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It came out in 2002. In friggin 2002.
Why the hell did they have to take it down.
I may be wrong but I don’t think it brings them any revenue anymore, that’s just out of pettyness.

That’s an hard start for a new journey in their life. Hope them all the good.

I have to use cisco webex, and while the executable is not available for linux, I can say that the web interface is equally outright awful.

The audio system doesn’t work if you don’t have a microphone (at least on firefox, if the microphone permission is denied, you don’t get to hear anything).
The video disables itself randomly for bandwidth problems, when nor me nor others are having connection hiccups and then takes its sweet time to come back up.
There is no way to set the webcam as primary “panel” and sometimes the presenter uses it to share hand-written notes. Combined with the fact that half the time the presenter is also sharing their computer screen, the cam’s vibile area is so tiny the text is unreadable.

Finally, the mute button gives a false sense of security: the host of the session can force-enable them from their side.
This feature was highlighted in an incident I escalated with my course to the privacy office at my university.
A professor activated all the microphones and there was this girl crying her eyes off while arguing with her parents. I hope she never realised what happened, she was already too much shaken to handle being humiliated publicly.

I at least managed to find a workaround for the microphone: right after the audio transmission has started, if the microphone permission is removed, the stream halts for a second, then continues without any problems. The mic comes on, but after this trick it stays off as intended and no force-enable can do anything about it.

Then I’m thinking alike.
I took him as an example because he was the one who came up first in my mind, I mean no harm.
I think he’s only trying to provide talk material to the communities he moderates, as they seem pretty quiet.

I do that often as well, it’s just the timing was a bit hilarious.

Are you telepathic? I mean, you half-answered a question I was just asking xD

In my opinion that’s an honest take on the problem.
I mean, I’ve seen people link to posts from the same blog multiple times, like the Drew Devault one’s, and the subject was used for a normal discussion, whereas there are users like Laura here that judging from the past posts never really contributed, or did so just with 2 posts that people regarded as interesting, on a total of 100 downvoted below zero.

Then there are cases like SourceCode.
He does post a lot of entries from viva64 (which I admit I do not have simpathy for) and cppcast, but he also appears to have a couple of saved posts and moderates three communities.
While those blogs are a bit spammed for me, he also appears to be an active user, not just a spambot. What take would you get in cases like these?

Thanks for confirming. I don’t like the idea of banning people if they have a real interaction with someone else, but it just seemed a bot.
At least the first articles were readable, the last ones where even behind a login-wall.

I haven’t done extensive researches on this topic, apart from opening articles from different sites and comparing the content, but I’m pretty sure up to this point anything hydrogen-derived used as fuel doesn’t scale up well when comparing production/storage/transport costs to energy output.

While, if true, the fact that this powerpaste material is a giant leap forward for secure storage and transport, I’ve seen on a couple other sites that there’s still some concern regarding production.
Does the yelded energy surpass the amount of work spent while heating and simultaneously compressing the goo?

I have another doubt as well. If the paste needs water to react and produce energy, how much water is needed?
Like, would I need a 50 liters tank in an hypotetical goo-powered car to travel a significant distance? Or is the amount of required water so small that it justifies the affirmation made on usage for drones?

I really hope we can find an alternative to classic fuels, but I would like it to be better than the actual sources, not worse, for the environment.

This is unsettingly true. It still got a chuckle out of me but damn, that’s dark.

@AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml Is this user even a person?
The only interactions he/she/it has on lemmy is spamming this site every now and then.
No comments, nor replies, nor anything else.

edit: tagging @LauraNutt@lemmy.ml as well, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone and I felt I was “bypassing” the directly intended person.

I can’t guarantee anything, but maybe in a couple of months I’ll have time to look into it.

That’s unfortunate. Would it be possible to have a nojs alternative tag?
If not, it’s ok, I can still enable javascript or use alternative ways ('till now I’ve been using my bookmarks script to append url parameters when giving me the link)

Yup, I tried switching it on and off.
No matter what, if it’s on it works like a charm, if it’s off the link becomes becomes broken again.

Wouldn’t you know, you can’t check the code of the program that checks for bugs.

Invalid identifier url for federated users and communities

Hi there rodents, admins specifically this time,

It’s a whole new step forward!

It’s bragging about something in the most unbearable way possible.
I wonder what would happen if someone used another static analyzer to find a bug in PVS studio code. Probably not a nice conversation.

Also, the onlyoffice reply seems a little bit sarcastic, even though it might not be.

Well, from a satire POV, you know, it just works.
Though, I’m curious as well. I wonder what would happen if someone played it at some gaming convention when he’s there.

Well, it seems you found a solution to our problems, though I would have liked to see something working in traditional vpns as well!

I waited for a bunch of more tech savy friends to come online and then we started thinkering.
We all had our problems at first, not because of zerotier but because of our system configs.

I, for example had to add broadcast and multicast input rules in iptables (I perfer having iptables block what is not used), then I had to add those routes to the virtual nic. The latter was more of a pain to discover, but fortunately tcpdump helped me find out when packets were travelling or not.

iptables rules to allow incoming broadcast and multicast on a specific interface

iptables -A INPUT -i <interface> -m pkttype --pkt-type broadcast -j ACCEPT
iptables -A INPUT -i <interface> -m pkttype --pkt-type multicast -j ACCEPT

routing rules

ip route add dev <interface>
ip route add dev <interface>

Some of the others had some technical difficulties with the windows network settings: the “fix” which is discussed in the zerotier knowledge base was making their zerotier nic go bonkers.
It turns out, for some unknown reason, windows was deleting the netmask after the priority was raised for the nic. They just put it back in place.

Now, since both broadcast and multicast work (tried with tcpdump and multiple games), we tried installing nitroshare to share files as initially wanted and it worked like a charm!

Friends, networks and file shenanigans, or what should I use to transfer files on request between pcs when broadcast is not an option?

Hi there rodents,
I might need your help here to find something which seems to be as rare as a diamond…

Friends, networks and file shenanigans, or what should I use to transfer files on request between pcs when broadcast is not an option?

Hi there rodents,
I might need your help here to find something which seems to be as rare as a diamond…


Cacciatori di draghi | Dragon hunters | Chasseurs de dragons

When I was a kid I happened to watch a random episode of dragon hunters and I remember falling in love with it, following every next episode with great interest. …

Last year I deleted spotify, only to realise I didn’t save all the names of the songs I listened.

Handing of requests about non-existing communities and users

Hi again rodents,
I don’t know if this was already answered; seems like it hasn’t been asked here on lemmy, but due to slow internet I can’t properly check on github right now…

What's your stance on non-english posts in international communities?

Hi rodents,
since two weeks at max I started seeing new people posting on international communities (aka communities not strictly linked to a language or nation) in other languages than english…

File encryption

Hi, I would like to encrypt some files I have on my pcs.
The intention is to encrypt backup otp codes, curriculums, purchases; personal documents in general. The content should add up to just a handful of MBs…

Torbrowser on wayland

This is just a curiosity: does anyone here run torbrowser in a wayland environment? …