Digital rights

I believe we have a right to:

  1. Privacy
  2. Autonomy over tools
  3. Free Speech
  4. Access to the digital resources.
  5. Control over content.

The right to privacy will be a powerful tool against surveillance.

Autonomy over tools will secure our right to repair and control over software.

Free speech should make everybody feel comfortable about speaking up. In particular the unprivileged.

Everybody has a right to participate in the digital world. It enables conversations that would otherwise be very hard to take place. Access to computer with internet access would secure this right.

Control over data will allow you to export data and migrate freely between platforms.

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Right to control your data, for example export it in an open format


That’s a good idea!


I agree to all of the above. I would like to add that there’s a simpler solution: Make collecting any data of users illegal, except if they physically fill in the data fields themselves


Making data collection illegal would be significantly helpful to secure the right to privacy. However, walled gardens, totalitarian control of social media and freedom of migration would still be a problem.

Either way, we should fight on all fronts because then we got a wholistic approach to systematic issues.


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Libre software gives the user more freedom, therefore if the user has an option, they should choose libre.

Much of the problem is that proprietary software has the funding from a trillion dollar industry. The software is high quality. And they can brand themselves very well. Free software only gain funding when it is directly beneficial for the industry. Most of the work on libre software comes from volenteers. Proprietary software has an unfair edge.

We could combat this through having government funded software be libre. This is exactly what FSFE is doing with it’s Public Money, Public Code campaign.

We can also spread awareness of digital issues. Making digital issues more accessable. Using less technical jargon and find the rhetorics that are comprehensible. Similiar to how the green and LGBT movement has become more accessable.

Political discourse of issues revolving the digital. Asking big and small questions. What should the internet be? Is this software beneficial for the user?

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