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I don’t think many would be opposed, there aren’t many places for men of domestic abuse. HR will take men serious when sexually harassed. etc…

Explore as much as possible, never know what you might find

I still like every website should have a donation button so that people can pay for the server to run it. Tokenization isn’t a bad alternative as well but can be shady

With the new variant I’m going to wait until the new vaccine covers that

Acceptable time for no masks?
When might be a acceptable time for no longer having a mask mandate? As seen in Israel vaccination of 90% isn't high enough.

yikes there goes free speech and free voices, journalism

I’m surprised it hasn’t been added by now

I thought there would be laws no to protect from abuse

I noticed unable to create communities

You can find a alternative to basically any mainstream

Is it a good application to use ?

We can all get behind this

This way people can leave if they want to as well. It works both ways

I just like it as a real alternative to reddit. I disagree with the developers politics. Atleast you can state a opinion on here freely without being banned. Making your own server is refreshing. Decentralization is key.

I like the break down of internet by country

Couldn’t you just walk over to north Korea

There freaking everywhere

Best chan websites?
What is the best chan websites similar to 4chan?

you can’t see it but I gave you the blank stare

Very interesting, a lot of gme stock and follow wall street bets at the moment. Definitely anything but fascist swarm

element / matrix is usually a good one. it is similar to discord in a way

This site is a pretty good read if you have a chance https://write.privacytools.io/, they also have another website privacytools.io . recommend checking it out

Lemmy has really became active since release of federation

Is it legit as it looks ?

Ridiculous salaries i feel like more than anything

When is he going to free the Interment camp? President xi would be better off dead that flithy swine. World would be better off #freehongkong

Any thoughts on if this is a good idea or bad one ?

communism is falling apart
Kim jong is in a coma and Belorussian is having a revolution it get out of communism. Looks like the world is becoming a better place after all. Fuck communism, live free in a capitalist society

De big tech
Shouldn't the point be to de big tech yourself not just google. Not using facebook, twitter, amazon, microsoft, etc... It's more like a open source and freedom software movement. Been seeing this around a lot.