African Auxiliary Languages

Ńdébé is a modern writing system for the Ìgbò language, invented in 2009 by Lotanna Igwe-Odunze

> Fewer than 10 elders speak Yakunte, a language native to Kenya’s Yaaku people that the UN has classified as ‘extinct’.

Is there a community that speaks the afrihili language?
I saw a post about the afrihili language on this community and became intrigued. Is there any afrihili communities on the web? I was unable to find anything.

Ituĩka is Gikuyu name for break/rapture and revolution, transformation, and transition. At ituika Literary Platform we believe that by centering the writing, the teaching and translation of African languages, we can transform African societies.

African Auxiliary Languages
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    Share resources, information, and content in and about African auxiliary languages like Afrihili and Guosa .

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    Africa and its relations with the world. Karibu.

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