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Ah, I see now. Indeed we don’t take it serious enough, it’s more than urgent, it’s already too late from some point of view. I’ve read that we will minimum 2 degrees Celsius rise and that this will flood low islands.

It’s a long article, but I can’t find a passage where they say that net zero is wrong. What they keep saying repeatedly is that we fail to reach net zero, because we are humans and don’t take it serious enough. Maybe I did miss something?

Haha, true, many folks are like that.

They developed a way to bind CO2 into material…

Binding CO2

Thank you very much! Very interesting links, some stuff to read.

EDIT: True, but indirectly it’s still important that it is human made, because it makes clear what we have to do.

Sh*t, we’re screwed! Does anybody know a website or book about the proof, that the climate change is human-made? Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not denying climate catastrophy and that it is handmade. There a so many scientists who say that, But I know someone who claims warming is not made by humans.And I would like to present him scientifical facts, maybe I can convince him.

I already know that there is the greenhouse effect in the athmosphere and that the ocean can bind CO2 to a certain amount. And I’ve seen graphs about the temperature rising.

But I don’t know the proof (or theorem)

Yeah, I think as the article says, too. The article goes into detail why capitalism (and an economy built on constant exponential growth) fails for climate protection. For example the paradoxon that energy efficiency will probably increase energy consumption. As it happened for coal.

True. But elsewhere you wrote that you think people know what’s the matter, they only try to ignore it or push it aside. But I think many people don’t understand it yet. I know several people personally which refuse the concept of climate change. They stick to “Let the market sort out things” and “Oh, driving car is becoming more expensive, what a pitty”.

For me personally it doesn’t seem as a simple rant. And externalising the costs doesn’t mean no one finally has to pay them. They probably won’t be on the electricity bill but they will be there.

I think that it’s true that we will have to pay for ecological damages of many kinds. But perhaps this won’t show up as rise of prices but rather as poverty rising? Just a thought, I’m not sure. I mean farmers, small companies etc. might loose their crop or their house etc.

But unfortunately radical actions might turn the public opinion against us. I hope it doesn’t, but it’s possible! (EDIT: I thought you said the opposite, but now I think you said the same. Sorry.)

I think it falls too short to accuse only the people mentioned in the article. I think everybody counts, be it as a voter, be it as a consumer of all that shit.

But I think it is indeed right to disturb the rich a…s which make tons of money with climate “damaging”. Like owners of power plants and of car factories etc.

Took me some time to watch the complete video. It’s great, as usual from Greta Thunberg. I have a book with several speeches by Greta. I like, for example, when she said at the UN assembly “People are dying and all you talk about is economic growth.”

Yeah, we somehow have to overcome the lies about our lifestyle. We don’t need to consume so excessively. We don’t need a system based on egoism and greed. We don’t need rich bosses to push us around and tell us the system can’t be changed.

Well, I think the article underestimates the usefulness of the carbon footprint and of single people lowering that footprint.

Yes! I was a capitalist, but now I believe that capitalistic climate protection is simply impossible. I really can’t see how unregulated economy and climate protection can go hand in hand. We need some form of economical regulation.

moving away from consumerism and growth

Yeah exactly, that’s the only way. Unfortunately it’s hard to persuade people of that.

Yeah, that’s absolutely true. Unfortunately most people don’t want to think about the future consequently.

Thanks to your summary I understand now.

Cheap, shallow excuses to do nothing. Maybe we will see some actions by Biden?

Like reducing oil-, gas-, coal-consumption?

Or helping the train companies to become more attractive?

Or making houses better ensulated against cold temperatures?

Or reducing the plane flights?

2KW-society a solution?

Would a 2000 Watt society in all countries be a solution? …

The text is very burocratic and hard to read (without falling asleep). If it states what you say in the headline, it’s bitter! What must happen that the president wakes up? The four apocalyptic riders? :(

A district in eastern Germany declared emergency state because of cyber attack…

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