Digital Issues
Decentralization will lead to more social progress

When social media is decentralized, content are grouped based on whether it be in alignment with the purpose of the pod. A pod can have any purpose. Maybe the promotion of the hosters business? Maybe spreading awareness around a specific subject? Or a service to socialize within a community. …

Branding of progressing our digital interests

In many movements, symbolism has played an important role in their success. You can see this in the LGBT movement with the rainbow flag, in feminism with the symbol for women and BLM with the black fist. …

Centralization is a threat against humanity

Technology companies are increasing by the day and have monopoly over our data. We have to fight it because if not, they’ll eventually become too powerful. …

CMV You should not give up your data in exhange for money

The reason companies has grown so big over the years is because of the concentration of data. If you get paid 1 dollar for your data, that is because your data is worth more than 1 dollar. You are sabotaging yourself. …

Digital rights

I believe we have a right to:

  1. Privacy…

Political discourse of issues revolving the digital. Asking big and small questions. What should the internet be? Is this software beneficial for the user?

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