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Insurgency: Sandstorm. Going past 500 hours soon, “yay”.

I kinda hate it because I’m essentially getting nothing new in the game, but the ambience is just so great that I’m hooked.

I’d like to quote Sam Harris from a recent podcast here because I agree with him wholeheartedly:

I’m completely unconflicted in the claim that the first Trump term was bad and a second Trump term would be bad and it literally wouldn’t matter what else was on the menu. Pick a random American; better than Trump in the Oval Office. The likelyhood that you’ll get somebody who’s worse than Trump … is … in the order of one in a million. Hillary Clinton, for all her faults, is not worse than Trump. Joe Biden? We could have known that Joe Biden is comatose in office. Not worse than Trump.

Should you have better choices than a complete fucking narcissistic idiot or a senile? Sure, but that’s beside the point since those unfortunately were the choices.

Disclaimer: I’m not an American.

Russia didn’t pass a law saying than anyone could kill Ukrainians with hunting rifles.

Russia didn’t pass a law preventing their own citizens from receiving humanitarian aid from Ukraine.

Russia didn’t pass a law saying that any surrender to Ukraine is punishable by death.

Were these laws passed before or after Russia launched the war?

Also, do you have sources for these? I could find something that Ukrainians civilians were to be allowed to use personal weapons to kill Russian invaders, but nothing about the other two. The Azovstal defenders that were traded in to that Putin crony haven’t been sentenced to death at least…

I went there finally because Windows kept hard crashing on my gaming laptop, whereas Linux works just fine.

German public support for continuing to help Ukraine despite rising energy prices has increased in the last months, from 70% in July to 74% in Sept – 1355 phone interviews if I understood this text correctly.

Pretty amazing. Is Labour pro-EU at this point, or will they continue with the insanity of brexit?

Does UK have premature elections?

Rimming, obviously

Weed (that was a higher hurdle for me than you might imagine)

Played Undertale

Even if they did this, is this really a terror attack? Nobody was killed, and there was no direct risk to civilians, nor even indirect given how Nord Stream wasn’t operating anyway.

At this point it seems more probable that Russia did this using maintenance bots as a power assertion / false flag move. Circumstancial evidence: Russia is now claiming that the US did it.

Russia would only benefit from such an action as a way of sowing confusion and distrust, whereas USA would directly benefit from it. Also Russia controls the source of the gas, so this doesn’t seem like a thing they would need to do.

Also, Biden threatened to do exactly this in February 2022 if Russia chose to attack.

edit I apologize for spreading this misinformation. The gas pipeline was clearly destroyed by Russia.

Russia is not communist, btw. Nato is probably closer to being communist than Russia.

“But who’s got a better story than Brandon the Broken?”, the actor said, grinding his teeth and visibly grimacing at the horror of having the best 8 years of his career washed away in a month.

“Should we retake that?”, somebody asked after a brief stunned silence.

“Naah, it’s fine, let’s get the fuck out of here”, the director snapped angrily.

as Gandhi said, “worse than evil is justification of evil”.

I couldn’t find this quote, where’s it from?

It’s cute that some people think that we need to be manipulated to join NATO. Nope, we just need to look at the world map. Doesn’t matter one bit if NATO is the second most evil force in the world if the most evil force is right next to our doorstep, swinging their dicks at us.

edit I’ve been on the fence about this for the longest time, possibly as long as I’ve had political thoughts. But now Putin has made it clear for me at least: Nato and the USA are a net positive force on this world.

muchlateredit I’d like to point out that this doesn’t preclude others from being positive forces. I believe that China might very well also be a net positive force on this world perhaps more than the west, especially right now as they’re not massively involved in any wars. Russia on the other hand is definitely not.

“Wether it dating, sex, relationships or what we think about men farting all the time, we’ll tell you what’s REALLY on our minds, and no, we’re not ‘fine’ come join and start the discussion!” – are you kidding me or are you also trolling?

I kinda wish that Lemmy people would be better at identifying who is a nazi and who is just slightly right of them :) I’m not that fragile that I would be utterly shattered if somebody mislabels me so this is not a big deal personally. But my more general point is that nazism is a real, serious and growing problem, and calling almost everyone a nazi is not helping with that problem at all.

Bumped into this awesome horror/parody show from 2004 and thought I should share