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But the public health care is what pays your wounds if you get wounded bc not wearing a seatbelt…

No one wants public health care here in India. Public health care is quite inferior on a number of parameters, and having vehicle insurance generally implies access to good private sector health care providers.

Then again, economic motives here are quite different. A sizeable chunk of population wants to grab more and more share of services paid by all contributors.

I thought that Austrian Economics considers big corporate and big government as nearly same: powerful but economically inefficient bureacracies that remove economic choices from the individual.

Interesting side note. Compare the emissions for “poor” Americans and “rich” Indians.

Almost like rich Indians are poorer than poor Americans.

Isn’t Bastiat an economist of Austrian School?

The good old journey of mavericks from rich, to super-rich.
Still impressive, but clearly not as impressive as is generally thought to be.

EDIT : Just adding another nugget. I recall reading that Bezos’ grandfather was head of DARPA.

How is it different from molly ?

Not using a seatbelt will still increase the chance that you are injured. This will put a burden on society.

As long as I am not property of society, this does not cause a moral problem.

Asking your estate to pay is useless if you have no money, insurance claims can reach the millions which most people can not afford. Pedestrians and cyclists aren’t and should not need to be insured.

If I have no money, I can’t get insurance or car either. Also, this is s pragmatic issue, not a moral one.

If masks are hallmark of seriousness, take my white flag.

If you don’t wear seatbelts you can hurt other people in the car.

Good point. But then, seatbelts mustn’t be compulsory for people driving alone.

If you don’t have vehicle insurance and you injur someone they won’t have any payout on top of being injured.

They still have some solid options:

  1. Asking me/my estate to pay. Suing me to bankrupcy in case I fail/contest.
  2. Being insured themself for accidents.

In money terms, the business of insuring cars is mostly about repairs of cars.

violating marriage vows (or any other formal commitment) after agreeing to them.

Many things.

  • consentual poly-gamy/-gyny
  • not wearing seat belts or helmets while driving
  • not having vehicle insurance
  • having alternate legal tender in personal business

  1. No new problem with data is reported.
  2. The low quality of data was always there, but it was statistically insignificant for the kind of percentages we are discussing.

Until 1990’s, argument from authority was automatically disqualified as an argument. Unless you defend what these “people in the field” are saying, you are commiting a logical fallacy.

I am using it and highly recommend it. Download from f-droid.

You keep on saying “flawed data.” “Flawed data.” Like it will magically make things good.

VAERS data has been used to detect unsafe vaccines since ages. No new factor lowering quality of data has been reported for current vaccines. There is no inherent reason to believe that VAERS data is not pointing in the right direction, except the fact that official line is to be reluctant to criticize any COVID vaccine for any reason.

If you can’t find good arguments, just say so.

Is that all you need me to chant or some chants of “praise the lord” will also be needed after this?

Different vaccines, different reactions.

How is this a good argument?
Every vaccine is a different vaccine when it is first developed. Has a different reaction. You appear to be saying the same thing about covid vaccines.

Since each vaccine is different and has different reaction, vaccines are tested over years, sometimes decades, before they are labelled safe. I recall reading about a vaccine which was found to be causing fatal side effects after 27 years of examining, and officially stopped only after that.

Since mRNA is an untested technology, a rational mind would ask more questions about it, not less. Seek answers. To accept it on basis of faith without due testing, due questioning, and due skeptical thought is textbook example of cult behaviour.

The second largest wave, the one in early 2021, coincides with start of vaccination.

Your claim that there is no anomaly amounts to claiming that the data of 2021 is in line with other data in the chart. Even a 13 year old can see that that is not the case just by looking at the chart.

I even posted dictionary definition of the word anomaly, but it seems many have lost the ability to understand from that and somehow faith becomes the central issue.

Is medical science a religion now?

The vaccines are obviously safe, but can someone explain 2021 data from openvaers?

Another fake “prodigy” from India is busted. This one lasted about two years and had attained significant social media following from his home-state.

Posting this just to hightlight that was known and published back in 2018, and things in Wikipedia haven’t become any better. The information published hints at one thing : Jimmy Wales might himself be compromised…

If even The Print is saying this, I wonder why the leader from opposition has been talking/tweeting nonstop on whatever is happening China-India border. …

No decision has been announced against Chinese hardware makers as yet. But here a tentative list can be found here

First nearly complete account of sequence of events of what happened in Galwan Valley and how we lost soldiers emerges. Courtesy, India Today. …

Requesting c/India.

The mod is nowhere to be seen and I had to create c/Bharat just to fill the void. …

Old video of actor Sushant Singh Rajput being bullied onstage by two well established Bollywood actors...

जटिल समाचार : Old awards function video of Sushant Singh Rajput being mercilessly bullied onstage by two well established Bollywood actors becomes popular across social media after his alleged suicide. …

Russian news agency draws on post cold-war era examples to narrate why Russia doesn’t trust NATO’s intentions…