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Very interesting, a lot of gme stock and follow wall street bets at the moment. Definitely anything but fascist swarm

element / matrix is usually a good one. it is similar to discord in a way

This site is a pretty good read if you have a chance https://write.privacytools.io/, they also have another website privacytools.io . recommend checking it out

Economic effects of a lockdown. Nah that’s common sense has to be something else

Lemmy has really became active since release of federation

Ridiculous salaries i feel like more than anything

When is he going to free the Interment camp? President xi would be better off dead that flithy swine. World would be better off #freehongkong

I see that logic with the anti vaccine people all the time

Well only if it worked but my family were lucky and got out

I don’t think many people care much about it to be honest. commenting on your own post should be fine lol

Best to explain like a email

Never heard of such a stupid Idea in my whole life

Well that will be fun to use in the near future. This will make it better than instagram now

Any thoughts on if this is a good idea or bad one ? …

communism is falling apart

Kim jong is in a coma and Belorussian is having a revolution it get out of communism. Looks like the world is becoming a better place after all. Fuck communism, live free in a capitalist society …

De big tech

Shouldn’t the point be to de big tech yourself not just google. Not using facebook, twitter, amazon, microsoft, etc… It’s more like a open source and freedom software movement. Been seeing this around a lot. …