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There freaking everywhere


Best chan websites?

What is the best chan websites similar to 4chan? …

you can’t see it but I gave you the blank stare

Very interesting, a lot of gme stock and follow wall street bets at the moment. Definitely anything but fascist swarm

element / matrix is usually a good one. it is similar to discord in a way

This site is a pretty good read if you have a chance https://write.privacytools.io/, they also have another website privacytools.io . recommend checking it out

Economic effects of a lockdown. Nah that’s common sense has to be something else

Lemmy has really became active since release of federation

Ridiculous salaries i feel like more than anything

When is he going to free the Interment camp? President xi would be better off dead that flithy swine. World would be better off #freehongkong

Any thoughts on if this is a good idea or bad one ? …


communism is falling apart

Kim jong is in a coma and Belorussian is having a revolution it get out of communism. Looks like the world is becoming a better place after all. Fuck communism, live free in a capitalist society …


De big tech

Shouldn’t the point be to de big tech yourself not just google. Not using facebook, twitter, amazon, microsoft, etc… It’s more like a open source and freedom software movement. Been seeing this around a lot. …