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I’d be intersted too!

Which games support this anti cheat system at the moment?

Imagine you buy a PS4 and then play those retro pixel graphic games on it. xD (no hate against the game)

Oooh yes, and I imagine it’s fun to frustratedly clap it closed after you’re done with a call.

I’ve read about this recently on hackernews, many people liked it. Is this a brand new project, I had never heard of it…?

Haha. Also I read that the USDT and USDC funds were frozen, I wonder if it’s even possible to give them back now.

  • the link aggregator “Lemmy”
  • the reddit alternative “Lemmy”
  • the decentralized forum “Lemmy”

Layer 2 (Metro) is particularly annoying for me. I’m not using a tablet, this looks out of place:

Future MetoLemmyPromoting Lemmy

Lemmy instances federate

I agree, and it’s the most important thing.

Let me ask one more thing I don’t understand: If Lemmy conforms to the ActivityPub standard, isn’t it a given that other Fediverse apps can interact? Maybe things look weird in the respective UI, but at least something should work out of the box?

“The attacker responsible for yesterday’s $600 million hack of decentralized finance (DeFi) interoperability protocol Poly Network sent nearly $5 million worth of crypto back to the project.”

I doubt he’s said that. Also the link is down.

What’s the state of federation at the moment, also with mastodon, pixelfed, whatever? Where can I read about it?

Future MetoLemmyLemmy chat-FE?

Thank god (… I’m afraid of feature creep too)

Does the iOS app have no timelines at all? Not the local one, not the federated one?

Congratulations, you guys keep going strong! 👍

I don’t understand how this works… If it’s not Linux, where does it take software from?

Good video, I played Portal 2 recently, and the gels are indeed a bit tough to understand. I think it really is due to the fact that they act physically impossible (“unintuititvely”).

Thanks for the reminder, I can feel my blood pressure rising!

Mobilizon: Your Events, Your Groups, Your Data [Release Announcement v1.0]

Mobilizon aims to be a federated alternative for event organization and (facebook groups). Apparently, v1.0 was just released, and the blog post is nice to read. …

In other words, Apple won: the richest company in the world just successfully forced an app developer to monetize an app so it could make more money. It’s just the latest example of Apple’s fervent attempts to guard its cash cow…

  • “Apple says Epic is violating its App Store guidelines by using its own payment system” …

Hi, …