”). Exec. 2 Decl., ¶ 4; Ex. C (AUP). The AUP proscribes, among other things, “illegal, harmful, or offensive” use or content, defined as content “that is defamatory, obscene, abusive, invasive of privacy, or otherwise objectionable.” AUP at 1. AWS claims that in recent weeks, it repeatedly communicated with Parler its concerns about third-party content that violated the terms of the CSA and AUP, and that Parler failed to respond to those concerns in a timely or adequate manner. Id., ¶ 5.

Source: https://beta.documentcloud.org/documents/20461466-rothstein_order

Also I will have to disagree on allowing a platform for such speeches that people use for incitement of violence, assassination, murder, terrorism, promoting fascism and so forth. There are a number of exceptions to the Freedom of Speech and Incitement is one of them.

TL;DR: Parler can go and get fucked.

Even that is a bit iffy, because if aliens are sufficient intelligent and efficient then it possible that there are minimal to no pollution.

Christ… I was working with partner on tradings crypto and my partner was asking why he can’t find Element/Matrix today… so this is why… FFS

We can agree to remove the pardon power at the very least though.

Yeah, especially when it’s 5, 10 or 20 mb upload limit that Email have and on Matrix/Element we got 100 mb upload limit. (Not sure why Element client side doesn’t support more than 100 MB, hope they get around to addressing it so I can enable 1 gb upload.)

Thank you for letting me know about it, I’m thinking of cutting out Protonmail for business email. In fact, considering cutting out Email as a protocol in general in favor of Matrix/Element. I don’t really need them anymore.

Well, it would depends a lot on how much of an inconvenience to use the public internet if Great Firewall of USA is made and people then look for an alternative in droves. Let’s say hypothetically, the Internet usage become extremely politicized to a point that literally anything you say can make you liable like giving a bad advice, outright ban on political discussion (I’m not seeing this yet since the discussions that are banned are the one that is inciting violence but this is one of the worry people have), de-anonymizing people such as YouTube forcing people to use real name on their website or an outright ban on vices that people enjoy.

It’s probably unrealistic today, but we can observe where the trends are heading and can speculate where we might end up using to work around that negative future. Hence why I said to take my comment with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, your options are very limited, not exactly a commonplace for something that offer an infrastructure to withstand DDOS attacks which is what Cloudflare is known for.

The real answer? The Public Internet is a broken model conceptually for security/privacy scope, we’re JUST starting to realize that there will be a threshold that pushed our internet infrastructure to the limit on just supporting the Internet as it is, but it is getting wrecked with more and more electronics getting attached to it especially with Internet of Things with increasing demand for more bandwidth. And that isn’t even covering the scenario where censorship will become rampant in coming years. The best approach to go about solving the Internet is to turn it into a friend to friend networking AKA Meshnet.


  1. DDOS doesn’t scale well on Meshnet, you will likely get depeered if you’re complicit in contributing DDOS attacks. Also the current implementation of CJDNS only works on Linux, so I imagine it helps on security prospect.
  2. Segregation of Networks, it can segregate bad services into it’s own network and you can filter out bad network which would affect advertising, bot doing the scanning, and so forth. It’s a place where no bad actors can truly thrive, because they get limited by both bandwidth and access to the other meshnet hubs.
  3. You can use the cloud server to set up a “Router” server for meshnet since meshnet like CJDNS is encrypted end to end and it’s even better if you set up multiple “Router” servers under different vendors internationally.
  4. Easy to set up and configure on the go, you can spin it up and then add new peer on the fly with CLI.
  5. Meshnet can work across both Network Device and Over the Internet, you can use both at the same time.


  1. Barrier of Entry, it doesn’t do well when we’re dealing with your average users who can only open web browser and email.
  2. People generally aren’t coordinated or willing to participate such network yet which is why we see very little adoption.
  3. Require a little bit of networking knowledge such as how to connect to IPv6 and how to find other peers/nodes for finding websites and other stuff…
  4. A search engine for CJDNS meshnet would be necessary.

That the gist of where I’m seeing the Internet is heading toward, so take it as a grain of salt. People are trying to abandon corporate platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth, so naturally at some points, they’ll look into meshnet.

To be honest… if they’re still using Facebook in 2021, they deserve whatever coming to them… There is literal decade of warnings that they have to willfully ignore…

I wrote something similar to that with ASP.Net Core with the help of HTMLHelper feature which allows me to add in a template code into the website, the HTMLHelper would implicitly include the controller implementation if it isn’t already included in ASP.Net routing dispatch.

To be fair, you can do everything PHP does in just about any other programming language even in C, but the question is, do you actually want to? That’s for you to decide. Every language have their own paradigm and concepts for how a project should be implemented.

Yeah, this way the troll instances can create all of the instances they want, but they can’t just butt themselves into a whitelist only federated network.

It’s probably easier to go about it the other way around, rather than finding a list to block, why not make a list to whitelist? This way, you can shop around for instances that have solid policy and moderation practices and just whitelist those, if you regularly curate the list, you can get some pretty solid networking effect going.

Pretty much, some of the instances are whitelist only, so they block all instances and the administrator/users shop around for other instances to whitelist and contact the said instances to whitelist them also.

CJDNS - Alternative Internet As a Last Resort

Some of you may already have known about this project, the CJDNS project. …