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The problem is the development centralized around just a person and in a personal account.

If the project get more people interested, that person should heavily think on creating a group or organization for it and trying to choose specific people with writing permission who could participate directly on their own.

It seems they changed pictures :3

Well, that sentence I showed you before and the meaning of the intentions would require to be set only then to be sure.

Both things are unethical. One for humans (and maybe indirectly to non-humans) and the other for non-humans.

The pictures used in the app presentation in F-Droid doesn’t show that but in the hypothetical case that is like that, this person must set it at all and people from outside should be able to see it in, most cases, just a first try to avoid the negative promotion I would like to avoid.

Also, I have always thought about the transparent use of money in everything. I use to deny give money even donatios if the person is going to use it in unethical practices or I don’t know them at all and cause me to doubt (yes, buying normal things too).

This is something that could be expected from people who see the promoted app in the case of donations.

The problem is at other level ^^;. I am vegan and I dont consider this ethical.

I edited this because I put Scrambled Exif which was the one I used from time ago but I took into account their dev doesn’t fit my ideals so I quickly looked for a replacement and put it here.

I didn’t want to promote the thing this dev used to.

On desktop, Glimpse. And I take advantage to re-encode it to webp.

On mobile I use ImagePipe.

Were nomadic profiles (Hubzilla style) thought for a near future?

Release Debian package please :3

Given what you explain here… what is about LyX (https://www.lyx.org/)?. Some screenshots in https://www.lyx.org/Screenshots.

Given that LyX is generical for every kind of document allowing equations too, I could suggest Math-o-mir (http://gorupec.awardspace.us/mathomir.html) for something more specific but I would not like to recommend it since it’s for Windows only and its source code does not seem to be maintained anymore.

What I see mostly when someone shares a reddit link to me is that the old reddit interface has better response than the new one which is slooooow and heavyyyy.

I think that can be with the shared libraries and listening to on demand taking advantage of that.

For Soundcloud I would speak about Ampache to be exact but it is not federated.

Sometimes I have to change to “all” and to “subscribed” again because in every browser I try by default after log in or just when I open it in a day and, even with the option in “subscribed”, all communities are showed by default.

First time log in in every browser I have the same issue but with the theme, then I have to change from “darkly” to “default” and then to “darkly” again to put the dark theme instead of the white one.

Yes, you are not wrong. This is a limitation of Discourse software for choosing categories which only allow one but the purpose is likely the same.

The posts of all categories are showed together unless you filter by them.

The idea from Nutomic as you suggest is more specific.

The issue with Discourse is that no more than a category per post is allowed and main ones like “Apps” or “General” are not selectable with this.

In Delta Chat forum I asked to create the same categories for each lang in each one of the sections too.

Thank you so much for the filters.

F-Droid Discourse forum uses it already and Trisquel forum has set different sections but I prefer F-Droid style.

I address this issue here to know the opinion about the FLOSS community and, being the case, support a possible decision to move YaCy development away of GitHub. …

I address this issue here to know the opinion about the FLOSS community and, being the case, support a possible decision to move YaCy development away of GitHub. …

What's SVG support state?

I would be mostly interested in animations support too, both CSS and SMIL. …

As suggested by the name and explained a bit by the issue, some Delta Chat devs want to add .tgs format, based on Lottie, as default for stickers pack and this is where they are starting. …

BackplaneDNS VPNs

It uses OpenVPN and promotes OpenNIC DNSs too…

What do you think about StreetComplete app?

I have been using it in order to help to document faulty sites in my near zones in the Canary Islands which use to be mostly undocumented or outdated in non-main cities (Province’s Capital and main roads mostly as if there was no more than that)…