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The Church of Fediverse.

Rather sketchy on details. Have they disclosed to public which government website, or which specific database did they breach?

The more, the merrier.
I generally visit this once a month or so, but don’t always post.

After a lot of protests over this, AICTE issued this clarification.

What continues to baffle me is the very existance of undergrad level specialized engineering courses for, say, agricultural equipment. From engineering POV, what specialized skill would be needed in these engineers that normal mechanical engineers or instrumentation engineers normally don’t get?

You can search for people who’d be likely to seed in forums where they are likely to be. Not sure about the present times, but earlier, demonoid used to be a big forum of this kind.

Democracy is socialism in mild doses.

It is trivially easy to modify open source code anyway.

For this reason, I have been looking for a good reddit alternative since 2017, if not earlier. Despite not being aligned with any political camp, I was first on the alt-right instance (voat), and now, on this “antifa website”.

I believe that the future for likes of me is on p2p software - but they are not mature enough at this time.

A strange world where left asks for less laws and right wants more.

Seems like the logical step after covid has already subdued the sheep.

Not surprising when one considers that Switzerland is one of the countries which allied with USA in their war against Julian Assange/Wikileaks.

They might have changed the sign-up policy only recently.

Twitter doesn’t allow new sign ups with disroot email, but I had an account with it earlier.

Need vs want.

  • What is the need for live updates?
  • At what frequency does one need to be updated?

New tool to reinforce the deep-state narrative - from one PRISM company to another.

The default customisation for any software must never require any user to be advanced user in any sense of the word. Advanced users can find their preferred customisations themselves.

Climate change disasters.
EDIT : Looks like didn’t read the complete thing.

Another fake “prodigy” from India is busted. This one lasted about two years and had attained significant social media following from his home-state.

Posting this just to hightlight that was known and published back in 2018, and things in Wikipedia haven’t become any better. The information published hints at one thing : Jimmy Wales might himself be compromised…

Wasn’t there some rss reader by guardian project?

If even The Print is saying this, I wonder why the leader from opposition has been talking/tweeting nonstop on whatever is happening China-India border. …

Hello, and welcome.
Do check out communities c/India and c/Bharat here.

No decision has been announced against Chinese hardware makers as yet. But here a tentative list can be found here

First nearly complete account of sequence of events of what happened in Galwan Valley and how we lost soldiers emerges. Courtesy, India Today. …

Requesting c/India.

The mod is nowhere to be seen and I had to create c/Bharat just to fill the void. …

Old video of actor Sushant Singh Rajput being bullied onstage by two well established Bollywood actors...

जटिल समाचार : Old awards function video of Sushant Singh Rajput being mercilessly bullied onstage by two well established Bollywood actors becomes popular across social media after his alleged suicide. …

Russian news agency draws on post cold-war era examples to narrate why Russia doesn’t trust NATO’s intentions…