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Agreed, I want to see screenshots! 🙃

But it is federated? We have platform lock-in with LinkedIn already (plus other problems, admittedly).

So what I get from the comments, tap water everywhere around the world is the best water you could possibly find. :-)

The real innovation that’s (already) happening is that solar energy is becoming dirt cheap. Rooftop solar panels used to have a tough cost-benefit ratio, making the payback time quite long. In the future, costs will hopefully go down enough to justify those lower-efficiency applications mentioned in the article.

So why not test federation on lemmy.ml, with the account I already have? I guess federation features are only activated on enterprise.lemmy.ml, ds9.lemmy.ml and voyager.lemmy.ml so far? That wasn’t clear to me.

Go to our test instances enterprise.lemmy.ml, ds9.lemmy.ml and voyager.lemmy.ml, and try things like: - post, comment and vote

Tbh, I don’t even understand how it’s supposed to work. If I open enterprise.lemmy.ml, it (unsurprisingly) doesn’t accept my login data from lemmy.ml. How can I post, comment, and vote?

Mobilizon: Your Events, Your Groups, Your Data [Release Announcement v1.0]

Mobilizon aims to be a federated alternative for event organization and (facebook groups). Apparently, v1.0 was just released, and the blog post is nice to read. …

chapo.chat is missing! 🙃 Honestly, isn’t that the biggest instance of them all, for some reason?

You can use it right away in the browser. And it feels good already.

Germany: Only during soccer worldcup.

In general, the world cup 2006 (hosted by Germany) is remembered as the first occasion that had many regular Germans fly their flag since decades.

Other problems: No cross-device end-to-end encryption, and centralized protocol.

Other advantages: Really good apps on any device. Ton of features, everything works.

Thanks, I overlooked those. 👍 That’s more than enough to read a little in-depth about the capabilities.

In my experience, the term is being used for regular immigration as well.

Wikipedia: An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person residing in a country other than their native country. In common usage, the term often refers to professionals, skilled workers, or artists taking positions outside their home country, either independently or sent abroad by their employers…

They honestly could give more information on the website. Show me what works and what does not work yet. It looks like a random sideproject, but the (suggested) capabilities are immense.

This could mean the server-side code remains closed source. Good catch!

In other words, Apple won: the richest company in the world just successfully forced an app developer to monetize an app so it could make more money. It’s just the latest example of Apple’s fervent attempts to guard its cash cow…