I know it’s archaic, but pen and paper. There’s just something more fulfilling about crossing off an item


Me too, from grocery lists to having an agenda.


It’s not archaic at all! Pen and paper is incredibly powerful. Much easier to manipulate what goes on paper than on a computer.

Mostly my mind… which works as well as you think :(

Future Me

:rolling on the floor laughing:


The technique that I find works best for me is to just sprinkle reminders in my calendar, and if I don’t get to them I just push them further down.


I use the Orgmode format (which is an Emacs thing, but I don’t use Emacs), because it’s a nicely read- and writable text format that allows for multi-line descriptions (as opposed to the todo.txt-format).

On the desktop, I just view or edit these with my normal text editor and on Android, I use Orgzly which knows how to encode reminders into Orgmode and also gives me notifications for them (I don’t also need the notifications on my PC).

I currently sync them with Syncthing, which works fine for the most part, though Git-like merging would be nice.


Nothing fancy. I just use Carnet on Android. It’s good for shopping lists, too.


I use Joplin. It works well for me.


Hmm the day to day planning is done in my paper planner, recently downloaded a to-do app with markdown for maintaining a grocery list, and have joplin for those long-term thoughts, plans, and resources…like blog ideas, craft projects, recipes, and educational resources. So far it’s fairly good but I need to set time aside each day to actually take full advantage of the set up and not waste time. Also need to sync computer Joplin to phone Joplin since most of my time is spent on my phone outside of the two hours I do on weekends


I just have one todo list, a todo.txt file, with everything in tags and prioritized. I used qtodotxt on desktop, and simpletask cloudless on android as clients, and syncthing to sync the file to all my devices.

The only unfortunate thing about it, is that todo.txt (well, the project is dead, but more importantly the todotxt app developers) refuse to add multiline notes, so it can’t act as a notebook as well as a todo list. But for single line notes there’s nothing better.

If it’s something important I need to sync between my phone, PC and my wife’s phone, then I use Nextcloud’s to-do feature with the Android Tasks app.


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