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Thank you for the detailed explanation.

Entirely off-topic, but whenever I see someone saying gosh I am reminded of these Orcs with normal person’s voice videos:


This may or may not be related, in a very round-about way, to how some of the other lemmyngs are saying that you are a paid troll for the imperial West…

Her Sita Sings The Blues is great, too.

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If it is not much of an hassle, please do.

What makes it different from all the countless other self help books that don’t really help?

I am sorry. So sudden. Leaves no room for goodbyes. :(

Twenty firms produce 55% of everything, no?

Before Enlightenment - argue about stupid stuff, after enlightenment - argue about stupid stuff.

(I don’t know who said it first but there’s this line: “Before Enlightenment - do the laundry, after Enlightenment - do the laundry.” or maybe it was the dishes? I don’t know, man!)

Each has different pros and cons, so each shines in different circumstances… but epub is superior. ;p

I have the book in epub format and searching for strings is very easy, but thank you anyways!

Thank you. I looked it up and just so people can look it up, it appears in “Step Three: Focus on Bodily Sensations Related to the Breath” under “A Gradual Four-Step Transition to the Meditation Object” in the chapter “Stage One: Establishing A Practice”.

[The Mind Illuminated] Slipping into the object of attention.

Sometimes the preparation to the meditation - that is, reminding of the four guidelines, going through the six points, and easing attention from the periphery, sounds, body sensations, breath sensations in totality, and the sensations at the tip of the nose - feels slippery. …

Recommendation request: A FOSS Web-based collaberative code editor?

One with a bunch of cursors editing the same text would be great. …

Recent days remind me of this wonderful video. …

Fringe tech brings together fringe people with fringe ideas and ideologies, especially those who see themselves persecuted.

In The Mind Illuminated, when you have stable enough attention, labelling is like a shooting gallery of the mind!

A review of Carnevil, a rails shooter, is provided for demonstration purposes. Yes, my mind sometimes feels like an evil carnival…

So many in and out groups fit the bill. It is a Rorschach test.

He is making a reference to an old hospital drama television show called House, where the main protagonist keeps saying “it’s never lupus”.

Struggling to reach access concentration.

About two years ago the first jhana appeared in a session for a few moments. It was like stepping on a high voltage conduit of joy. At the time almost each session had access concentration. …

What is the difference between Samadhi and Samatha?

They always seemed to me to be in the same neighborhood of meaning. …

I went on a retreat mid-March and it all my fear and doubt came stampeding.

It was based around Culadasa’s The Mind Illuninated. I don’t know exactly what I want to say, just that I am struggling to get back practicing…

What do you think would work against Dead Games?

Ross’s main cause nowadays seems to be working against companies erasing their own games from existence. What strategies do you think would be the most effective combating the problem?..

Free software hosting?

Any recommendations for a virtual server provider, kind of like the smallest Digital Ocean server (and that price range), but one that even Stallman would approve, or at least not vehemently reject?..

I just wonder what happens if I repost between communities of the same name under different instances……


Most philosophically profound sketch?

Which of Limmy’s sketches would you rate as the most profound?..