I am a 22 years old vegan nyanya, SysAdmin and WebDev student.

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I never said you could not.

I tell you what is a complete definition of what a Desktop Environment is.

You could prefetly just install the Shell and the WM.

Desktop Environment = Graphical Shell (GUI) + Apps.

Thank you for sharing cutie.

Okay… but free hugs in the end.

poVoq stop provocation

If you are going to use AGPL, I would recommend you to use EUPL 1.2 instead which is compatible with more FLOSS licenses.

Server-side of both ProtonMail and Tutanota is nonFLOSS.

Oh shit. A modern-designer website fully compatible with UXP-based browsers. I love it.

If I remember correctly, they are migrating or they were migrating to Unreal Engine as game engine from Crystal (don’t remember the rest of the name).

I prefer to play Ryzom because of this.

Hahahaha, similar situation here.

But I got internet connection at home in 2015, not just a better one.

Debian maintainers use the votes as a base of main package maintenance. Use to be reliable to use software based on that.

You can use Popularity Contest results in Debian-based distros as a guide for checked packages.

“there’s just something about being a woman”. A general, mystical essence of what being a woman is and you are only imbued with it if you were born a woman.

This makes me laugh. I use to use that comparison with my classmates in other topics when they say something absurd.

WebDev working standards.

Recommended by several Devs in development and in teaching.

my proposal still allows for that because the title part can always still be omitted when entering the URL

These links are completely ugly. Short links are perfectly clean and should be by default.

As a WebDev student we are taught to take into account that.

Recently, we started to modify an app (in order to learn BladeOne template engine) and got the way to show urls in a WebApp by “folder” addresses.

Basically, the WebApp overwrites the default web address and replace its structure following a hierarchy in the sense of example.com/, example.com/user/ (a list of users), example.com/user/1 (specific user), example.com/user/create (create a new user), etc.

And this is a recommended way here.

It is simple and short. Easy to write, easy to remember, easy to share, easy to fix, easy at all.

The only part I don’t like are the URLs with “data_type” and such things included that appears in some parts of Lemmy. (I don’t remember where).

I like the current model.

if you are straight


say about it

Basically involving certain things including the default behaviour of a girl with a male partner in an heterosexual relationship.

I will reply to the first.

I wear briefs because are more comfortable (to move) and cheaper.

I see the boxers as fake and uncomfortable shorts.

3: EchedeyLR (serious), Echedenyan (personal non-serious) and Mela Sapiens (just fun and now defunct).

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Lemmy Matrix room in Spanish

I recently created a Lemmy room in Spanish for the people who use Lemmy and speaks Spanish as main language…

How many people here has Spanish as main language?

I was interested in creating a Matrix room for Lemmy in Spanish if doesn’t exist already. …

Have you commited any error choosing products by obviating some ingredient or confusing it?

I know that a lot of people buy certified ones but I am also concerned of buying food or any other thing without the certification just by checking ingredients (mostly food which is easier). …

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

Is Linux-Libre 5.10.57 getting stuck on graphical boot?

I cannot confirm with upstream kernel, but as far as I upgraded from Linux-Libre 5.10.54 to that version, the whole system get stuck on bot while starting to load the graphical session. …

Entrevista periodista uruguayo en Cuba

The audio is only available in Spanish…

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