How to determine whether an app is invasive or not?

I don’t really know how to check this. I know that if the organization behind an app has good practices, then I should be able to trust their apps. Otherwise, I don’t know how to trust anything on the app store. …

What apps I currently use - give me improvement suggestions
Email - Protonmail 
Messaging - Signal...

Creating a brochure to empower iphone users

This brochure intends to minimize data footprint, increase autonomy and creating independence from big tech corporations. …

A decent start to reduce your data footprint

The article talks exclusively about how to set your settings and explains briefly what this will and will not do. They goes through settings about location, advertising and Background App refresh. …

Why we need this community?

You may wonder, why did I create a community to liberate a system that is fundamentally flawed in terms of proprietary software? …

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