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"All of us know that graduate scholarship levels can be a barrier to study, and conversations with colleagues showed us that senior academics were often not aware of how low they had fallen compared to living costs and the minimum wage," said Dr Lucy Stewart, a senior scientist at Toha NZ. "We wanted to put on the record how they had stalled over the last two decades, and discuss the implications of that for students and as a barrier to entry into research." In a paper released this morning, she and colleagues Max Soar and Drs Sylvia Nissen, Sereana Naepi and Tara McAllister calculated the average PhD, masters and summer scholarship values across all New Zealand universities over the last 20 years, along with the maximum and minimum value. In 2019, the average PhD scholarship was valued at just $25,424 – less than the minimum wage at the time ($30,841) and more than $11,000 below the living wage ($36,662).

so far, Mr. Biden has failed to deliver on his pledge to raise the corporate income tax rate to 28 percent from 21 percent, partly undoing a rate cut signed by President Donald J. Trump, which lowered the rate from 35 percent. Mr. Biden announced a new plan to unite Democrats around that agenda on Thursday, shortly before leaving for Rome, but it did not include an increase in the corporate rate. Instead, his framework contained two new 15 percent minimum taxes: one on the income American companies earn abroad, and one on the profits that large corporations report to their shareholders.

Some days old, but interesting I hope: German catholic priests bless homosexuals disregarding pope forbidding it!

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