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I love Lemmy! My biggest gripe is how heavily dependant of JavaScript is. But that’s it. I love everything else about it :)

7 years already? Seems like 2 years for me, lol.

3D modelling car pieces and a bit of webdev (it’s not a big company, heh).

I always use Arc-Dark with Numix Circle icons :)

I love seeing other people’s prints, but I don’t own a printer. I especially like seeing interesting and unusual prints and/or functional prints, and not just some bust sculptures.

We are missing Pinterest :grinning face with sweat:

In Argentina not really. If it happens, it’s mostly an excuse for adults to go to a costume party but not much more than that. There has been a “push” from ESL teachers to celebrate it in their classes, but I haven’t seen anything else. Kids don’t go around asking for candy to other houses and I don’t see it happening ever, tbh.

This is seriously amazing! I’d love to see this becoming commonplace.

Fantastic release! Kudos to everyone involved! :clapping hands: :party popper:

I never mentioned AP specifically ;)

But, the thing is, thanks to these protocols (AP, matrix, XMPP) it is possible to talk between these services, in some cases through some hoops. For example: diaspora can only speak diaspora’s protocol, but Friendica and Socialhome can speak both diaspora’s and AP’s, so I’d say diaspora is part of the Fediverse. I’m not aware of any specific case, but I believe there are bridges and multiprotocol services that allow communication between all these services mentioned above.

If they are able to speak the same protocol in some way with the rest of the fediverse, I’d say they would be part of the Fediverse too.

Mostly when there’s national day or our soccer team plays something important. :grinning face with sweat:

It’s easier to get up from a bed with bed frame than from a mattress on the floor. Also, easier to make the bed (specially if you have back or knee problems). I’m all for mattresses on the floor, but it’s not that we ended up using bed frames because of some conspiracy really. And like others said: humidity/sweat plays a role. And if by some accident your room gets water in, your bed won’t be completely soaked.

Thanks a lot! When opening your mail account in another client, is it too annoying having many unreadable conversations in there? I mean, doesn’t it give you a very “poluted” inbox?

Usually my go-to is Airplane!.

Delta.chat sounds suuuper interesting. Has anyone here tried it? How real-time is it? I don’t know enough, but I thought email was slow for stuff like chats.

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