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FB/insta/whatsapp, Reddit, google, snapchat… who else ?

Start by addressing the assumption that sentences can be evaluated.

Is there any activitupub based wiki?

For the record, I do visit from time to time. But if anyone is interested in contributing to administration of this communuty, feel free to ping.

NATO applicants are supposed to be free of active territorial disputes at the time of joining. Has that consideration been dropped for Ukraine?

EDIT : grammar

Exhibit number 739499 that no one takes the French army or their intelligence seriously.

If Russian “circulars” had any power, they only need to send it to a few dozen administrators of wikipedia, not to the editors. Wikipedia does have a working heirarchy where some editors are more equal than others.

… but there’s still a strong anti-war/anti-colonial movement in the West, in both the decolonial circles and in the libertarian networks.

So not where it matters. Thanks for clarifying.

Cost per square inch for smartphones is still astronomical compared to others mentioned. Higher budget allows more competitiom and more room for R&D/innovation.

Certainly an update to the traditional hand sickle symbol in vogue.

EDIT : May I be bold enough to suggest rainbow colouring to the circular arcs?

How is that supposed to work? Firefox’s own products in itself are not that reassuring for user privacy. It was better when Moxie collaborated with them to improve whatsapp code. At least that guy’s products were respected for privacy at that time.

While the community management is free to run it as they prefer, there are many strong arguments to reconsider the position being taken now. For one, many people who joined lemmy, the federated reddit alternative, joined it because reddit often censors allowing existence of alternative narratives to be known, even when it is well reasoned and evidence backed.

Second, lemmy is socialist/commumist in ideology, while risky vaccines are backed by big pharma.

Third, in this pandemic, often the authorities are as ill-informed as the public and literally doing anything to give a semblence of control over the situation.

Fourth, side-effects like myocarditis, were initially ignored by public at large, their reporting prohibited by authorities and social media alike, in the name of stopping the “anti-vaxxers”. But an year later, these are acknowldged to be genuine and published on the pamphalets that accompany vaccine vials.

To summarise, please reconsider your editorial position. Science proceeds by answering those who question it, not by censoring them.

A pandemic that isn’t created naturally won’t go away until:

  1. Either decisive action is taken against agents that created it;
  2. Or the purpose of the agents that created the pandemic is more or less fulfilled.

The first criteria is obviously not fulfilled as yet, and clear understanding of the second is missing. So my guess is that the pandemic will continue.

EDIT : better wording

Recall that covid-19 wasn’t causing deaths in itself, and death happened only because of existing comorbidities in patients.

Also, requirements for vaccination passes to enter public venues are being removed, as is the recommendation to wear a mask on public transport during busy periods.

A welcome development.

Variations in faces of most pairs of identical twins can’t be distinguished in their pics, they are often that small. Even in the looks of same person there are variations over time. What of it?

That a face is computer generated doesn’t mean that no one with that face exists, contrary to what the name of that website implies.

I don’t understand it.
Aren’t humans already so populous that every person is supposed to have 6 others looking exactly like him or her? If so, how can one claim that not even one person exists with a given face?

Doesn’t evolution already take care of these concerns, without needing any government?

I am not absent, for one, and my political inclinations weren’t exactly a secret at any time.

I like it.
Can I use it elsewhere ?

One feature doesn’t make the whole.
A satire must also classify as art form, apart from that feature.

But the public health care is what pays your wounds if you get wounded bc not wearing a seatbelt…

No one wants public health care here in India. Public health care is quite inferior on a number of parameters, and having vehicle insurance generally implies access to good private sector health care providers.

Then again, economic motives here are quite different. A sizeable chunk of population wants to grab more and more share of services paid by all contributors.

I thought that Austrian Economics considers big corporate and big government as nearly same: powerful but economically inefficient bureacracies that remove economic choices from the individual.

Interesting side note. Compare the emissions for “poor” Americans and “rich” Indians.

Almost like rich Indians are poorer than poor Americans.

Isn’t Bastiat an economist of Austrian School?

The good old journey of mavericks from rich, to super-rich.
Still impressive, but clearly not as impressive as is generally thought to be.

EDIT : Just adding another nugget. I recall reading that Bezos’ grandfather was head of DARPA.

Not using a seatbelt will still increase the chance that you are injured. This will put a burden on society.

As long as I am not property of society, this does not cause a moral problem.

Asking your estate to pay is useless if you have no money, insurance claims can reach the millions which most people can not afford. Pedestrians and cyclists aren’t and should not need to be insured.

If I have no money, I can’t get insurance or car either. Also, this is s pragmatic issue, not a moral one.

If masks are hallmark of seriousness, take my white flag.

If you don’t wear seatbelts you can hurt other people in the car.

Good point. But then, seatbelts mustn’t be compulsory for people driving alone.

If you don’t have vehicle insurance and you injur someone they won’t have any payout on top of being injured.

They still have some solid options:

  1. Asking me/my estate to pay. Suing me to bankrupcy in case I fail/contest.
  2. Being insured themself for accidents.

In money terms, the business of insuring cars is mostly about repairs of cars.

violating marriage vows (or any other formal commitment) after agreeing to them.

Many things.

  • consentual poly-gamy/-gyny
  • not wearing seat belts or helmets while driving
  • not having vehicle insurance
  • having alternate legal tender in personal business

The vaccines are obviously safe, but can someone explain [2021 data](https://openvaers.com/covid-data/myo-pericarditis) from openvaers? Or maybe we should ignore data in the interest of science.

India | Grandson of separatist leader fired from sensitive government job
[From ANI's Twitter feed] J&K: Anees-ul-Islam, grandson of separatist Syed Ali Shah Geelani dismissed from service with immediate effect. He was working as Research Officer in Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Centre. The dismissal comes in accordance with Article 311 (2) (c) of the Constitution.

Another fake "prodigy" from India is busted. This one lasted about two years and had attained significant social media following from his home-state. Every few years we get one of these conmen. This article, and the one [preceding](https://www.opindia.com/2020/07/drone-boy-scientist-prathap-nm-600-drones-ewaste-fact-check-fake-claim/) it, are must reads to spot such charades.

Posting this just to hightlight that was known and published back in 2018, and things in Wikipedia haven’t become any better. The information published hints at one thing : Jimmy Wales might himself be compromised.

If even [The Print](https://theprint.in) is saying this, I wonder why the leader from opposition has been talking/tweeting nonstop on whatever is happening China-India border.

No decision has been announced against Chinese hardware makers as yet. But here a tentative list can be found [here](https://t.me/Jatil/30).

First nearly complete account of sequence of events of what happened in Galwan Valley and how we lost soldiers emerges. Courtesy, India Today.

Requesting c/India.
The mod is nowhere to be seen and I had to create c/Bharat just to fill the void. EDIT : It is a deleted community. Is there way to recover it?

Old video of actor Sushant Singh Rajput being bullied onstage by two well established Bollywood actors…
जटिल समाचार : Old awards function video of Sushant Singh Rajput being mercilessly bullied onstage by two well established Bollywood actors becomes popular across social media after his alleged suicide. Though many bollywood statlets have publicly hinted at bollywood culture of sidelining **outsiders** as the reason behind the actor's alleged suicide, proximate and unnatural death of Rajput's manager and two friends indicate that a different reason of his death is quite possible.

Russian news agency draws on post cold-war era examples to narrate why Russia doesn't trust NATO's intentions.