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Twitter is crap because of security concerns anyways

They do just stick to themselves while fire is all around them

I do feel like it is hard to get off Google maps. I’ve tried all the other working as a pizza delivery driver years ago. Google just seems to be more accurate. Those other might have catches up. I have heard openmaps is a good platform by the way

It looks like a version of reddit but your right does bring more questions

I’m a little surprised here this from EFF.org.

can’t imagine what it will be like in 2030

Any thoughts on if this is a good idea or bad one ? …

I agree with that, We are also figuring out what we can do with the internet. seeing it be branched off into blockchain, IOT

any new news ?

Dude you are in the wrong forum asking about that. Try the libertarian or capitalist one.

communism is falling apart

Kim jong is in a coma and Belorussian is having a revolution it get out of communism. Looks like the world is becoming a better place after all. Fuck communism, live free in a capitalist society …

Good people let them in. capitalistic ideology is about free trade. Not force trade

De big tech

Shouldn’t the point be to de big tech yourself not just google. Not using facebook, twitter, amazon, microsoft, etc… It’s more like a open source and freedom software movement. Been seeing this around a lot. …