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'We have to swallow poison' - Sevilla crushed after dramatic extra-time defeat to Barcelona

Gerard Pique’s stoppage-time equaliser and Martin Braithwaite’s extra-time winner capped a remarkable turnaround for the Blaugrana Sevilla were left feeling devastated for their fans after being stunned by a second defeat to Barcelona in a week, the latest loss preventing them from appearing in the…

Ronald Koeman was understandably delighted with his team after seeing Barcelona beat Sevilla 3-0 at the Camp Nou to pull off a remarkable comeback and reach the final of the Copa del Rey…

Researchers of the Center for Photonics and Two-Dimensional Materials at MIPT, together with their colleagues from Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, and Singapore, including co-creator of the world’s first 2D material and Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov, have measured giant optical anisotropy in lay…

I should actually listen to Mike Mangini’s drumming with Dream Theatre. I know he is amazing

flutter apps can be built for all platforms? But since it’s in the hands of Google, I would suggest people move away from using proprietary-dependent software. you WILL get bitten in the ass eventually

Can we first get DDG to become the most used search engine before we make new ones?

Both are amazing. But if you consider John Bonham in the context of the years he existed and the drumming that existed when he was making music, John is the better drummer. I love Neil also, but John is the man, he created the foundations for modern rock and metal drumming

Music News?

This is awesome. Didn’t even know this existed. Very excited to be here and can’t wait to read and share music news…

Pale Moon deserves more attention. Also, Gemini for the win

This video was a treat to watch. Some amazing covers on here by some amazing musicians. Liv Warfield is my favourite…

This is very sad indeed. Even though I am not their biggest fan, I do realise how influential their music were/are.

wtf are Mozilla doing? It’s like they want to end up in the toilet next to Internet Explorer?

haha! I love these

Theoretically, this should make FB better, since fake news and real news are not allowed. The issue is, users should still see American and the rest of the world’s shitty fake news posts?

this is just a resale of a crappy Chinese console?

Pale Moon has a fork of it and is well.maintained

The world is fucked. Anyway, I always tell my email client to not load html elements.

interlink mail&news

When my patients come into my office seeking help, they are compulsively engaging in behaviors on the Internet for hours each day, days at a time, to the exclusion of many other activities, including basic self-care. They derive little or no pleasure from these activities yet are unable to stop even…

Facebook on Monday will begin urging some iPhone and iPad users to let the company track their activity so the social media giant can show them more personalized ads…

Ain’t this image the truth

SolarWinds: it’s the hack that keeps on growing. On Monday, researchers announced the discovery of yet another malware strain used by foreign hackers to infiltrate a wide milieu of American government agencies and companies…