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Reddit was*

Reddit freed it and then closed it again.

Use pronoun.is ( http://pronoun.is/all-pronouns to see all ) and link to the specific one.

You should check 0 A.D. more currently.

One thing is that devs consider it Alpha, other is being not playable at all.

They don’t kmeow that nyu aww a cutie. :3c

In 2016 or 2017 in a conference in Spain with people to which I was in contact got Debian GNU/Hurd working in a Netbook perfectly.

How does a middle term that is not “extremist” apply to the animal slavery context (it is some quite ideological too)?

OpenCollective accept it.

Also, you dont need a PayPal account at all for PayPal payments.

Some places use PayPal as a payment processor so you only fill details without registring and that is all.

Anyways, preferable OpenCollective that is FLOSS that other platform that it is not until the payment processor.

There are, but are linked to your personal ID which makes it not the same.

Are you really recommending Wire after years of not taking care of their users?

I stopped making reports and using it 2 years ago when they changed parent company, upgraded their ToS to notify they could cancel or ban the service for countries which don’t generate profit for them or under law and because they started ignoring bug reports sending by email an automatic reply that they “were dedicated to the enterprise edition and delaying the personal edition support”.

Burner phones which barely exist outside USA.

Bandwidth and online data-exchange usage.

50 MB for a mail bag valid for internet is about 1 dollar where a lot of Cubans have a salary of 20-30 dollars average.

Mumble can use 3 KB/s over UDP while speaking as minimum which is good enough.

Will It be data-saving (optional or not) for Cubans like Mumble?

AntennaPod is a client, dont worry. You can also use it for other podcasts.

With a few cases, most of software in BOINC projects, NOT the BOINC platform but the programs which are executed in your PC which are part of each project, are mostly non-free.

Mmmm, I like how it sounds the adaptation for Lemmy.

Have you commited any error choosing products by obviating some ingredient or confusing it?

I know that a lot of people buy certified ones but I am also concerned of buying food or any other thing without the certification just by checking ingredients (mostly food which is easier). …

Wrong URL termination in several posts in Lemmy

I don’t know if it is a tendency in Lemmy but I have started to see that several new posts in Lemmy finish with the “?” symbol without sense, like when you make a request in a form…

Is Linux-Libre 5.10.57 getting stuck on graphical boot?

I cannot confirm with upstream kernel, but as far as I upgraded from Linux-Libre 5.10.54 to that version, the whole system get stuck on bot while starting to load the graphical session. …

Entrevista periodista uruguayo en Cuba

The audio is only available in Spanish…

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Help Tenacity to leave GitHub

I would like to ask your help to move Tenacity project to SourceHut, being the primary option preferable (has more votes) and then option 2…

Well, I will put a little description in english. …