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I have iphone 7, so I can’t access that feature :(

How to determine whether an app is invasive or not?

I don’t really know how to check this. I know that if the organization behind an app has good practices, then I should be able to trust their apps. Otherwise, I don’t know how to trust anything on the app store. …

Then I’ll follow you there, comrade :)

Oh, are you posting on breadtube now. I’m only following you on peervideo.club.

I haven’t read the article yet, but wow! That image is amazing!

The idea of https://masto.host/ is that they take care of everything so that you only need to worry about being the admin for your site.

I recently created a site using masto.host myself and it works great for now.

We need a masto.host for peertube

Running your own servers can be very stressful for reasons I’m not going to get into here. It is very understandable that a lot of people want to steer away from that. At the same time, we need people to take back ownership of the internet. …

I haven’t found a flow, but I make some juggling videos at least. https://video.ploud.fr/video-channels/vegafjord_show/videos

I’m currently using video.ploud.fr. I want to move though because the platforms content doesn’t match what I create.

Thank you :D

You didn’t ask about that. You asked about loans under an anarchist society where it isn’t needed.

But under the current capitalist society, I would say take out as little loan as possible. Pay all your debt and work as little as possible to starve the upper class of labour. Use your spare time to organize and help your community.

Loans was made to incentivize work under capitalism. There is no need for loans.

I don’t understand why people are hating on tiktok. Like except for the fact that it is centralized.

The editing is super simple. It is a platform that distributes attention. People share nuanced and interesting stories and stories about their struggles. There’s a lot of inspirational content. You can interact with other people’s content in fun ways. We should take inspiration from tiktok, not just laugh it off.

Look how old my account is though. It means something.

I just want to go out with a bang though:P

Okay, so listen to this. What if this platform allows you to stitch audio like @Echedenyan suggested? And anyone can stitch on top of another audio. What if we allow people to download the entire thread to listen to while you do your jogging like a podcast?

Perhaps you can limit conversations to dialogues or trialogues? And perhaps you can invite specific people to join the discussion?

I watch tilvids on mastodon and boost videos from there. Perhaps what’s holding tilvids back is lack of awareness of how to utilize the fediverse.

Leaving reddit, here's my manifesto. Thoughts?

Just wanted to share what I intend to post tomorrow on reddit. Any thoughts? I think I’ll post it on free software. My hope is that I encourage people to move to lemmy. Not sure if all of it makes sense. …

Download videos from twitter

I’m looking for a way to download videos from twitter. I’d prefer if it is lightweight, perhaps using terminal. …

What is the chord progression in this song?

I have found this music that I want to perform. …

Unable to upload video to peertube

I’m trying to upload .mov video, but I get “upload failed, server encountered an error”. I see that the format should be compatible. I also tried to convert to mp4, but it didn’t work as well…

Has anyone tried live streaming yet?

If anyone has tested this out or found somebody who has, then I’d like to see video footage of it. Or what are your opinions or experience? …

Creating a brochure to empower iphone users

This brochure intends to minimize data footprint, increase autonomy and creating independence from big tech corporations. …

Tip for use of peertube

Here are a couple tips to improve the usability of peertube. …

A decent start to reduce your data footprint

The article talks exclusively about how to set your settings and explains briefly what this will and will not do. They goes through settings about location, advertising and Background App refresh. …

I created a community to unchain users as much as possible when using Apple products

I know it sounds strange to talk about liberating Apple devices when they are proprietary hell. However, there are still 1.3 billion devices in use today. So I think it makes a lot of sense to discuss the liberation of Apple users. Through a more healthy mindset, reducing their data footprint and gi…

What apps I currently use - give me improvement suggestions
Email - Protonmail 
Messaging - Signal...

Why we need this community?

You may wonder, why did I create a community to liberate a system that is fundamentally flawed in terms of proprietary software? …

Er det nokre gode ressursar eg burde bruke?

Eg har brukt bokmål nesten heile livet, men eg har tenke på å flytta til nynorsk. For augeblikket så bruk eg uib sin ordbok og dinordbok. Desse er nyttige, men dei er ofte ikkje gode nok. UiB sin ordbok skulle hatt ein synonym liste. Dinordbok kan vera forvirrande. Definisjonar kjem ikkje opp og opp…

I’m using an addon called Tab Manager Plus as side panel to manage tabs and windows. I’m also using bookmarks and RSS as syndication. Currently, I can’t view both tabs and bookmarks at the same time. Newsblur is managing my syndication so I have to navigate to their site instead of having it being a…


An important peertube instance we are missing

I think peertube should be the video platform to go when researching digital freedom. In particular videos about libre software, creative commons, walled gardens, state surveillance, corporate surveillance, tech empires, decentralization, federation, piracy, user activism, privacy, piracy, DRM, righ…

Suggestion to change of direction of TILvids

If we go to TILvids most liked page, we can see that some channels are consistently doing better. Many of them gaining many hundreds of views. TILvids, thelinuxexperiment, geotechdigital, pine64tilvids, smartyflix, infosecbytes. All these channels are about technology. Other types of content doesn’t…

Video navigation software

I’m looking for software that can quickly navigate a single long video. I will be using this to analyze buildings. Key features would be:

  • super fast forward/backwards. …

An alternate sorting algorithm to rank comments

So I used a social media plaform called cent.co for a little while. It had some very different ideas. You pay to incentivice good replies. …

Social media should embrace creative commons

To get our heads around how good decentralized social media can get, lets just look at creative commons. Let me explain how powerful creative commons can be. …