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COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
Editorial by Russell L. Blaylock, Retired Neurosurgeon, Theoretical Neuroscience Research

documentary by Massimo Mazzucco dubbed in English

I think the least worst is OpenSUSE Leap or Tumbleweed with Plasma, because they have good support of containerization technologies, so you use the OCI images you prefer to develop and you can rest assured that the system will boot even in case of errors if you use snapshots by BTRFS. Plasma has desktop widgets for viewing issues from GitHub and GitLab which are very handy.

So why not Jami? (https://jami.net/)

It’s P2P so no servers and it’s a GNU project.

I’m not talking about Lemmy, but the entire Fediverse. Matrix is not for instant messaging only, as its authors keep saying. Matrix is basically a decentralized database for real-time content with permissions and end-to-end encryption built-in. ActivityPub is good only for public content and can’t guarantee a modern user experience when it comes to federation, as I said as the network grows it adds inconsistencies and common users are confused by it.

P.S. nothing stops someone from implementing both Matrix and ActivityPub on the same server: the former to federate with other Matrix servers and the latter to keep the federation with Mastodon & Co.

Did you not realize that if your instance has not yet interacted with another and you want to see the profile of a user you will never see his old posts but you will only receive new ones if you click “follow”? Or the busted counters that are different depending on how your instance is connected to the others? Practically with ActivityPub the information hardly spreads, with Matrix you have the assured consistency.

And then the Access Control Lists, they are not supported by ActivityPub so no stuff like private groups. When it comes to Matrix,they are built-in.

And Matrix defines APIs for both server-to-server federation and client-server communication, while ActivityPub is currently only used for federation. Client-server ActivityPub APIs have been discarded in favor of thin-client APIs such as Mastodon’s.

Matrix continually adds new features. ActivityPub is stopped and too generic, it could be expanded in many ways for different use cases but each group of people works on it separately and for now without big results (see ForgeFed).

I hope the opposite i.e. using Matrix protocol for federation instead of ActivityPub, this would solve a lot of problems with federation and enable chats like you wish.

You can think of democracy itself not as a condition but as that process that gradually decentralizes power, be it economic, political, technological, informative or otherwise.

Right to control your data, for example export it in an open format

While I hope in the long term Matrix ecosystem will suit all the use cases, even the social ones by replacing/complementing ActivityPub, at the moment even its flagship client that most people are mentioning (Element) can’t replace Discord.

Instead I think the best alternative at the moment is Telegram because it has a large userbase, native clients for Linux, Android, Windows etc, voice chats that suit the Discord-like use case and it doesn’t use/sell users’ data.

I thought “Communities” were already used to group rooms?

Anyway I searched more for these “Spaces” and I found this:

Spaces are particularly interesting because they open up the possibility of Matrix being more than just a big flat namespace of conversations: instead they provide a global fully decentralised hierarchical filesystem, complete with decentralised ACLs, allowing users to publish and curate an arbitrary taxonomy of whatever data they choose (be it real-time conversations, history, data streams, files, objects, etc). This has potential to flip Matrix entirely on its head: Spaces could become the main backbone of the protocol, with chatrooms being mere leaf nodes in a giant tree of collaboration.

Isn’t Wire a chat app? Does it have one-to-many/broadcast channels?

I’m asking because I replaced Instagram with another chat app, Telegram, because it has broadcast private/public channel so I can say to people to “follow” me there, on my personal private channel.

By the way, they now have a business model: since broadcast channels with hundreds of thousands of users use to display advertisements, Telegram decided to standardize this behavior, creating a circuit of ads visible in very popular channels relevant to the channel’s topic and not to user data. A part of the proceeds goes to the channel manager and a part helps to finance Telegram.

but it is not currently structured as a non-profit organization.

It is an ambiguous sentence. Maybe it meant they don’t accept donations, aren’t transparent etc? I wanted to check the source but it’s behind a paywall. Wikipedia shouldn’t really allow articles behind paywalls to be used as a source. However Telegram wrote in its FAQ that it is non-profit, that’s enough for me. How they bureaucratically pursue this goal is their business. If they violate their privacy policy they will be prosecuted. If they change it to exploit user data or to sell it, I will stop recommending Telegram.

And microplastics still pollute water and soil since they come from the deterioration of objects still in use

Telegram has voice chats now, it’s a no-profit and doesn’t use/sell users’ data

You are repeating that referencing Didier Raoult is misinformation, you see? No better arguments.

Calm down, I have the right to report what Didier Raoult said and the studies he provided as source. You can debate on the matter but you can’t decide that my comments have to be deleted just because you think Didier Raoult was wrong. Is it clear now?

Didier Raoult is one of the scientists with the higher H-index of the world. The problem is not him, he provided studies as source of his statements and I provided the link.

The problem is people still blindly believe to everything the media says.

We have hundreds of scientists and doctors like him that spoke publicly against some mainstream statements and thousands of doctors that are treating Sars-Cov2 infections more or less how he said.

And for quoting Didier Raoult, one of the scientists with the higher h-index in the world.

Health officials from the UN and the European Union will meet this week on the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine after several more countries suspended its use.

Spain, Germany, France and Italy have become the latest European countries to temporarily halt the rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine over a small number of blood clot concerns, going against the advice of international medical agencies as a third wave of infections looms over the continent.

Science Mag: Sars-Cov2, social distancing may be counterproductive
"The model code provides a flexible scaffolding for studying alternative vaccination scenarios. Notably, the model predicts that once the endemic state is reached, **mass vaccination may no longer be necessary to save lives.**" "Should the vaccine cause a major reduction in transmission, it might be important to consider strategies that target delivery to older individuals for whom infection can cause higher morbidity and mortality, while **allowing natural immunity and transmission to be maintained in younger individuals.**" "Additionally, during the transition to endemicity, we need to consider how the immune efficacies depend on primary and secondary infections across ages and **how responses differ between vaccination and natural infection.**" "The key result from our model framework that explicitly recognizes that functional immunity to reinfection, disease, and shedding are different is that, in contrast with infections that are severe in childhood, **SARS-CoV-2 could join the ranks of mild, cold-causing endemic HCoVs in the long run.**" "The transition from epidemic to endemic dynamics is associated with a shift in the age distribution of primary infections to lower age groups. **This transition may take anywhere from a few years to a few decades, depending on how quickly the pathogen spreads.** The rate of spread, measured by R0, is determined by a combination of viral properties and **the frequency of social contacts** and **may therefore be reduced by social distancing.**"

"Astrophysicists have long theorized that tidal disruptions could produce high-energy neutrinos, but this is the first time we've actually been able to connect them with observational evidence"

# The American Dream Dies Where Power Lies From writer/director Eric Vaughan, producer Patrick Lovell and executive producer Adam Bronfman, The Con is an in-depth investigation into the 2008 financial crisis nine years in the making, Who did it, why it happened and how our country went from “of, for and by the people,” to “of, for and by the corporation.” And what’s past is prologue: The heist of our democracy that includes fraudulent practices, massive credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, and the revolving door between finance and government, is still going on, and will become even worse than before.