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they take less time and energy to take care of.

no. I was in my 30s and it scared me too.

Try Fire in the Sky. you’ll hate yourself for it.

AH, yes, Europe. where all the history was made.

I had to look up TCK. sounds like an interesting story you may have.

Everything going back to pre-covid normal.

nice to “meet” you. welcome.

The light bulb in the refrigerator.

If it’s got mayo on it, I’m sending it back.

there’s a long stretch of flat, straight, empty of homes, road about 1/2 mile from me. and every biker thinks that it’s the place and time to “open it up”. drives me crazy when we are sitting out on the porch.

and a bit bigger on the upvoting arrow on a comment.

get even, buy a basketball.