Crazy Stupid Love is hilarious.


Office Space for me


“Life of Brian” hands down, nothing even comes close except a couple of other Monty Python movies


Monty Python’s The meaning of life and Life of Brian very close for me.

Also, Azcona - Spanish scriptwriter - ones, as “La escopeta nacional” or “El pisito” plus Billy Wilder as Some like it hot, plus Chaplin, as The great dictator plus Lubitsch as To be or not to be plus Trueba as “La niña de tus ojos” plus Fesser as “El milagro ded P tinto” and Segura as Torrente (1) he had to write more when the character was not thought for a saga.

And sorry some I sure forget that made me laught.


I’m going to go with Scott Pilgrim vs The World.


YES, I’ve watched this several times for the comedy and good feels.


Me too! I am especially fond of the scene with Crash and the Boys. And the easter eggs. So many easter eggs. They make re-watching the movie (all of E. Wright’s movies, come to think of it) so much fun.

I’m going to have to give you a three-part answer: Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, Office Space, and Idiocracy.

Not a movie, but a Futurama binge is my go-to when I need humor.

Usually my go-to is Airplane!.


my first thought is Two Weeks Notice


The kid in me still loves Billy Madison. But I recently rewatched Liar Liar and it really holds up.


Tucker & Dale vs Evil Comedy/Horror


I will not remember, but recently I watched World’s End and it’s pretty funny.

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