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That’s unfortunate. Would it be possible to have a nojs alternative tag?
If not, it’s ok, I can still enable javascript or use alternative ways ('till now I’ve been using my bookmarks script to append url parameters when giving me the link)

Yup, I tried switching it on and off.
No matter what, if it’s on it works like a charm, if it’s off the link becomes becomes broken again.

Wouldn’t you know, you can’t check the code of the program that checks for bugs.

It’s a whole new step forward!

It’s bragging about something in the most unbearable way possible.
I wonder what would happen if someone used another static analyzer to find a bug in PVS studio code. Probably not a nice conversation.

Also, the onlyoffice reply seems a little bit sarcastic, even though it might not be.

Well, from a satire POV, you know, it just works.
Though, I’m curious as well. I wonder what would happen if someone played it at some gaming convention when he’s there.

Well, it seems you found a solution to our problems, though I would have liked to see something working in traditional vpns as well!

I waited for a bunch of more tech savy friends to come online and then we started thinkering.
We all had our problems at first, not because of zerotier but because of our system configs.

I, for example had to add broadcast and multicast input rules in iptables (I perfer having iptables block what is not used), then I had to add those routes to the virtual nic. The latter was more of a pain to discover, but fortunately tcpdump helped me find out when packets were travelling or not.

iptables rules to allow incoming broadcast and multicast on a specific interface

iptables -A INPUT -i <interface> -m pkttype --pkt-type broadcast -j ACCEPT
iptables -A INPUT -i <interface> -m pkttype --pkt-type multicast -j ACCEPT

routing rules

ip route add dev <interface>
ip route add dev <interface>

Some of the others had some technical difficulties with the windows network settings: the “fix” which is discussed in the zerotier knowledge base was making their zerotier nic go bonkers.
It turns out, for some unknown reason, windows was deleting the netmask after the priority was raised for the nic. They just put it back in place.

Now, since both broadcast and multicast work (tried with tcpdump and multiple games), we tried installing nitroshare to share files as initially wanted and it worked like a charm!

Thanks for your explanation, I was curious!

Ok, that’s good then.
What happens in the other direction? I mean, If a post with a more strict filter appears on a less filtered server.
Do the words remain censored?

Unfortunately for privacy-oriented folks, this means becoming more easily identified, whereas using solutions like aliasing systems (e.g. anonaddy) you effectively appear as different identities on each site (when only taking the email in consideration, of course).

I know it’s not easy or always possible to have both though…

However, say I write a word in instance A.

Instance A appears to be very open and accepting of the use of commonly blocked words as the n-word, for whatever reason.
Instance A is also federated with instance B, which blocks the n-word.

What happens If a post containing the n-word appears on B homepage?

If I recall correctly, in the github issue about the words filter it was said the ones blocked are replaced when accepting the post/comment, and not while retrieving it to be viewed.
This means that if no other checks happen, the n-word would pop up in B homepage without any problems, right?

Or have you already tought about it and fixed this case?

(I know B could just block A, but what if the filter is changed after they accepted to be federated together, to block a new word for example? This is the situation I’m imagining)

Thanks for your contribution but unfortunately both are not suited for our use case.

seafile requires a central server where files are stored.
I could setup seafile or even nextcloud for my friends, but then I we would be in a similar situation to when we uploaded to google drive first: even for an upload that would only be used one time, we would need to wait the upload to finish and then wait for the download. That’s double the time it would take a p2p transfer.

On the other hand, onion share is p2p, but requires tor browser to be used, which needs to be connected to the tor network, and transferring gigs of data on tor is not exactely the fastest option on the market.

Having just read it, I also recommend the manual on their site to get a more in-depth knowledge of how the system works.

zeroTier manual

I must say I was reluctant to try zeroTier because I misunderstood its ethics.
One of the point I really wanted to have for granted was self reliance and I thought it wan’t the case with zeroTier.

I was wrong, so thank you for your comment, you got me motivated to read the manual with more attention and I’m going to try it later this day!

It could be not only a problem solver for some games like civilization 6 and among us, but also effectively for softwares like snapdrop ;)

After a lot of trial and error, I gave up trying to setup webwormhole.

These are the problems I encountered:

  • total lack of documentation which had me jump from file to file too many times
  • docker build instructions and makefile instructions are a little bit different (I do not use the provided dockerfiles nor images, I always build them from the ground up)
  • the runtime options are only specified as a comment in each source file
  • (I think this is caused by my alpine base image with go installed from apk) the wasm_exec.js file which both dockerfile and makefile try to fetch could not be found in the system. I fixed this one by manually downloading the file from the golang repository and making docker load that. file
  • (might have misinterpreted this one) the service requires access to a let’s encrypt cert folder or it won’t even work.
  • even after specifying that the https address/port was, the redirect I received upon connecting to the http port was to the 443 port. Anyway the program did bind to the correct ports.

Unfortunately I can’t even properly lend a hand because I don’t know go at all, I can only read the source code for the most part and figure things out.

Back to the beginning, yay…

I think I just found the solution.
While completely new and maybe not audited, I just tried web wormhole and it seems to fit my needs.
It is written in go (I decisely prefer go over nodejs) and it’s foss. repo.

I tried passing large files between devices in different networks (using the “demo” site), they were not blocked (so there’s not bandwith or size limit, the server appears to truly act only as a signaler) and the hashes matched.

I’m going to put it on my server (which is the central vpn node) and see if it works as expected, then I’ll post my results. I really hope it works!

Well, I don’t think syncthing is very well suited for a sporadic, temporary connection.
I also tried snapdrop but it turns out that it works by matching the public ip of the two parts (seen in a github issue).

Cacciatori di draghi | Dragon hunters | Chasseurs de dragons

When I was a kid I happened to watch a random episode of dragon hunters and I remember falling in love with it, following every next episode with great interest. …

I’m so salty right now. The guy behind the decryptor and its forks were all DMCA’d…

I don’t have enough experience with HID device drivers or input libraries to say this with proof, but I think the underlying structure to enable that should already be in place, so it could be a matter of time for it to become “mainstream” in drawing/note taking programs.

The only deep dive I took was into libevent when trying to come up with a way to map the tablet buttons, and seeing the capacity in a wayland environment makes me think each wayland wm/dm is “stylus-ready”.
I have no clue about xorg though, so xorg-native programs might not be able to distinguish mouse/tablet/stylus in a decisive manner.

Last year I deleted spotify, only to realise I didn’t save all the names of the songs I listened.

Handing of requests about non-existing communities and users

Hi again rodents,
I don’t know if this was already answered; seems like it hasn’t been asked here on lemmy, but due to slow internet I can’t properly check on github right now…

What's your stance on non-english posts in international communities?

Hi rodents,
since two weeks at max I started seeing new people posting on international communities (aka communities not strictly linked to a language or nation) in other languages than english…

File encryption

Hi, I would like to encrypt some files I have on my pcs.
The intention is to encrypt backup otp codes, curriculums, purchases; personal documents in general. The content should add up to just a handful of MBs…

Torbrowser on wayland

This is just a curiosity: does anyone here run torbrowser in a wayland environment? …