When I was a kid I happened to watch a random episode of dragon hunters and I remember falling in love with it, following every next episode with great interest.

Cacciatori di draghi su wikipedia
Dragon hunters on wikipedia
Chasseurs de dragons sur wikipedia

Recently, my interest for the series was resurrected in a conversation with a friend and I’ve since been trying to get my hands on it.

What a shame that it’s impossible to find. Well, almost.

First of all, I tried crawling the tv channel archives (it was transmitted on rai gulp in italy, so I went to www.raiplay.it), but the site didn’t even acknowledge its existence.
Then I tried looking for a dvd reseller, on amazon, on ebay, anywhere. The closest thing I found was the dvd of the film (not what I’m interested in) which also happens to be marked as “not available”.
Not even streaming sites know of it apparently, and the only youtube episodes were DMCA’d into oblivion.

In the end I settled with torrent, which only helped partially though (aka beggars can’t be choosers, not too much at least).
After peeking into demonoid, ilcorsaronero, limetorrents and piratebay, I found only one working magnet for the first season of the tv series, dubbed in english.

Here’s the magnet url, in case someone else becomes nostalgic as well.

I know for sure that I’ll keep searching for an italian version, since the dub was fantastic, but for the moment I guess I’m satisfied.

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