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What is prioritized in the development of librewolf right now?

I use spacebear federation. So at least I don’t have to think about the technical stuff. I pay 20$ a month for each instance. And if I remember correctly, I get 25gb on each.

I have a couple peertube instances. These are norwegian and I plan to connect them to other peertube instances with similar themes. The first one is about extinction rebellion in scandinavia and the other is about earthspace mastery (guitar, juggling and handstanding for example).

My biggest problem so far is that I have lacked the energy to stay active on them.

Our language reflects our world view.

Donations implies that we are throwing money into an altruistic well to cleanse our soul. The person donating are elevated in status for their altruism regardless of how little the project progressed towards it’s vision.

Investments implies that there are something on stake. That money can be invested poorly. That we can’t simply just donate to anything and expect the world to improve. It requires justification from the investor. We can measure whether an investment was good or not. With investments there is no honor, because you do it for your self interests. Self interests such as preventing climate disaster, ending imperialism or distributing digital power.

So it is an investment in the community. The community gains a non-monetary return on investment.

Donating isn’t simply about burning up your money. You expect something in return. For example perhaps you invest in Framasoft with the expected return of having a more healthy internet ecosystem.

Definitely, I invest in (donate to) Framasoft, Small Tech Foundation and want to increase my portfolio.

This question wasn’t targeted towards people who support capitalism. No offense.

What is the difference between Mutual Business Model and cooperatives?

A for profit company is behind it, so I’m immediately skeptical.

How should anti capitalists invest?

I’m thinking about anti capitalist investments. …

This could be a way to make the fediverse look bad. Mainstream media can promote the narrative that the fediverse consists primarily of racists, nationalists and hateful people in general. They will promote this in a similar way to how they fought against file sharing.

How centralized social media encourage propaganda.

If his name isn’t there, then I made a mistake. Thanks for pointing that out:)

I posted my comment before that was posted. I was very happy to see it :)

I think Netflix airing documentaries that raise consciousness about certain issues is interesting. Question is, do they have upper class solidarity? Is this about backstabbing the upper class for shareholder gain?

Or perhaps this is about controlling the narrative. Perhaps they tell small parts of the truth, but in a way that protects upper class interests?

Or perhaps these documentaries does have a real impact, but is a calculated move to increase credibility to promote upper class interests over time.

Is my post that uninteresting that people are going to ignore it completely and only talk about the referenced Rosenzweigs blog post instead?

By all means, my post could be uninteresting, not worth your time, unintelligible or simply wrong. But then I encourage you to refrain from upvoting or even downvote it.

If you really want to talk about the reference, you can do that here instead: https://lemmy.ml/post/84655

I just feel discouraged.

A comparison of the decentralization potential for email and mastodon

I was reading this post by Alyssa Rosenzweig and found it to be a very enjoyable read. …

The site sais that the map tool is designed to find your new instance home. It feels wrong to select your home based on ping alone. Am I missing something?

I think we need to emphasize this topic more in digital issues. The matter of decentralization culture within the fediverse. How can we incentivize self hosting?

I think for example that Small Technology Foundation, Masto Host and Spacebear Federation brings a good impact on this. I think we also need to focus on making it easier for regular people to influence development so that we can better make self hosting accessable.

A good mentality for a blooming fediverse

We have yet to see the pioneers of the fediverse. Both in terms of development and culturally. But in order to ensure that these pioneers will flourish, we need to have the right mindset. A mindset that will ensure that our energy is spent as well as possible. …

Symbolism in creating a digital rights movement

I believe that if we can create a symbol to represent digital issues, it will be easier to mobilize around these issues. We need a brand that people can point to so that we appear less like a cesspool of aimless people and more like a movement with a grand vision for the future. …

Decentralized Single Sign-on

The decentralization of Single Sign-on seems like a natural step in improving usability and accessability of the fediverse. It will require a lot less account and make it far easier to interact with content. Are there anybody working on this? …

How to make the development of libre software more democratic

I believe that in order for libre software to serve the people, we need to make sure that the process is actually democratic. The voices of normal people has to be heard. …

Smart phone apps to record and edit simultaniously

So I’ve been using tiktok for a while and I really like the feature of recording and editing videos simultaneously. Here’s the process: …

Idea for word processing software

Looking for a word processing software where it’s much easier to set up your styles. There are several modes. …

Privacy International Peertube channel

I just found this peertube society, seems like they have a lot of good content. Activism, interviews, podcasts, privacy edutainment. Go check 'em out. Give them a sub on mastodon. Give 'em some love:) …

Software/service for creating fediverse stickers

I want to create stickers to advertise my profile. So I’ll need to get some pictures slap them into gimp, add the text from my profile and have the content be consistent with the presentation of my site. …

Strong moderation tools in the fediverse: Being aware of it's dangers

This was originally a response to @lemm1ngs recent post, but I figured that it suited as it’s own post. …

How to determine whether an app is invasive or not?

I don’t really know how to check this. I know that if the organization behind an app has good practices, then I should be able to trust their apps. Otherwise, I don’t know how to trust anything on the app store. …

We need a masto.host for peertube

Running your own servers can be very stressful for reasons I’m not going to get into here. It is very understandable that a lot of people want to steer away from that. At the same time, we need people to take back ownership of the internet. …

Leaving reddit, here's my manifesto. Thoughts?

Just wanted to share what I intend to post tomorrow on reddit. Any thoughts? I think I’ll post it on free software. My hope is that I encourage people to move to lemmy. Not sure if all of it makes sense. …

Download videos from twitter

I’m looking for a way to download videos from twitter. I’d prefer if it is lightweight, perhaps using terminal. …

What is the chord progression in this song?

I have found this music that I want to perform. …

Unable to upload video to peertube

I’m trying to upload .mov video, but I get “upload failed, server encountered an error”. I see that the format should be compatible. I also tried to convert to mp4, but it didn’t work as well…

Has anyone tried live streaming yet?

If anyone has tested this out or found somebody who has, then I’d like to see video footage of it. Or what are your opinions or experience? …

Creating a brochure to empower iphone users

This brochure intends to minimize data footprint, increase autonomy and creating independence from big tech corporations. …

Tip for use of peertube

Here are a couple tips to improve the usability of peertube. …