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Duckduckgo has had a star in my book until recently. Because they have been dishonest about their tracking. They do enable Microsoft trackers. But if I have understood it correctly, this is only the case for their apps.

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Faces potentially a large fine. Im sure facebook’s government contacts can explain how their spying on children wasnt really that serious or even spying at all.

Articles like this creates the illusion that facebook can be held accountable. But really, what we need is for everybody to realize that facebook is just a unnessecary middleman.

Https rewards bloat. We should pick protocols that is simpler to develop for.

I think peertube shouldnt be a platform for regular uploading of content. It takes up too much resources. Instead we should play to our strength to low resource solutions.

For video sharing, I think it would be better to focus on filesharing (offline and online).

The norwegian mastodon instance has also increased it’s userbase dramatically. From having 100 active users to 250 active users. I don’t know how many new accounts has been created. I have also seen a new norwegian instance being created with 6 registered users.

Use Gemini!

Allowing liberals and leftists to coexist would kill all nuance. Letting in conservatives would kill all dialogue.

I agree, lemmy is not a walled garden. What I’m saying is, lemmy is lacking an underlying design philosophy. Design should be guided by principles, rather than replicating the feel of reddit. Functionality should be created to serve human needs rather than from trying to replicate reddit functionality.

We shouldn’t look to the people of cyberspace to understand how to develop platforms, especially not the centralized parts of cyberspace. Instead we should look to the people of earthspace. The offline people. People and communities. What do they want? Or what do they say they want?

To be clear this is a criticism not targeted specifically at Lemmy, but the fediverse as a whole.

Justifications for design choices, backed up by principles that creates the foundation for a humane platform. There needs to be a justification for how a platform is presented like it is. What is the purpose of the platform? Who is the target audience? And build everything from there.

Because you cant just copy paste a centralized platform and expect that the design reflects the humane.

Having an underlying design philosophy that emphasize the humane.

No, because its just a copy. Lemmy just takes reddit and slaps decentralization on top of it. Therefore it has the baggage of walled garden philosophy.

Something that would replace reddit is a platform that is willing to embrace the strengths of decentralization and truely design around its strengths. Design around human connectedness, community building, community collaboration, accessability (even for technically illiterate), detoxing.

The judges are not part of the alternate solution I suggested. They were only used for the sake of the example to quantify the value of the comments before anyone had voted. The judges ranking reflects the relationship between comments in terms of quality.

The solution I suggested is one where voters compare comments and pick the best instead. Afterwards a topological sort is done to let the best float to the top. With enough comparisons, the ranking would be accurate.

Topological comment sorting
EDIT: More precise titles. The way we sort comments on lemmy today is through giving everyone the ability to up and downvote any comment. You upvote comments you want to be more visible and downvote comments you want to have less visibility. I think ranking comments are great if some opinions contribute more. Imagine the value of a comment can be determined before voting. Perhaps with a panel of judges. With rankings -10 to 10 where -10 is dangerous misinformation, 0 has no meaningful contribution and 10 is perhaps mindblowingly enlightening or empowering. # Example of lemmy style sorting Lets say a post is submitted. On the first day, it received the comments with a judges score (user, score): (monkey, 8), (zebra, -2), (horse, 5), (panda, 3), (rhino, 3). A post get the most visibility the first day. Therefore, those who post early can get a lot of votes. However on the second day, one user submitted the comment: (Flower, 9) A this point in time the post doesnt have that many voters. And the top comments has increased visibility, so for every vote flower gains, the top comment might have received another. So we end up with the final ranking: Monkey, horse, panda, flower, rhino, zebra. So it ends up only ranking similar to panda and rhino even though the score was much higher. There was a mismatch between votes and score. # Solution, the topoligical sort We should concider moving away from voting on comments individually to voting comparatively. Where you perhaps determine the most valuable comment out of a selection. Then a topological sort can put the best comment on top. So even if flower is late to the party, their insight is still spread.

I could donate to fund such an effort if that could ensure more people could get this offer.

Open software and media
What do you think of this article?

Is there a community that speaks the afrihili language?
I saw a post about the afrihili language on this community and became intrigued. Is there any afrihili communities on the web? I was unable to find anything.

Could cyberspace be people and/ or community funded?
I think that a people and community funded cyberspace would ensure that it is developed in the interests of people and communities. They would donate to projects that they genuinly were interested in and it would make them much more aware of digital issues. Do you agree with this? If not, then how should cyberspace be funded? If so, does a good solution exist? Should we get everybody to sign up for a patreon account, create recurring paymants through paypal or through bankaccount? Does it not exist? Then what would this solution require?

The fediverse is flawed
People view the fediverse as the final solution to the structural problem of the internet. I dont think so. I am an technoanarkist from a human perspective. I believe in the human web and the community web, where nodes represents people and communities. The ideology of the fediverse is that if an instance can federate, its good. Its equally flawed as saying the adoption of open software will lead to digital freedom. This is one of the reasons Stallman couldnt mobilize for digital freedom. They didnt have a human understandable vision. We need to think further than just the technical aspects if we want people power in cyberspace. I believe we have to stop to look to those in power and instead look to our communities. What do they want? What does people want? What does organizers and communities want? We should develop the web with people and communities demands in mind. The web should be a tool to strengthen communities and empower people. The web has the potential to destroy the world and be its savior. It depends on the structure.

How can distributed and decentralized tools help victims of annexation?
How can tools like these help Ukrainians to stay connected and coordinate? Especially when there is no internet connection. Do we have tools that could be useful in the fight against misinformation in Russia?

Learn esperanto to fight english cultural dominance
English is burdened with a culture that emphasize empirialism, capitalism, individualism and so on. A culture that ignores climate catostraphy, global inequality and brings disproportionate attention to countries with english as national language. Additionally english is the language of Trump, Boris Johnson, Margareth Thatcher and George Bush jr.. Protest the english language by embracing esperanto. Break language segregation! Today, the world is segregated by language. It is very resource heavy to learn a new ethnic language. Esperanto is like other constructed languages made to be easy to learn through consistent grammer, phonetics and morphemes. You know how to pronounce a sentence. You can determine the type of word by looking at the last letter. Even if you havent seen a particular word before, the chances are that you can predict its meaning if you know the morphemes. It is estimated that it requires a tenth in time investment to learn esperanto compares to ethnic languages. The world language is political and it enables english imperialism. Look up your local esperanto group. Learn it. Talk about it. With collegues, friends, acquantances and family. Engage your local community. Influence! Some useful resources: Dictionary ActivityPub Nice esperanto course: Kurso de Esperanto

How to monitor memory usage on android?
I experience that my memory is used up on my android phone, but I dont understand what drains the memory. I only found AnotherMonitor on fdroid, but it doesnt appear to show which app is consuming memory. Only total consumption. Are there any good apps or solutions for this? Or at least as autonomous slash private as possible.

What are your thoughts on green/private cryptos?
Im interested in cryptos, because it could serve as a foundation for an internet funded by people and communities. A crypto that protects people's privacy and has a low energy cost. But is this enough to make it ethical? Are there other aspects to take into concideration? Or is ethical cryptos possible? In particular Im looking into Mobilecoin which Signal has integrated into their app.

Federated subscription service
I'm interested in a complimentary federated service for peertube and similar services. One can subscribe to creators and instances. You can't create independent posts, because it is solely made as a subscription service. However you can comment on creations. It is intended as a tool to keep track of creators you are interested in, and have a seamless experience with going from one video to the next and be able to post quick comments. I'm envisioning that this service could be distributed and serverless like Scuttlebutt. That way, there would be no signup process involved. One could then download software/ app for your phone and start adding instances and creators. To comment, one would perhaps need some verification system, like connecting your app to a user to avoid misuse. A service like this would act similar to an federated RSS, but with more flexibility. I believe a service like this would be superior to any subscription solution we have today, that be through RSS, peertube, I believe this would bring a lot of utility to the fediverse. It would make it far easier to develop new federated projects. And it would be a great gateway into the fediverse. It would make it far easier to interact with content which would make the fediverse look more populated and more exciting. If you think this is a good idea, say aye in the comments.

Distraction free operating system
Are there any operating system designed to be as distraction free as possible? Without internet access, as few programs as possible and with a layout that is designed to be boring.

Stop using abbreviations :(
Stop it. Just stop. Why you call it RSS when you could simply have called it syndication? Why call it CEO when you could have called it top chief. You are making your language harder to understand for no good reason. Why call it TLDR when you can call it summary. Like what the fuck...

Using News app on
I have a subscription of Family and Friends on the site This would allow me to add apps to my nextcloud. One of the apps I have been most excited about has been the News app, which can administrate open subscription feeds like RSS. However, I have a couple issues. First of all, I've been notified that the app is unstable on my Family and Friends subscription from a dialogue box. I don't know if that is due to me having the wrong subscription or whether it has to do with the app itself being unstable. So far I've ignored that warning, because I can risk the service failing. I'll just have to contact the provider to reset in that case. I have sent an email to the provider, but I expect an response on monday so It's kind of long to wait. Does anybody have any experience with News app on Nextcloud or with

Decomposing peertube into a spectator service
When I use peertube, I interact in limited ways. I dont like, I dont subscribe. And Im not commenting. I usually only watch. I also find it slightly inaccessible. And that's not because I don't want to interact. Rather, it is because I don't think there are convenient and meaningful ways to do so as of now. On the one side, if you use your peertube account to interact with content from the site itself, it will work well. However content abroad is inconvenient and requires insight. For example it requires several clicks and typing in your federated account to interact with a video. Secondly, it isn't attractive for passerbys to create an peertube account, because the software is primarily targeted toward video creators, and not the spectators. Thirdly, it will increase the responsibilities of admins and moderators. Not only would they have to keep track of videos following terms, but also that users are interacting well. I believe Peertube should outsource interaction and subscription to a new federated software. Let's call it Duckling just for the sake of making it easier to reference. Duckling is somewhat of an interaction service. Here you can subscribe to channels and instances, renamed to idols and pubs respectively, just to make it more human. If you find a joyful instance, you can add it to your pubs. Pubs should be visited to find new idols. One of the reason I find this idea quite interesting is because it would decompose peertube into smaller and more meaningful projects. Peertube could focus on making the best video hosting service, whereas Duckling could focus on becoming the best spectator service. For example, Duckling could experiment with how to display threads and sort comments. Or make it easier to discover relevant content. As the development progress of such software, it could be meaningful to expand the scope of Duckling. Perhaps to make it more of a general purpose federated subscription service.

What if only non-profits existed?
No corporations, no profit based businesses, no state. Only non-profit organizations. Would this be communism? If so, could this possibly be self-sustainable? How can such decentralized society structure possibly self sustain without the threat of centralization?

What we should strive for?
Anyone want to meet up for video chatting about what we want the digital future to look like? Perhaps what do we expect the decentralized internet to look like and what does society gain from it? How will society wide adoption of libre software impact the world? What do you envision? I'm suggesting 1900 CET On sunday.

What lemmy communities are you subbed to on your mastodon/ plemora account?
I'm currently subbed to green, esperanto and lemmy.

Should Lemmy really compare themselves to others?
On the join lemmy page, we can see this description for lemmy: >Lemmy is similar to sites like Reddit,, or Hacker News: you subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them. Lemmy isn't just a reddit alternative; its a network of interconnected communities ran by different people and organizations, all combining to create a single, personalized front page of your favorite news, articles, and memes. I think we shouldn't compare lemmy to other services like hacker news, reddit and By comparing ourselves to them, we will always be in their shadows instead of creating our own vision. We should create our own unique vision. We can do this simply by removing these references: >Lemmy is a network of interconnected communities ran by different people and organizations, all combining to create a single, personalized front page of your favorite news, articles, and memes. You subscribe to communities you're interested in, post links and discussions, then vote and comment on them

Does librewolf accept donations?
I tried to find a donation page, but couldn't find one.