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Federating with lotide?

Would it be impossible to federate with similar projects like lotide? I know mastodon federates with a bunch of different activitypub microblogging projects…

this article made me wanna hurl.

I was going to sub to this community until I saw this… WTF do we have a flag for a country that does not support LGBT rights? fuck this.

I agree that the China/U.S. conflict is one of U.S. aggression and that U.S. invasive foreign policy sucks, but to only spend less than a paragraph addressing the extreme wealth inequality of China, and brushing it off as something that is somehow magically the fault of U.S. imperialism seems wild to me. Personally, I give minimal fucks about which world superpowers are nicer and instead think we should be using our efforts to convince these world superpowers to put in the minimal amount of effort required to lift millions out of poverty.

as an addendum: The banning of pornography and related media in the name of spiritual purification seems eerily similar to the banning of degenerate art in Nazi Germany. It’s also extremely unequal the way in which limitation to “problematic” media is enforced. All wealthy people in China have access to banned content, it’s only the poor who are shielded from “problematic” content.

There are countries that are trending towards higher social mobility/wealth equality that did not exploit the global south like Vietnam. Also being colonized does not prevent them from redistributing wealth. The amount of inherited wealth and class inequality is very similar to the US. Also, I don’t want my posts to be misinterpreted as advocating for western styles of government. As far as I’m concerned most powerful institutions maintain their power through exploitation. I’m not saying that China is the worst government, but their celebration rubs me the wrong way, and we should acknowledge their shortcomings, and not frame them as infallible.

The free speech article left a really bad taste in my mouth. The Chinese governments limiting of free speech goes far beyond protecting people from defamation, slander, libel, and hate-speech.

I’ve started reading this (I’m about halfway through the section), and mostly it’s stuff I agree with and has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. There is/was a huge propaganda machine in the first world antagonizing the second world, and blatantly lying about what was going on there, and what was and was not successful. The red scare and the capitalist countries fear-mongering about communism in order to maintain power was/is awful.

Let’s stop using First/Third World terminology. The cold war is over and china was second world anyway. Also, the implication that first world countries were constantly more developed is itself propaganda. You are totally right about the fact the worlds economic superpowers of today got their power by exploiting others, but I still think China could be doing a lot more wealth redistribution. I’m about to go to bed since it’s 2 AM expect a part 2 in the evening tomorrow.

I have a lot of cultural pride and I love going to China and visiting family! I can not like the government and still love the people and culture.

A market economy does not necessarily this degree of wealth inequality. Besides outliers like the US most developed nations are doing much better in this respect and also have market economies. Also, I’m not suggesting that governing China is an easy problem with easy solutions I just don’t like it being hailed as the poster child for communism when there is such a low standard of living for the proletariat. As for how DPRK is fascist, your right it’s a bit of a stretch that I resorted to because I don’t want to explain why North Korea is awful when to me it seems obvious. What I mean is they have extrajudicial justice, an active propaganda machine, and their economy is built around war.

I plan to read more later, but I’m responding to other people rn. I’ll be back later, It’s late where I am and I’m only going to be up for another hour or so <3

I don’t have time to read every article right now, but after skimming the first two I want to clarify a few things. There aren’t Uyger concentration camps. There is widespread racism. I agree US citizens have responded terribly to covid and even if we all wore masks things would not be perfect, there is an extremely problematic “me first” mentality here that I hate. This still doesn’t address my biggest concerns.

Let's stop praising China

Inb4 I’m accused of being racist. I’m second-generation Chinese, I’ve lived in China for multiple years, and I have family there. …

how does mediagoblin compare to peertube?

The thing that may be viewed as problematic is that companies have an incentive to not contribute products they build on top of OSM. Basically, OSM runs the risk of falling behind because for-profit companies won’t want OSM to adopt functionality that they are trying to sell. (Hypothetically).

How would forks effect federation?

For example, if someone forked Lemmy, and made an LGBT or POC instance with a different word filter how would federation work with instances with incompatible filters?..

you can also get feeds for users, communities, your inbox, and more!

I’ve been poorly explaining Gödel’s incompleteness theorem(s) for years. This article will now be my go-to resource when talking about my favorite proof(s).

What finger positioning do you use?

I want to break 50 seconds on 40L sprint, and I feel one of my big road blocks to improvement is my sub-optimal finger positioning. Right now my left ring finger does 180 rotations my left middle finger does left rotations, my left index finger does right rotations holds and hard drops, my right ind…

Is there a timeline for when federation will be ready, and what features will be avaliable?

If so where could I find that information?..

How to avoid youtube?

There has been a lot of work done to create decentralized freedom-respecting services in recent years. (Lemmy is obviously one of these). That being said video hosting seems to be one of the hardest things to replace with a decentralized solution since video files are so large and therefore expensiv…