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If this question was for me, I would expect a FLOSS platform together with these games and not just nonFLOSS + FLOSS combination.

Has nothing to do at all with being “open source dev” but with ethics.

It is the same I require to donate to the food bank here since they don’t accept direct donations of material and only money.

Edited: If I had the opportunity to donate something specific I would do. Believe me.

AFAIK, apple wax is replaced by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shellac most times which is animal-derivated.

I have the opposite case. I make the keys to be lost, by taking them with me after finishing the journey. The no-one can open the doors in the the place. 😂😂😂

Uff, I left the Fediverse in 2020 with the exception of Lemmy and Matrix.

I didn’t receive very well the elitism of some people away of the Mastodon.social circles (remember that there is a normal Fediverse and a weird one, so I speak about the weird one which is the best).

The RSS, sure. I should add it.

The forum… I forgot about it 😂.

Wow, I am very disconnected of these updates.

I think I am of the few ones who doesn’t participate in the community.

Wtf, they added that additional domain for real?

To be exact I bought the SoloKey from the DiceKey crowfunding campaign because was claimed to be Libre Hardware and Libre Software.

Edit: I only use it for authentication in my online accounts as a additional second factor to avoid using OTP sometimes.

To be exact, I want always to know where goes the money I donate. Even if it is for that.

As a Veganism, Free Software and Security advocate I care about it a lot.

All server side is nonFree and some parts of the client side.

Oh, still nonFLOSS. Dissapointing.

I think that is better not giving support to nonfree shit.

Would be better allowing to use Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey account or even OpenID.

Ohhhhh goood.

I missed this.

They had time ago but disabled it due to issues integrating the API or something related by security. I dont remember.

That is listed in GNOME Web GNOME’s GitLab repository.

GNOME Web supports webapps.

Well, I will put a little description in english. …

Vegan B12 cheap supplements? (without lactose, etc)

Well, after forgetting likely 5 months about taking enough fortified food with B12 vitamin, I finished with deficiency in last medical check. …

Debian support in the community

Can this community be used by users to ask support about Debian like some Debian forums around the internet?..

Projects promoted as FLOSS but which are neither Free Software nor Open Source

In the last years, I have seen plenty of users telling or promoting certain ultra-permissive rules as part of Open Source but which are not even in the definition like the use of read-only licenses, being a good example the MEGA software. …

toki pona in comparison with Blissymbols - special needs in education

It is not the first time I see toki pona language and some variants of its writting system. …

I address this issue here to know the opinion about the FLOSS community and, being the case, support a possible decision to move YaCy development away of GitHub. …

I address this issue here to know the opinion about the FLOSS community and, being the case, support a possible decision to move YaCy development away of GitHub. …

What's SVG support state?

I would be mostly interested in animations support too, both CSS and SMIL. …

As suggested by the name and explained a bit by the issue, some Delta Chat devs want to add .tgs format, based on Lottie, as option (and could be main format by now) for stickers pack and this is where they are starting. …