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yikes there goes free speech and free voices, journalism

I’m surprised it hasn’t been added by now

I thought there would be laws no to protect from abuse

I noticed unable to create communities

You can find a alternative to basically any mainstream …

Is it a good application to use ?

Now are dogs treated as well

We can all get behind this

This way people can leave if they want to as well. It works both ways

I just like it as a real alternative to reddit. I disagree with the developers politics. Atleast you can state a opinion on here freely without being banned. Making your own server is refreshing. Decentralization is key.

I like the break down of internet by country

Couldn’t you just walk over to north Korea

what is raddle ?

There freaking everywhere


Is it me or scuttlebutt is hard to use

Which server you on ? Do you self host

Best chan websites?

What is the best chan websites similar to 4chan? …

Any thoughts on if this is a good idea or bad one ? …


communism is falling apart

Kim jong is in a coma and Belorussian is having a revolution it get out of communism. Looks like the world is becoming a better place after all. Fuck communism, live free in a capitalist society …


De big tech

Shouldn’t the point be to de big tech yourself not just google. Not using facebook, twitter, amazon, microsoft, etc… It’s more like a open source and freedom software movement. Been seeing this around a lot. …