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Can you specify what discourse about vaush is permitted on lemmy.ml?

lmao fuck off, are you serious? Have you even seen the links that you listed there??

https://lemmy.ml/post/40456 I posted this video since I think it makes the same arguments but in a more elaborate way. I have for years liked this talk by Ramez Naam very much, maybe you will like it too.

“Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.”

just had to google “what does black lives matter want”

I live in a shared flat, because it is very cost effective. But I have been living here for a couple of years and theoretically the people that live here could have bought the flat together and just paid the bank so we would own it in a couple of years…

I don’t like how housing is used as an investment, to wait for prices to rise and sell or even worse - rent out very expensive and earn multiple times the money it would cost over decades. Do I have a better system? Yes and no. I like cooperative housing and it would be better if most housing was from a cooperative system, which is non-profit in nature, but we’d probably need some speculative houses for some purposes. Idk

Oh wow a new battery invention that won’t come true? Why do we hear about these news only from batteries?

Oatly has always been very expensive and I have never liked that. I couldn’t care less who invests into it, I still hope oat milk grows though

I have never once remembered their name correctly so idk the change to a different server won’t be hard for me

Let’s not forget that the rich people who had 100 million to spare for a risky investment are regarded to be intelligent because they made it to be rich…

you can see the conversations the same on both devices. I say you should use Dino and Conversations

Don’t like the podcast or subbreddit so much but glad to hear they are using lemmy!

Of course I am eating a couple of backyard eggs now and then and when my mum cooks tendies I eat those.

But I love animals with all my heart!


I am vegan btw…

The IPFS community

Hey I think that IPFS is very nice and all, but it seems that everyone who is developing IPFS or client software is involved in some kind of Crypto startup that ultimately wants to earn money through IPFS. …

ctrl + enter should send a reply

that’s the whole post…

Ban of Panzerfaust

I am curious about the reason why they were banned. …

Loading time on dev.lemmy.ml

Hey when clicking on a community, the start page or a thread I always have 5-10 seconds of loading time on dev.lemmy.ml. Is this the same for everyone? I have it across multiple computers and I think that it has gotten worse over time, I could be wrong though. …

we need a vegancirclejerk!!


overview on DNS and addressing alternatives for personal use

Sorry this is mostly just my opinion and I may lack understanding here and there. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong or add additional info, maybe I forgot or don’t know about similar programs! …

p2p DNS

Is there something like a p2p decentralized DNS alternative where you can actually get domain names? Maybe it has .p2pdns tld and you can get mydomain.p2pdns and manage it and use it whereever this p2p dns is installed? …

I like reliable and utilitarian commuter bikes most I think. …